"Tai!" called a female voice from the kitchen "Get up or you'll be late for school!"

Tai stirred in his bead and groaned. First day back form school. He felt something reach onto his bead covers a rip them off. A large clawed hand brushed through his hair and then sat on his bed. Tai was suddenly thrust into the air as a small cat like creature entered.

"Ooops…" Agumon mumbled

"You are so stupid!" Gotamon replied "And fat and lazy!"

"Hey, Gotamon lets go it's eight 'o' clock!" called Kari from the hallway

On that command both Gotamon and Tai ran for the door, Agumon close behind. This was the start of the worst day of Tai's life.

Sora sat on the playground bench Matt by her side. They were kissing silently around the back of the school. The bell rang through their ears and their lips pulled away from each other. Sora stood up and put her hand on her head. That bell always gave her a head-ache.

"You okay?" asked Matt taking note of this

"Yeah, I'm fine, better get to lessons see you later" Sora replied walking slowly

"Okay, bye!" Matt replied

When Sora got to her first class, Maths, she noticed that there was an empty space next to her desk. Where was he? She was supposed to be going to his house today, silly old Tai. Suddenly Tai, dressed in ridiculous bright blue pyjamas with yellow ducks burst through the door, his small dinosaur behind him. The class burst out laughing as he walked slowly to his desk. Of course no-one screamed at the sight of Agumon since everyone had a partner now. Tai gave a small smile to Sora as he sat down next to her. Sora hit her head on the desk as the laughter continued. This was the start of the worst day of Sora's life.

Agumon stood in the corridor until Tai was seated. Then he walked down the corridor. He passed Izzy's and Matt's class but no sign of any digimon. Suddenly a loud clomp of claws came from behind them. He turned to see Biyomon running towards him. She reached him and smiled.

"Hi, how are you?" she asked

"I'm fine! How are you?" Agumon replied

"Good too, everyone's in the canteen for breakfast, wanna come?" Biyomon told him

"Sure!" he said to Biymon

"Cool, last one there is a rotten Digiegg!" cried Biyomon running down the corridor past him, heading for the canteen.

Agumon chased after her laughing as he went. This was the start of the worst day of Agumon's life

Biyomon had reached the canteen before Agumon but it wasn't long before he caught up. The found them selves a table, meet up with Tentamon and Gabumon before munching into a pile of croissants. She couldn't tell him her feelings. She just couldn't. She worried that he wouldn't like her back the same way as she did to him. How could she let it out? She hadn't a clue. After they had finished she smiled at Agumon again. He burped loud and they burst out laughing. They when their laughter had died down. They lent forward, and kissed. Biyomon had dreamed this for years but finally it was happening. This was the start of the worst day of Biyomon's life.

It was the end of school and Tai was still sitting in the classroom dressed in his pyjamas, he had a splitting head-ache from all the laughing. He was in what seemed like the longest detention ever. When his detention was finished the sun was beginning to set. It was then he remembered. Sora. She was coming for dinner at six, what was the time? Tai looked at the clock in the classroom before he left. He had fifteen minutes before Sora arrived.

"Well," he said to himself "lets just hope she gets there late."

"That boy's chances have reached it's limits!" Sora said standing up from the table.

It had made Kari and her mother jump. Sora had in fact arrived early but only by five minutes. Now it was half past six and Tai still hadn't turned up. She sighed before sitting down.

"Pardon my manners I'm just a little annoyed." Sora said softly

"Hey, you wanna help me?" asked Kari

Sora looked up at Tai's sister and felt sorry for her, having to put up with Tia twenty four seven. Kari looked at her eyes shinning with hope, she might as well. With Mimi in America she was the closest thing Kari had to an older sister.

"Sure, what's the problem?" Sora asked

Kari looked around them room as her mother cleared and washed the plates. She pulled Sora into her bedroom Gotamon guarding the door.

"I need a makeover!" Kari told her

"Why? Your beautiful, well, more beautiful than me!" Sora said blushing "But why?"

"T.K. is taking me out for dinner in half and hour so we have to be quick, I want to look my best for him!" Kari explained

"Okay, then!" Sora cried pulling out Kari's make up and dresses from the draws "Let's go!"

Biyomon and Agumon watched as Kari pulled Sora into her bedroom and Gotamon stood guard. They then walked out the door onto the balcony looking over the city at night like thousands of fireflies floating in a sky of modern day activity. The two digimon looked at each other but something pulled them form each others gaze, a boy about Sora's age walking up to the building. It wan't Izzy, too small, there was only one person it could be. It was the light blue pyjamas and the yellow ducks which gave it away. It was Tai.

Sora had almost finished. Kari wore a long pink dress and had her hair up in a bun. She had powdered her cheeks and added eyeliner and lipstick she just had to add one last touch. On her head she placed a tiara and gave her a pair of white slipper like shoes.

"Well, what do you think?" Sora asked holding up a mirror

"You are so great, remind me to get you around more often." Kari said looking at the mirror, she then turned her head at the clock "He should be here any minute now."

Then the door bell went off, Sora came out of the door with Kari expecting to see T.K in the doorway. But it wan't it was Tai, one hour late to dinner at his own house. Sora was furious. Biyomon and Agumon stood behind him along with Tia's mother. Tai saw Sora hadn't got there late. She walked up to him and gave him a slap around the face. Then a voice came from the door.

"Am I interrupting anything?" T.K asked

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