Title: Discordant Harmony

Chapter Thirty: Love, or Something Like it

"You know you're not coming anywhere near me with those handcuffs, right?"

Raito glared at the older man grinning perversely at him, eye twitching in agitation.

"But Raito-kun…" L pouted cutely, jingling the handcuffs in a last ditch attempt.

"Last time you used those stupid metal deathtraps, my wrists were sore for days!" The sleepy brunette cried out, refusing to even let the shiny contraptions anywhere near his poor, dainty wrists. "Unless you plan to be the one handcuffed, I suggest putting them back from wherever the hell they came from and getting your ass over here before I change my-"

Not even three seconds later, the handcuffs were nowhere to be found and a warm body was securely tucked in next to Raito on the couch.

The 23-year-old blinked.

"O… k…"

"Why are Raito-kun's pants still intact?" L asked, voice suspiciously muffled against the crook of Raito's neck.

The exasperated artist rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arms around the thin insomniac, trying to get in the most comfortable position possible.

Who knows what the hell L planned to do whilst Raito wasn't on his full guard?

"Why are yours?" The supposedly bootylicious artist snapped, once again barely blinking before a pair of ragged jeans came flying over head, shoulders pinned back against the couch as a pair of obsidian eyes gazed down at the shocked 23-year-old.

Raito would have giggled at the incredibly funny face L was making if he wasn't so goddamn scared of it.

"Err…" L's eye began to twitch as the younger of the two men sweat dropped, knowing that he may have gone too far in his teasing. "I love you?"

At the sound of the gentle whisper haltingly leaving the 23-year-old's lips, the grip on Raito's shoulders loosened as the frustration growing within the older insomniac's charcoal gaze dimmed to a low simmer.

"It is not fair that Raito-kun can deflate my anger and anxiousness with the simple application of three words that he does not even mean to use intentionally." A pale hand made its way to L's face as a digit was exposed to the man's lips and nibbled upon. "I shall have to hope that Raito-kun shall not use that tactic often."

Raito rolled his eyes as he pulled the hand away from sugar-addict's mouth mid-chew and shifted his legs beneath L's straddling hold. "Of course not."

"Chances of Raito-kun being both sarcastic and patronizing, up 23 percent."

"Oh shut the hell up, L."

"Chances of Raito-kun faking frustration so that he may diffuse his embarrassment, up 12 percent."

"L… you're not being very compliant at the moment. Don't you want to continue on with what we were doing?"

"Chances of Raito-kun acting out his natural condescension so that I may be blinded by my libido once more, up 1,000,000 percent."

"L, do you want to have sex with me or not?!"

Silence permeated the room as L blinked down at his lover, his face as blank as always before his voice once again filled the room.

"Chances of Raito-kun asking idiotic questions in lieu of recent events, up-"

Without giving the man a chance to say another word, Raito pulled him down to his level, crushing his own velvety lips against his lover's. Hands wrapped themselves into each other's hair as Raito tilted his head, gently suckling on L's lower lip in a silent plea to end the chasteness.

With a gasp, L pulled away from the younger man's lip-lock, eyes blinking up at the sudden pull away in confusion.

"L?" The startled chocolate-eyed artist blinked, not aware of the endearing picture he made for the man sitting above him.

Eyebrows furrowed at the sudden lack of affection, flushed cheeks standing out prominently against the tanned face pulled together into an overall adorably cute pout that just made the older man want to get back to what they were doing. Yet still, L found himself hesitating.

Here he had an absolutely gorgeous man willing to do whatever he wanted, and who understood him better than mostly anyone he had known, including his teacher who had spent years devoted to his pupil, and yet still he could not believe it. L found himself thinking of the future at times when painting became a chore and eating sweets became less than satisfying, and in each vision he had, L saw the temperamental brunette standing by his side, smiling that sweet semi-innocent grin.

"I fear that I may be in over my head, Raito-kun." The dark-haired artist muttered, wide eyes blinking owlishly as the 23-year-old stared up at the overwhelmed man still sitting on top of him astonishingly.

"L, after three months on this roller coaster ride of a relationship, it's only now that you're thinking that you're in over your head?" Raito tilted his head to the side, smirk growing across his pink lips. "I hate to break this to you, but I think it's too late to back out of it now."

"I would never dream of the day." L smirked before leaning down and gently raking a hand through the silky brown locks and kissing those wonderfully bruised lips once again.

