T.K. could hear it. A growling a scraping of claws against the cold stone floor, something was coming. It was a big something with what he imagined had long sharp claws. He looked around the darkness, trying to spot any movement but failed in his attempt to find the creature that had wounded Myotismon. A quick sound of movement made him turn around. It was Myotismon, he was standing up now. But he collapsed. His head lay right in front of T.K. and he looking into the young boy eyes, his face cloaked in fear.

"Get out!" he screamed "Get out, run go, flee for your life!"

"I can't leave you here!" T.K. protested "Your die, anyway we need everyone we can to stop the world from being destroyed!"

"Poor you," Myotismon said "poor, poor you! I was there for the final briefing. Where that creature deided to change his mind and destroy this world."

T.K. looked at him with confused look and the large creature sighed.

"They have sent digimon to steal all high-tech weaponry around the planet, they will take it back, conquer the digital world but before they go back they will destroy this planet with a corrupt evil machine. Ebemon," Myotismon explained "now you must get out and warn the others!"

Then a voice came from behind T.K. "You're not going anywhere, little boy!"

"Oh no, it's him, he's back!" Myotismon screamed as the monster approached.

"Let me out! I wanna see him! I wanna see T.K!" Kari banged on the door her face red with rage, kicking and screaming

Mimi put her hand on Kari's shoulder "Kari, we'll get out, eventually, we will, we'll find T.K. and sort all this out!"

"How can you be sure?" Matt boomed "First my girlfriend and now my brother I can't cope!"

"We have to stick together, stay calm and stay focus!" Cody replied

"Yeah," Yolei shouted "the thing inside Sora must have a weakness. I wonder what the weakness is though!"

"I just wish I could start the day again and be prepared. It was such a nice day till that thing came in the night!" Jun cried

"That's it!" Izzy said perking up "Light! It wasn't there in daylight; it only came in the darkness!"

"But Sora's out there in the sun now," Tai pointed out "how could she possibly be allergic to sunlight?"

"Maybe it's not sunlight but a more or less concentrated beam on light, maybe if we use our digivices we can defeat her and drive out the beast." Izzy though out loud

"Yeah, great plan Izzy but how do we get out of here?" asked Agumon clutching Biyomon tight

"Armadillomon, will you do the pleasure?" asked Cody and the digimon started to dig

T.K. stood; ready to fight as the digimon approached. Still in the darkness the digimon's crimson eyes blazed furiously. Myotismon managed to get up and shield T.K with his cloak, he looked down at T.K. and T.K. looked up. A look of pity shone in Myotismon's eyes. Then a thunderous quake made the ground shake for the second time today. Then up from the ground popped a Digmon, on his back were a group of children and some other digimon.

"T.K!" Kair yelled jumping off Digmon's back along with the rest of the digidestined "Where are you?"

Myotismon reveled T.K. who rushed out as soon as this happened and hugged his friends. Then the creature leaped out and attacked them.

"Wait a sec it's you guys?" the creature said, he landed next to them "Hello again, it's me Boltmon, hello!"

"Well thanks for stabbing me, my power is fading and we have to stop your little love crest human friend destroying this world!" Myotismon said calmly "Not much pressure though!"

"Is he ready?" asked Sora

"He is, we have loaded all the weapons into a abandoned castle in the digital world all digimon accomplices are on their way back" Piedmon told her

"LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK OOOOOOOOOOOOUT BEEEEEEEEEEEELOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" cried a voice from above and a small bacll of blue skin hit Sora on the head and bounced past Piedmon

It the popped up revealing two feet and a small tail, it was an Otomamon.

"Oopps." It said quietly as the two advanced

"Geronimon!" cried a Gekomon smashing through the roof "Princess Mimi your troops await."

The group and their new friends turned to look at him.

"What troops?" asked Mimi

The creature rolled its eyes "I didn't round up half of the digital world for nothing did I?"

Boltmon broke through the walls to see hundreds of digimon fighting each other and a huge portal hung over them. At the top of a skyscraper stood Sora and Piedmon looking down at the battle, she noticed them and jumped down.

"So, you decided to come at last, good we can watch the battle together." She said

"You can't have Sora's body forever!" Matt boomed

"Can't I?" asked Sora he eyes shinning with glee

"No," Tai said pointing his digivice at her "you won't."

The burst of light shot out and hit her chest and she flew back. Purple fumes flew out of her mouth and eyes. Matt walked up to her.

"Help me Matt, help me!" Sora screamed as the creature left her

"You can't stop me," the voice said "you will never stop me." The creature boomed

The fumes flew into the air and Sora collapsed onto Matt. A high pitch screamed making everything vibrate. Glass smashed and the ground shook. The digital creatures that were surrounding the digidestined flew up in the air apart from their digital partners. The fumes took shape of a man and it screeched the exploded in front of them. It had ended. The terror had finished.

As Gekomon flew up back into the digiport he watched the evil creature get destroyed. None of them knew what it was but they managed to sense it. Maybe it was a virus from the digital world. The digiport closed behind him he wondered if the thing would ever come back. Suddenly he was back in his home. The other Gekomon and Otomamon were surrounding him. They were back, home, and everything was well in both worlds.

A/N: It's not the end yet, we got another chapter or two to go. It may sound a bit weird but believe me, the story isn't over yet! Hope you liked it.