Bad Luck for Everyone

Starts off in Alice's point of view

Rosalie and I were shopping when I had a vision. I saw a little girl talking to me. Edward, Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie were there. I could tell my parents knew about her. I knew we were going to bring her home with us. What I wasn't expecting was Edward's reaction to the girl. He wanted her blood, even though she looked to only be six years old. Jasper and Emmet were restraining him from drinking her blood. Then the vision faded away just as fast as it had come.

I started jumping up and down with excitement. Rosalie stared at me, confused. I told her about my vision and she agreed. Rosalie always had wanted to have a family with kids. Being a vampire made that impossible. For once I was glad Edward hadn't come shopping with us. He would be totally resistant to the idea, especially if saw my vision. I told Rosalie we would have to block our minds from Edward. This would bring on a whole new round shopping!

When I got home my excitement only grew. Luckily, Edward wasn't home. I could barely tell my family what would happen. Esme really liked my idea, but was afraid our family would hurt the poor girl. Carlisle was also a bit nervous about how the girl would react to our environment. I assured her and him that the girl, for the most part, would be fine with us. It wasn't a lie, but to tell the truth I didn't even know if it would turn out all right.

The room she would be staying in needed to be decorated. With Esme, Rosalie, and I working at vampire speed we were able to finish, with time to spare. I kept trying to look to the future to see if this girl would like the room. When we were done I had a vision about the girl falling in love with the room, but she thought it was too extravagant for her. Being wasted on her, she would put it. What a kind girl I thought. Everybody won't have a choice but to love her, except maybe Edward. Wait, no, he would love this girl more than any of us. But in his mind to protect her from what he is he'll start avoiding her, or he would be very involved in her life. Like being an over-protective brother, not letting her have any carefree fun. Just at that moment, I saw the same girl but she looked to be around seventeen. She was alone with Edward at this beautiful spot, a meadow.

"Edward this place is absolutely gorgeous," the girl could barely whisper.

"Not as gorgeous as you, Bella." Edward said and leaned in to kiss her.

Then like all my visions, it faded away leaving a smile on my face. This girl, Bella, would definitely be a great edition to my family, and she will help make Edward realize even if he thinks he is a monster it doesn't mean he can't fall in love.