"L…" Raito gasped as the man pulled away for a moment, breathless from the sudden lip lock. "Don't you think we should… take this to your bedroom?"

L gave the flushed man an incredulous stare.

"… Or maybe not." Raito concurred, knowing just how irritable the older man above him could get when denied something for any length of time.

"I doubt either of us would make it to the hallway, let alone my bedroom, which is on the furthest side of my home from here, Raito-kun." L theorized, causing the brunette to blink in mortification, the thought of him and L going at it in the older man's halls as his maids and butlers watched in shock causing him to almost giggle insanely.

"So you see, Raito-kun, I suggest making yourself very comfortable…" The pale-skinned man smirked as the younger (and only slightly more mature) of the two sweat dropped once more. "As neither of us shall be moving until the early morning dawn… or perhaps later if Raito-kun allows me to have my way."

'Spoiled brat…' The younger artist thought to himself amusedly as he rolled his eyes, grinning slightly as L began to entertain himself with the younger man's neck. The sharp feel of teeth lightly biting the soft skin presented to the older man as his tongue gently traced each bruise and indentation caused the now antsy boy to gasp as he flinched at the contact, smile steadily rolling off his face as L continued to work his way down. 'But he's my spoiled brat, so I guess that makes all the difference.'

"Too… many… clothes…" Raito heard L mutter as he began to attack the long sleeved shirt he wore without abandon, pulling his arms up as the disgruntled artist practically ripped the piece of cloth off of his head and nibbled on his collarbone with need. Hands gripped onto shoulders as Raito bit his lower lip, wondering just how badly L would hit him if he just got up and walked out of the room.

"Raito-kun should stop thinking his cock-blocking thoughts now and take off his damn pants as he should have done about 15 minutes ago."

The younger artist blinked.

'… … how the hell does he do that?'

"Raito-kun, if I have to persist in inquiring about the continual use of these infernal pants-"

"They're your pants!" Raito cried out, practically flailing in his nearly enclosed position against the comfortable couch.

"I may have to consensually rape Raito-kun…" L continued on, ignoring the astonished look sent his way as he began to gnaw at his thumb in frustration. "Repeatedly until my point gets across."

"… What the hell?" The cinnamon-eyed 23-year-old simply stared up at his over the top boyfriend, wishing for one moment that he could understand the man's way of thinking.

"I have already told Raito-kun once before, it is not truly rape if the other person is willi-"

Raito glared at the older man, his malicious gaze cutting off the sentence before the seemingly tense artist could finish it.

"Too much, Raito-kun?" L blinked in wonderment, hands pausing in their sudden quest of Raito's jeans.

The glare itself only strengthened in response.

L sighed, rolling his eyes as he arched up, lunging at the button of the brunette's (which were really L's, as the 23-year-old so kindly put it) jeans and practically ripped off the zipper in anxiousness.

"Err…" Raito sweat dropped at the look of concentration L had on his face, eyes narrowed as his irises darkened, pupils beginning to widen imperceptibly in response. "L?"

"Lift your hips, Raito-kun." The wide-eyed brunette did so in compliance, a little scared at the way the older artist practically tore the pants off of his legs and feet. Sitting up against the cushions of the couch, Raito's own eyes glistened as L threw the pair of jeans over his shoulders, eyeing the boy he was straddling with something akin to anticipation.

For a moment, both men simply stared at each other.

Raito took in the anonymous artist's tousled charcoal hair, strands obscuring his forehead and hanging in front of his large murky eyes. A faintly pointed nose led down to a pair of thin lips, slightly open as the man gasped for small puffs of breath. The smooth expanse of skin seemed to radiate within the dark room, the slivers of light pouring in from the open window the only source of light as it hit the pallor of the man's face and chest in small instances.

It seemed strange that after a night of nothing but emotional escapades that it was now that Raito felt truly exposed (and he didn't mean physically) to the meandering artist he had come to care so much for…

L blinked as his lover bashfully looked down towards the floor, his smooth chocolate locks falling against his eyes and cheeks in a waterfall of silkiness. Smoldering mocha-colored eyes closed slightly, the blush staining his lover's face becoming all the more vibrant against his caramel skin tone. Without realizing it, the 23-year-old bit his lower lip, their cherry red hue becoming all the darker as he continued to nibble on the flesh in question.

