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Note: In my little universe there are many types of vampires. There are the Moonlight type (fangs, pale face, pale eyes, sleep in freezers, sun makes them very sick, stakes paralyze them, fire and beheading kill them), then there is the Twilight type (no fangs, pale, rock hard skin, can't sleep, sun makes them glitter, stakes can't penetrate, only ripping into pieces then burning will kill them), and then there is the traditional type (fangs, sleep in coffins, sun dusts them, wooden stake through the heart will also kill them).

Chapter Two: Bella, Sarah, and Beth

(Mick's POV)

When I carried Isabella inside Josef's apartment I was surprised to see that nearly everyone was gone.

"Bring her in here." Josef was ahead of me and opened the door to one of the guest rooms. The large window had many thick black curtains to block out the sun. The only light was the soft reading light over the bed, which had black sheets.

I set Bella on the bed, and pulled the covers over her. I frowned as she gave no inclination that she knew what was happening. I looked at Josef, "What is going on?"

Josef sighed, and explained. "The coven that lived in Washington left about 4 months ago, and they moved to Denali, Alaska."

"That doesn't sound so complicated. Vampires move around a lot, it helps deflect unwanted attention." I tried to understand the situation.

"When they left the coven leader, Carlisle, called me and asked me to keep tabs on the vampires that came through LA. He was looking for a specific one, a red headed female named Victoria. She had terrorized his 'son's' girlfriend, Bella, and he wanted to exact revenge." Josef started to pace, "I did as I was asked, but couldn't find the female. Now Bella is in my apartment and is apparently has vampire venom running through her veins."

"Venom? Vampires don't have venom." I tried to argue.

Josef just shook his head. "Vampires, like any other species, have different types. Some vamps can't sleep, some sleep in freezers or coffins, but all drink blood. The Cullen's were part of the de-fanged venomous type. We're the fanged type without any venom."

"Okay, that makes sense." I looked at Bella. Her face was devoid of any slight emotion. She didn't even show that she was in serious agony. I couldn't think of anything to do for Bella that would make her feel better. I leaned down, "You're going to be okay kid. Just wake up, and we'll be good."

Chapter 2, only a filler. (sorry guys but chapter three is going to better.) This was just a way to make time go faster.

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