Well, Laura, Nettie and I decided we should write a story together

Well, Laura, Nettie and I decided we should write a story together...the thing is we were hyped up on chocolate...okay so maybe not but we can blame it on that. We thought it would be a fun idea to write one where we each write three words at a time and then it goes around blah blah blah...this is what we came up with.

Late last Sunday while Elliot and Olivia were having dinner at the expensive Italian restaurant on Broadway and 47th, the waiter overtly flirted with Elliot; superior overlord of Big Stick. Olivia loved that manly macho manhood being unsettled by this woman's ability to undo him just by moving the right way. She quickly grew impatient for him because he was being a tool. So she decided to move things along a bit by removing her foot from her shoe and rubbing it slowly along Elliot's calf, where he quickly felt an increasing pressure as her foot began traveling north, past his knee and slower again as it moved on the inside of his thigh. Elliot's breath hitched as his cell vibrated, breaking the daze he had found himself in.

"Elliot, where the hell do you get off not telling me where the condoms are?" Yelled Dickie loudly.

Elliot's mouth twisted into a smirk as he knew exactly where Olivia had stashed them the night before, when she had decided that they needed more than just a box or maybe seven to get them through twenty minutes; since they had lost the mood when Kathy had busted them at the drug store making out against the pregnancy aisle and scattering the numerous display items. It had been only 15 minutes since she had been divorced from Detective Elliot Stabler. Elliot, whose hand was currently busy beneath Olivia's top, his calloused fingers began to gently massage her big, wide expanse of heated tanned skin. Olivia moaned involuntarily, her back arching and pushing her accidentally into Kathy!

"You've never touched me like that!"

"Why would I?" Elliot questioned, disgustedly.

Kathy's face grew red and angry, especially when she looked at Olivia's hickey covered neck. Kathy ran away and hid behind the checkout chick. Elliot shrugged and adjusted Olivia's shirt before leaving quickly, Olivia hot on his very sexy heels. Back in Olivia's apartment, Elliot began to strip out of her sweatshirt he had stolen that morning from her wardrobe. Olivia loved that he was nearly naked before her, her thighs clenching against her will as she looked at the rippling muscles of his stomach leading down to the curve of his 'v' and beyond that. Her eyes moved lower and down to their ultimate goal. Olivia smiled, she moved towards him, her hands lightly touching his hips.

Elliot smiled and moved closer still. "Now this is going to be the start of a wonderful night of sex."

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