Though they had had sex many times, this would be their first encounter truly understanding the other. It seemed strange that now that he had the boy right where he wanted him, it would be now that L would become the most hesitant…


Raito glanced up at the older man, surprised the hoarseness of his normally smooth baritone voice.

"Yes, L?"

There was a moment of silence, before…

"… … Do you happen to have any lubricant on you?"

Raito sweat dropped.

"No, L. I don't."

"Oh… then I suppose I shall have to get up then… or perhaps one of the maids could pick up a tube from my room…"

And then proceeded to push the dark-haired man off the couch.

"Will you EVER stop being a pervert?!"

L stared up at the man with incredibly wide eyes, a pout set on his lips as he began to chew on his thumb, his dark boxers clashing with the bright red carpeting of the room.

"Does Raito-kun expect me to?"

The tan-skinned man sighed as he rolled his eyes, standing up as he turned away from the cute artist still sprawled on the ground and grabbing his pants from behind the couch.

"What is Raito-kun doing?" L asked dubiously as his twitchy boyfriend slipped the pants back on and quickly walked past him without so much as a shirt on.

"Where do you think I'm going?" The exasperated brunette deadpanned, barely looking over his shoulder as he reached the door.

"… I like the strawberry kind, Raito-kun."

Raito's eye twitched.

"You're an ass."

L grinned.

"Actually, Raito-kun is the 'ass' in this relation-"



The artist blinked before picking himself off the floor and lounging back on the couch in satisfaction.

'I wonder if one of the butlers would be able to acquiesce to retrieving me a slice of strawberry cheesecake before Raito-kun returns…'

Raito grumbled as he blushed furiously, ignoring the crash on his left side as he bypassed one of the few maids still out at this time of night watering some plants.

Shoving the tube of lube within his pocket (Jesus, did L's pants need pockets this deep?!), the 23-year-old quickly made his way back to the room which held his extremely strange lover, probably still sitting on the floor whilst nibbling a hole into his poor abused thumb.

'Sometimes, I have to wonder just what it is that I see in the man…'

Finally catching the door he needed, Raito pulled it open only to close it almost immediately after.

Raito blinked.

Raito then blinked again.

Without another word, the nerve-raked artist slowly opened the door, only to be faced with the same image as before.

L no longer lay on the floor, but rather was sprawled out against the couch, delightfully molesting a piece of what could have been a cheesecake.

In the complete nude.

Raito blinked just one last time, if only for effect.


'Please tell me you at least waited until you had your damn cake before they caught you naked.' Raito thought to himself as he sweat dropped.

"Raito-kun!" L flung the plate over the couch, missing the wince Raito sent his way, the crash of the ceramic dining utensil splitting the silence open quite viciously.

The younger of the two only shook his head, knowing that no matter what he said, all he would be met with was an innocent stare and a tilt of a head.

Closing the door behind him, Raito squinted as the same inky darkness as before permeated throughout the room. L kept his place on the couch, simply staring at the boy as he walked closer to where he lay.

Liking the silence between them (As L had a way of spoiling the mood with just a word from his mouth), Raito carefully toed his way over L, taking his time in pulling his legs over on either side of the older man's lap and settling himself over the still sedentary artist milky white thighs.

L smirked, catching the boy off guard as the moonlight illuminated the older man's face for a split second.

"Raito-kun is always complaining about him not being on top enough." The soot-eyed man relaxed even further as his lover rolled his eyes, taking out the lube and throwing it against his chest. "Look! I have relinquished all control in favor of allowing Raito-kun to be the one to do all the work."

"I don't think I could be seme even if I tied you up and strapped you to a table." Hands carefully curled themselves around soft auburn strands of hair as L leaned up and kissed the pout off of the 23-year-old's face. Raito's own fingers clenched against the smooth bare shoulders offered, tilting his head in an attempt to deepen the lip lock. "You manage to get yourself out of it every single time."

"That is because Raito-kun enjoys being uke." L mumbled in between kisses, one hand woven into the boy's hair as the other trailed down Raito's tanned back. Raito huffed once more, ignoring the lips moving down from his own mouth to his neck as he wiggled against L's bare thighs.

"Or that's what you tell yourself whenever I at least try to top…"

"Hm…" Gently trailing his hand against Raito's abdomen, L caught the button of the 23-year-old's jeans once again as he deftly snapped it open, and slowly pulled down the zipper of the pants in an effort to maintain some sort of control. "Raito-kun may think whatever he would like if it assists in his sleeping at night."

