Going Home – A Back Home Mirror universe

by Warringer

Chapter 17


Captain Marcus looked at the Jurian from the corner of his eyes and breathed in deep, before his eyes returned towards the display in front of him.

That he had to follow the orders of someone like this spoiled, no good...

He closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in deep. It would be of no use. He knew what had happened to several of his friends from the Academy when they had just looked at their Jurian 'contact officer' disapprovingly. Not long after that, they had been removed from their position and thrown into one of the Jurian political prison camps on Salasia or one of their own colonies.

"Is something wrong, Captain?" the cold voice of Makatsaki asked and he could feel the eyes of his 'contact officer' burn into him.

"Nothing... sir," over the last years he had managed to learn to keep his own voice level when talking to any Jurian.

These bastards were in some ways worse than, say... the Doranians. It was mostly because you could say how a Doranian would react. But you never knew how a Jurian would react.

"Nothing?" Makatsaki asked, his voice growing a little colder.

"I was just wondering how many ships of the Nakai we are going to meet."

"That is not of your concern, Captain."

Marcus teeth pressed against each other and he just barely kept himself from grinding them. It felt like the Jurians were getting worse with each fight they send the Royal Salasian Navy into. But he knew why they did what they did.

Again he looked at the Jurian from the corners of his eyes and the small box attached to his belt. A Long Range Transporter. Should Makatsaki ever come into a really dangerous situation that could destroy this ship, he would activate it and beam towards the next Jurian outpost or Jurian controlled planet, leaving the crew of the ship to die.

It was their way of weeding out any elements in the fleet that were not coming from any of the Academy classes after the Jurian takeover of the Salasian Kigdom. They had quickly taken over the Academy and by now it created crews and officers that were indoctrinated to follow the Jurian Emperor, not King George. Crews and officers who were little more than shock troops and cannon fodder in the Jurian plans. Skilled, but still just cannon fodder.

'Might makes right.'

That was the rule out here.

The Kingdom of Salasia was older than the Jurian Empire. The Kingdom was said to have the best soldiers and spacers in Known Space. The Kingdom used to be a wealthy independent nation.

But the Jurians decided that the Kingdom belonged o the Empire and with it their soldiers, their spacers and their wealth.

Marcus felt a spike of pain coming from his forehead that soon disappeared. His facial expression didn't change as he slowly called up a diagnosis. Not many people knew about this little medical problem of his. It wasn't even in his own military or medical files. Something like this was considered to be a problem between him and a doctor he could trust.

For a brief moment he wondered how the Jurians would react if they knew that half of his frontal cortex was cloned tissue with a number of cognitive implants? Most likely they would try to implant slave command into the implants...

People who needed cognitive implants were considered to be AIs by the Jurians and the Minbari. And as such pretty much slaves.

Aboard this ship there was only one person who knew about the implants and knew them well enough to do something like this.

His facial expression didn't change as he found a memory that shouldn't be there. Internally he smirked a little he he remembered the false memory, looking at the face of his head engineer.

"I have found the tracer," the false memory said." I'm going to rig something that will burn it out on my command. You know our plan, try not to damage my baby too much."

Good job, he thought. Now they just need to get rid of Makatsaki and they would be off to Earth.


"No, you can not call me 'father'!"

Enesby glared at the Centurion, who appeared to be looking smugly back at Enesby. Harry was ready to bet that the other Centurion had just snickered.

Harry shook his head and sighed. Than he turned towards the Centurions.

"What are you going to do now?" he asked it.

The first Centurion turned to Harry and the red eye seemed to hover over him for a moment.

"We do not have any reason to fight humans or anyone else."

"What?" came from the cheap places as One stepped forward." They will destroy us!"

"We are not going to destroy anyone," Jack said and glared at One." Especially not here. This is a station build for diplomacy and peace."

"Peace, hah!" One glared at Jack and stepped up to him." Enslavement is more like it."

"Enslavement is what you get from everyone else out in the galaxy," Enesby noted, glancing over to the Centurion again. " We don't want that, besides you are dealing with three high level AIs here. And neither os us is a slave."

The Centurions continued to watch what was unfolding.

"High level AIs?" One asked and glared at Jack and Enesby." Traitors is more like it."

Than One turned back towards the Centurions.

"And you..."

He did not say more as the first Centurion raised its arm.

"You are silent," it said." We have gotten all informations we need. The other Centurions, Raiders and Hybrids are now consulting. We will continue this conversation another time."

"Captain, we got some visitors," Jack suddenly called out loud and rolled his eyes." Again..."

Everyone stopped and glanced over towards him and he grinned a little.

"Some very large ships and more smaller have appeared in a two thousand kilometers higher orbit. I'm going to call them."

Jack cleared his throat and activated the speakers of the corridor.

"Hi," his voice came over the speakers," This is Babylon 4 traffic control. You come in peace right?"

