((Okay, I'm not exactly sure what this is, but I found it, and remembered writing it a long time ago. It's not poetry, because it doesn't really have a format... it's not a short story because it's too vague... it's a short poetory... anyways, you can interpret it any way you want, but It was written as a sort of thing hinata would be thinking as she saw Sakura walking down the street, and realized they had switched crushes/lovers/etc. Hinata wants to say something, to make a friend but realizes no words could really work.))

If we had been friends…

It would never have been so hard.

If we could have laughed

At this strange situation, and walked together

If we could have said

"Look how strange! I have yours and you have mine!"

If we could have smiled

Or talked about how stupid boys are sometimes, and how life is one big surprise

If we had been friends

We wouldn't be standing here in silence, unable to walk away, or speak.

If we had only known

It wouldn't hurt so much when I see you living my dreams.

If we could regret

All we had ever said, the lies, the tears the screaming and pain as dark fell for light and light fell for dark,

If we could stand together, hold hands and speak of what could have happened

If we had been friends.