Raito would have growled out a scathing retort, but was not given a chance to as a hand delved itself into his boxers and began to gently stroke his length through his boxers and cut off his comment before he was given a chance to even say a word.

"Ass." Raito spat out once the hand was removed in a teasing fashion, the man he was straddling nearly giggling in glee.

Raito made an inward grimace at the image of L actually giggling.

"I was merely making a point, Raito-kun." L smirked, pulling the jeans down as Raito lifted himself up and practically threw them off himself. "Or should I say, Rai-chan?"

"Call me 'Rai-chan' again and you shall find yourself missing a certain appendage from your body and discovering it within your oven, toasted to perfection."

L stared a Raito for a moment, wondering if the boy would go through with the threat.

Raito's eye twitched, proving himself to be completely serious.

"Raito-kun is in need of anger management, then." L blinked as Raito's hands dropped from his shoulders, tilting back from his grasp.

"You know you're only cock-blocking yourself now, right?" Raito dryly stated, ready to release himself from his lover's embrace and go home.

Ebony eyes widened before the hands covering the 23-year-old's hair and waist clenched painfully before dragging the brunette to him rather forcefully and dropping against the cushions behind them both. Both sets of eyes closed as mouths slowly dragged across each other, deepening the kisses with each second that passed.

"Raito…" The tube of lube fell off to the side, both men too preoccupied with the other to really pay much heed to it. L lunged for the underwear still hanging off the younger artist's hips, desperately tugging them off as Raito arched up his hips to help in the process. "No foreplay this time. I need you now."

"Impatient much?" Raito gasped out before L caught him by the waist and tackled him to the other side of the couch. "Oomph!"

"… What does Raito-kun think?"

Raito sweat dropped once more, feeling the evidence of L's confession straining against his thigh.

"I see your point. Now where's the lube?"



There was a slight fumbling on L's part, before his trembling monotone filled the room once more. "I cannot seem to find it, Raito-kun."




"We could always go d-"


"But Rait-"


"… Please?"

"How about no?"


"Would you like me to do you dry, L?!"

"… Did we not establish this, already?"

"Yeah. Well, my ass is officially out of commission, thanks."

L pouted, his throbbing erection now bordering on painful.

Raito sighed, knowing that unless he did something, L would pull a tantrum out of his ass.

"Fine… we'll compromise." Without another word, Raito pushed the man off of him and allowed him to lie down once again. Parting his thigh, L smiled up at the younger man giving him a bland stare, knowing that L wouldn't care how he got an orgasm, as long as he got one.

… … And it didn't include L's own ass.


Placing his one of his hands on top of one of scrawny artist's thighs, Raito leaned down, his eyes still on his lover's anticipating face. Midnight black eyes narrowed as a lustful gleam entered the man's gaze, fists clenching at his side as Raito finally stopped inches away from the head of his raging erection.

"Raito-kun is an eternal tease." L puffed out, wanting to grab the younger man by the hair and shove himself into that delectable mouth barely inches away from his length.

"Well, can you blame me?" Raito smirked, loving the frustration rolling off the anonymous artist in waves. "Seeing you like this really turns me on…"

L made a sound reminiscent to a growl as the brunette leaning against him chuckled. With his free hand, Raito traced the underside of the man's penis, carelessly stroking the head before lightly grasping it by the base.

"Do you really want me to-"

"Raito-kun, I believe you have exacted whatever revenge you felt necessary to inflict upon me." L choked out, tired of the age old cat-and-mouse game the 23-year-old loved to play. "Does Raito-kun not believe enough is enough?"

A deep chuckle was Raito's only reply before finally taking his lover's erection within his mouth and hummed quite amusedly as L groaned in satisfaction. Slightly pulling back, Raito languidly raked his teeth and tongue over the hard rod, enjoying the squirming man silently begging for more.

"Urgh…" It was rare to hear much of anything coming out of L's mouth when they were having sex, so it was then Raito knew that man had not been kidding about his impatience once he began to hear the moans and groans emitted from his mouth. "Rai-Raito…"

Plunging forward once more, Raito tried to relax his throat as much as possible in order to take as much of his lover's erection within his mouth as he could. Slowly speeding up his intake, the brunette's head began to bob enticingly, wincing as L's fingers became entangled in his hair.

