Well, here's something of a kinda Twilight longfic. Actually, it's more like a series of drabbles/short pieces or whatever you'd like to call them. But it does form some kind of story...

This is heavily and extremely AU, and features primarily Jacob and Bella, although plenty of other characters from the series will make appearances. Oh, and in this, Jacob and Bella are the same age. It just makes thing easier, okay?

I think that's everything you need to know. Um, have fun.

They move into the house when Bella is nine, a month before she starts fourth grade. The only thing she's sad about is her parents' divorce, because she loves her father and loves her mother and hates to see them sad and apart, but Renee promises Bella that it's for the best, and that Daddy will come to visit at Thanksgiving.

After they arrive, Bella sits on the front lawn, her chin cupped in her hand as she watches the movers taking furniture into the house. She occasionally glances up at the clear blue sky, watching white clouds drift lazily across.

"Hey!" someone calls.

Bella stands up and turns around. Behind her, a dark-skinned, black-haired boy is smiling and waving. He looks to be around the same age as her. A dull orange basketball is lying in the grass beside him.

"Hey!" the boy says again. "Hey, you! Are you the new neighbor?"

"Yeah," Bella calls back. "I'm Bella Swan."

"I'm Jacob Black, but you can call me Jake," the boy says. He picks up his basketball. "You wanna play?"

Bella glances at the door, then back at Jacob. "I don't really like to play ball," she admits.

"Oh." Jacob looks a little disappointed. "Okay." He starts to turn away.

"Wait a second!" Bella calls, suddenly feeling a surge of guilt. "How about I ask if you can come over for dinner? I'll ask my mom to invite you guys! Would that be okay?"

Jacob's grin returns. "Yeah! That'd be really cool! I gotta go tell Dad!" He pumps his arm in a wild wave. "Bye, Bella!" he yells, running toward the door.

Bella waves to his back. "Bye, Jake," she says softly.

Some of you will probably be pleased to know that Jacob x Bella is now my favorite Twilight pairing. Edward x Bella is okay enough, but Jake and Bell are just kinda cute together…