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"No!" Screamed a angry voice, holding the form tighter.

"But Pharaoh..." Started another, looking worried and pleading. "It is the only way we can-"

"I said no!" Was shouted. "Something, anything, is better than this stupid idea! I will not, I repeat, will not allow you to even think of putting-"

Suddenly, the one in his arms shifted, smiling up sadly. "My Pharaoh, it is alright. I... I am happy to do this, if it means... to protect you."

"L-little one..." The other spoke softly, sad at what was being said. "I... don't want to loose you. Your too special to me..."

"I know. But please, let me do this. You've always protected me, now it's my turn." He bowed his head. "Please..."

And he knew, that no matter what he said back, his little one... had made up his mind.

He just wished there was another way.


The day was pretty good, seeing as the sun was shinning, school out for the whole day, and a time to go out and have some fun.

Especially if it was your birthday.

"'ey, Yams!" Someone poked. "Now dat ya 15, whatcha gonna do?"

One who was nicknamed 'Yams' smiled at his blonde haired friend. "Nothing that I don't normally do, Jou."

"Play games?" Two voices groaned. "C'mon, you can do better than that."

Another, the only girl of the group, glared at them. "Yami can do what he likes. He doesn't make fun at what you do, you know."

"What, street fights?"

"Run a shop?"


"Why do I even bother..." She muttered, slapping her face in her hand.

'Yami' chuckled. "Well, actually, my grandfather said he had some really exciting to give me this birthday."

His four friends, named Jounouchi Katsuya, Honda Hiroto, Otogi Ryuji and Mazaki Anzu, all turned their gazes at him, curiosity shinning through. "Ooo... what, what?!" Anzu asked, getting a little too close for the teen's comfort.

"I don't know, he just said it was something very important."

"Wander what it is?" Otogi asked, looking at the brunette.

He grinned. "Maybe something to help him with his love life."

"So then Yami can finally get that dream man of his!" Anzu giggled, clapping her hands.

"Now wait just a minute..." 'Yami' protested, but was ignored.

"I dunno, it'd have to be something really powerful to help him with that." Otogi told them, one hand resting on a hip and the other playing with his hair.

"Something magical, then?" Honda guessed.


"Love potion?" Otogi had a go, making Anzu giggle again.

"Awright, den!" Jounouchi declared, punching a hand into the air. "We're ofta Yam's house!"

He gave up. Oh, what wonderful friends he had...

x – X – x – X – x -

"Ah, Atemu! Had a good time with your friends?"

Even though almost everyone called him Yami, Atemu was his real name. Atemu Kokuô. His mother was Japanese, while his father was Egyptian. 'Yami' was his middle name, which he liked a lot. Mostly, only his grandfather (on his mother's side,) Mutou Sugoroku, called him by his first name.

"We did grandpa. Although, I almost lost my birthday money..." Atemu send a glare Jounouchi's way.

He raised his hands in defense. "Ya said ya would pay!"

"Not for the whole takeout, Jou!"

Sugoroku chuckled from behind the shop counter. Turning, he reached for something that sat at the top shelve and brought it down. "Well, Atemu, I have something very special for you."

Atemu's eyes widened at what was set down on the counter. "Is that... the puzzle?"

His grandfather nodded. "Yes." He took it back in his hands. "Now Atemu, the reason I didn't want to let you have this 8 years ago, is because of it's secret."

An eyebrow was raised. "Secret?"

"That's right. You were to young and not ready for what you will gain, by completing this puzzle." He brought the puzzle's box closer to the teen's, pointing to the hieroglyphics. "See here? It says; "The one who completes me shall release the one with the power of light. Only he who controls the shadows will receive what he truly desires".

When Sugoroku put the puzzle back down, Atemu reached for it, and held it carefully in his hands. It was like he was in a trance, feeling something he didn't know. He rubbed his thumbs over the lid. He had felt like this before, only it was 8 years ago when he found the puzzle in the back room. Atemu had begged his grandfather to let him have it, but he had told him no, taking it back and hiding it away again.

"Grandpa..." He started, snapping out of his daze and looking at him. "...I can keep it now?"

Sugoroku smiled. "I feel that now is a good time of you to solve it. It was meant for you." He scratched his cheek. "Well, I feel that it's meant for you, anyway."

Atemu's friends, who had been silent through the exchange, all blinked.

Honda was the first to say something. "Guess it's not a love potion then..."

Atemu whacked the brunette over the head, before pushing them all out through the shop door and running to his room to start work on the puzzle. He had waited for 8 years to have that feeling again, deep within his heart.

And no matter how long it took, he was going to complete the Millennium Puzzle, even if that itself took 8 years.