Hello everyone.

It's been a good few years since I last updated my story, my main concern being "Aibou".

For so long I wanted to finish this story - it was my pride and joy, my baby, that I worked so hard on. But then hard times and stuff was happening, and it was really effecting me in wanting to write. Then I suddenly left rather rudely and abandoned you all. I have no idea who's even following this story anymore, and to be honest, I wouldn't blame any of you if you all left too.

On a sad note, I've decided to discontinue the progress of this story.

I had the whole story layed out, chapters planned, everything I needed on my old laptop. But during my hard times, I lost the files, then I lost motivation, then interest... I just wasn't into Yugioh as much as I was anymore, nor did i have the time or will to write anything. I just couldn't do it.

So I thought it was the best thing to stop even trying to get into updating this thing now.

But, to any loyal fan who sat and waited for an update, I felt it my duty and your right to at least have SOMETHING instead of leaving you all in the dark on this.

What i plan to do, is a whole new "one-shot" story where i try and combine everything that i wanted to do in one who "flash-back" thing, to try and just wrap this story all up and such. I dunno. I had such ideas for this, I just didn't want to leave it. I really don't know.

So yeah, keep an eye on the oneshot soon, and...

Thank you all, for being such loyal fans of this story, and sticking with me for so long.

Really... thank you.

See you on the flip side I guess?