Dear Readers,

I have a fairly huge confession to make. The story that you have been reading for God knows how long, is actually my own. Surprised? These things that you think so romantic, is actually happening in reality. For Empress? Well, the wedding, the break up, the beach, it was all a dream, if anyone is confused. Sakura Kinomoto just dreamt of having her bet friend love her more than just a friend. And then, like all dreamers do, she woke up.

Like I did. It was true that I met "him", the Syaoran Li that I had painted for you with words in this story, in my first year in high school. I took the entrance examinations with him, though I did not know who he was, and true also, he irritates me to hell, because he was with this pretty girl who was laughing and canoodling around. I was nervous, so I hated them for interrupting my peace.

During the first day of school I volunteered first for introduction, true. True that I am the top pf my class. True that my teachers were impressed with me from day one. I am gifted that way, having the brains. But to tell you the truth I am not pretty. I am not like the Sakura here. People love me because I am smart, but not because I am pretty. Not ugly, just plain. Plain old Asian.

Anyway, it all began two or three weeks later, with the body, soul and spirit. He did encourage me that day, I did not expect to have a male model that day. It was just my English teacher really did pair me off with him. And from then on, we began. Later that day, my Science teacher did bring flashcards for us to know the branches of science and what is studied under it.

There were 50 flashcards, and my notes consisted of only 25 or so, so I did borrow the flashcards, and he did come with his friend, who I had made an acquaintance with the week before. I was shocked to see him there, and in all honesty (though I do not tell him this), he is quite a charming person. He helped me write the cards and talked about his life. It was also true with the curtain. He did spend a pleasurable amount of time holding up my curtains, when I asked him too.

We were very good friends, very good, but it all changed, I couldn't even remember when that we just started to drift away, it was when "she" came. The Tomoyo Daidoji I had been talking about. Which was fine with me. That time, I still did not know I had a crush on my friend. It was also the time when we ere having a play for Ibong Adarna, and it was true, that I had been close with his best friend (Eriol in the story) but unlike Sakura and Eriol in this story, we did not have a relationship. He is still my very good friend up to this day.

We continues this hostility with each other until just recently, during our second year, we managed to bridge the gap, I do not know how or when, we just bridged it, the gap between us, and he knows I had a crush on him, and he admitted that he avoided me because his friend, not Eriol, had a crush on me, and that he would not want to jeopardize his friendship with one of his closest friends because of me.

Also there was this girl, and she used to be one of my best friends before she had a crush on "him". Him and I, we are very close, filial, and we made a pact, unbeknownst to anyone, that we would remain best friends. Going over that is a violation of the rule. But girl though otherwise so she called me s slut.

In this, I cried. Because people could cal me anything they want, but not slut. I was angry at her, very angry, so angry that I could not face her, ever again. I hated her, and because of that incident, I refrained from speaking to him. My teacher told me it was not his fault why a girl was saying that to me. That I should not disregard a long time's worth of friendship for a girl who is way over her head.

Now, he stopped speaking to girl. And I still remained friends with her, though I do not wish to be as close with her as I did before. I understand how she feels, seeing the boy she likes getting close with another girl. But I am nothing more than his best friend, we made a pact, we stay true to it.

Now, he told me, that he has a crush on our classmate. And I am happy for him, in fact, I am the only person he told that too, directly, (everyone knows he has a crush on the classmate, but he admitted it to me), and said classmate is also my very good friend. They are going out to prom together! I like to think I am a little matchmaker.

So in the end, like Sakura, I woke up from my dream, and I found out that I am much more at ease with having him as my best friend. No lies. I do not want to be married, or have a boyfriend, but I have tons of crushes. He is the only male person besides relatives that is close to me, he is in every way the brother I never had. And its better to have someone to talk too or kid around, than just a mere boyfriend.

I love him, but not in the way a girl does for a boy, he's my best friend, and believe it or not he helps me make girly decisions and I help him do the manly stuff. He knows all about me, and I like to think I know all about him as well.

Sometimes, when we walk home together, he would tell me different things, and it will be al fun. It is also true that he is second best to me, we are actually training for a quiz bee during this summer, with other friends, and I think that I really like the concept of a best friend, rather than something else. Because in the end, friendships are what could have been the best thing in your life.

I hope that explains why I wrote the ending that way, I am sorry if it confused a lot of people, but this is just the way life is, we dream, we wish and then, for a blissful moment we see it all within arm's reach, and then you wake up.

I have already woke up, and I figured, this reality is much better than all the rest.

I feel better now, having telling the world my story, and I could finally close the chapter of my life where I had a crush in my best friend. Now, I am just plainly Kyria, his best friend. And he will be mine. No strings, no complications, at the end of the day, he will be the person I tell how I dissected a brain tumor, and he will tell me how he sawed back a broken aorta.

We will be world class doctors, and we will be the very best.

Thank you for helping me let go, all my heart