L's hips began to arch unconsciously in an effort to force his length in all the more as Raito almost gagged on the engorged penis. With a glare thrown at the general vicinity of L's face, Raito lightly traced the underside of the man's shuddering cock before suckling on his balls.

"Ngh!" L leaned up on his forearms, mouth wide open as he stared down at the man sucking him off. Fingers trailed down the artist's penis as Raito brought his mouth back to the head sucked on it once again. A tanned hand cupped the man's balls as Raito brought his other hand up from L's thigh and steadied himself, engulfing the large erection within his mouth once more and suckling on it as he bobbed his head continuously.

Once he felt the older man's penis twitch within his throat, Raito sped up his dipping until L began pulling on his hair, squirming beneath him only to-

"Oh shit…" L cussed as he came, Raito pulling up and away before the older artist could shoot a load on his face. After a moment of panting, L pulled an arm over his eyes and smirked as the younger man eyed the come dripping over his abdomen and pelvic area in disgust. "Raito-kun… never swallows…"

"… And if you ever expect me to, you're sadly mistaken." Raito snapped back, a glint of silver and blue catching his eye from beside the couch on the floor. "Hm."

"What is it, Raito-kun?" L yawned as he watched his auburn-haired counterpart lean over him and grabbed something from off the floor.

"I think I just found the lube." Raito showed the older man the long tube, both men blinking at the utter stupidity of it all.




Without another word otherwise, L shot up and tackled the younger man once more, bringing them both to the floor in a tangled mess of limbs, lube and come.

"What the hell, L?!"

"… Raito-kun found the lube."


"… I shall repeat myself for Raito-kun's comfort, as he seems to be hard of hearing at the moment; Raito-kun found the lube."

"You're an ass, you know that?"

"And Raito-kun loves me all the more for it."

Raito sweat dropped as L grinned perversely, gripping the lube within his hand for all that it was worth.

"Can't argue with that, now can I?"

"No Raito-kun…" L grinned mischievously as he dove in for another kiss, happy this time for a reason other than his semi-compliant lover and the newly found lubricant. "You cannot."

Epilogue: A Home to Call Our Own

Four Months Later…

"What the Hell are you doing, L?!"

Dark eyes blinked innocently as they reflexively looked up at the speaker in front of them. The handsome visage of Yagami Raito covered from head to toe in brightly colored paint caught the young man's attention almost immediately.

"Measuring the length of the wall…?" Came the almost hesitant statement turned into a question.

"Measuring the wall?" Raito asked skeptically.

"Yes." Replied L.

"And just how are you measuring the wall… while both staring directly at my ass and having nothing to measure with, L?" Sniped the younger of the two artists. Hands positioned themselves over narrow hips as L's attention once again drifted downward…

"L Lawliet!" Came the sharp cry. The misanthropic 23-year-old's patented Glare of Doom ™ rested on his almost heavenly face as L tried to explain himself without looking like an extremely one-minded pervert (and failing miserably once again).

"Multitasking and wall-telepathy?"

A huff escaped the younger artist's lips as he dramatically rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the undecorated part of the wall in their brand spanking new apartment. Who knew moving in together would result in a perpetually horny L?

"Do you want to finish this wall, or not?" questioned Raito. The measuring and drawing had been done for quite awhile (Whether L wanted to use it for an excuse, or not!) and the painting was about halfway done… that is, before his boyfriend decided to space out on him and daydream about his ass. (Which was appealing, but still…)

"Can we not just finish it later, Rai-chan?" Came a voice suspiciously close to Raito's person.

Raito suddenly turned around before he was abruptly pinned to the unpainted part of the wall and pressed close against his boyfriend.

"We'll just take a little break…"

A light kiss was pressed against the pulse of Raito's neck as a moan threatened to release itself from his lips. Eyes fluttered slightly as more pressure was applied to the same spot and L began to gently suckle from the boy's neck.

With effort he didn't even know he had, Raito pushed the older male off of him as L pouted from being pulled away from the delightfully warm body. "L, we have to finish this by tonight. My parents and little sister are coming over tomorrow morning, remember?"

L pouted a bit more before nodding and moving back even further from his tempting lover. Raito sighed in annoyance as he moved towards the direction of their kitchen. "C'mon babe, I think there's still some left over cake from last night in the fridge."

L's countenance brightened almost immediately as he looked at Raito's retreating back, and smiled even wider as his gaze began to travel even lower…

"And stop 'measuring the damn wall,' Lawliet!"

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