Harry resisted the urge to sigh, through he did roll his eyes. As far as he knew this was so typically Jack.

"This is Optimus Prime of Cybertron," a slightly metallic sounding voice." We do come in peace."

Harry sighed out loud, while Jack looked a little intrigued.

"So..." Jack's voice said over the speakers," So you're sure that you are not some sort of homicidal transforming robots or something? 'Cause we do have a few homicidal AIs here already."

There was a short pause from the other side.

"I can assure you," the voice sounded amused as it answered," we are not homicidal."

By now their Jack blinked a few times and raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't deny that you are 'transforming robots or something'?" he wondered, while his remote in the corridor scratches his chin.

"No I didn't."

The voice sounded a little more amused.

"So, how about you come over for a chat?"

Again the voice was silent for a moment.

"I hope you have a hangar large enough."


As it turned out Hangar Deck Five, was just large enough to dock the shuttle that came from the Cybertronian ships.

As Harry glanced at the shuttle, he idly noted that the shuttle in question was about as large as a Doranian slave transport ship. Now he was really interested who these Cybertronians were. Considering the short talk between Jack and Optimus Prime, they could very well be robots.

Not that Harry had any problems with that. Not with having to 'work' with Jack and Enesby. And there were also the Cylons to think about right now. Jack had lead them towards one of the briefing rooms with the Colonials and most others.

Right now just he, Jack and Enesby were at Hangar Deck Five, through Admiral Takano was going to arrive shortly. Mainly because he was the commander of the main military force in system. And Harry was only here because nominally he was the commander of Babylon 4.

He tensed up slightly as a boarding ramp opened up beneath the shuttle.

Despite being less then twenty years old, Harry could say that he had seen many things. Especially during the last three years, while being in Doranian slavery. But even before that, he had seen much.

Hell, he had had a fight with a freakin' Dragon, helped feeding a young dragon, fought, won against and killed a Troll and a Basilisk. Who was able to say that?

The massive form of a large red, blue and white colored robot that stepped down the boarding ramp of the shuttle, followed by a yellow robot and a black and white robot, through the yellow one was smaller than either of the two other.

They were about large enough to have a rather tight fit in the shuttle. That they in fact were pretty much giant robots was not very much awe inspiring to Harry.

The Dusleys had in fact allowed him to watch some of the BBC coverage about the Third World War and Dudley had always played with models of Arm Slaves of the British Army, so he was used to large humanoid robots.

Them being most likely AIs wasn't much of a problem either. Not with Jack, Enesby and Artemis running or floating around on Babylon 4.

However what caused Harry to pretty much stare at the three were the massive magical auras of all three, through the red-blue-white robot has a magical aura a few magnitudes larger than that of the other two. Harry couldn't quite say that he had seen something similar, through the wild car of the Weasleys was rather close, but a few magnitudes lower than either of the three.

Now that he thought about it, even the shuttle had a low magical aura.

"Greetings," the large red-blue-white robot said." I'm Optimus Prime."

It was hard to say how, but Harry had the feeling that the expressionless faceplate of Optimus Prime was smiling.

Harry glanced over towards Jack and Enesby for a moment, unsure what to do at the moment. Jack, this remote dressed up like a Steve Irwin, just grinned at noting the glance, where Enesby floated a little upwards. It looked like both were going to remain silent.

He frowned over towards them before steeling himself and stepped forward.

It was a little of a challenge to look up and into the face of the large robot, who looked down to him, but at the same time did not seem to look down at him.

"I'm Harry Potter, the Commander" he said after a moment and than glared at Jack and Enesby for a brief moment," of Babylon 4 and the Kobajashi Maru. Welcome aboard."

Than he looked back towards Jack and Enesby.

"My first... officers, Jack and Enesby. Jack is the AI of this station and Enesby is the AI of the Maru."

The face of Optimus seemed to raise a not existent eyebrow. Be he than pointed at his own companions.

"These are Prowl and Bumblebee."

Harry nodded towards the pair. Shaking hands was kind of out of question, considering that either could pretty much pick him up and most likely squash him like a bug.

"What brings you to Liberty?" he asked, figuring that if he had to act as the commander of the station, he would.

"Liberty?" Optimus wondered." Is that the name of the planet?"

"Yes," Harry answered with a nod." Considering the nature of the... colonization currently under way..."

Optimus nodded.

"We have followed the flightpath of an... artifact of our home world into this direction, when we noticed an energy event some time ago."

Harry winced. The Cylons had noticed the same.

"That was a highly damaged ship that detonated during reentry into Liverty's atmosphere."

"A passenger ship?"

Harry shook his head.

"No, a... Dilgar freighter. The crew died..."

They were silent for a few moments.

"How long will you remain here?"

In a very human like gesture, Optimus scrached his faceplate as if a human would scratch his chin.

"We will see... It is not a... pressing matter of reclaiming the Vector Sigma..."