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Song: Tomorrow by Avril Lavigne

Quote: "Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with." -- Mark Twain

"No don't go please,"

Haley James begged the sandy, blonde, man who had his back turned to her. "Josh, I love you please don't go" Haley screamed the tears streaming down her face as she ran to try and catch up with the man.

"You shouldn't have pushed me away then" Josh replied not turning around and suddenly disappearing.

"Josh" Haley said looking around frantically for the man, but not seeing him anywhere. She dropped to her knees in the sand and cried.

"Brrrng" The alarm went off waking Haley up in a cold sweat as she relived another nightmare about Josh leaving her.

Throwing her blankets off she sat up and took a deep breath trying to calm herself before getting out of bed and shakily making her way to her bathroom. For the past week she had been having Josh nightmares, she wasn't sure what made them come. The anniversary of him leaving her or her starting a new job.

She undressed and jumped in the shower letting the steamy, hot water relax her before washing her hair and getting out, wrapping a towel around her and one around her hair. Walking to her closet she grabbed a black pencil straight skirt and an emerald green blouse and threw it on before running a comb through her hair and putting on minimal make-up. Looking at the clock she saw it was 7 am and went downstairs to grab a granola bar before getting into her car and driving to Tree Hill High.

Pulling into the parking lot she felt the butterflies swarming her stomach. I can do this she told herself trying to relax and calm her own nerves. She got out of the car and walked to her new classroom her heels clicking on the tile. She had met with the principal at the beginning of summer and he told her all about the job and showed her, her classroom. She smiled as she walked into her classroom. Its perfect she thought with a smile as she looked around it again. Even after she had spent most of the summer in there trying to make it look nice it felt better today because it was the first day of class.

Sitting at her desk and spacing out Haley jumped when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in" She told the person.

"Hello Ms. James how are you today?" Principal Turner asked with a smile.

"I'm doing good Mr. Turner" Haley replied politely.

"Good. Ready for your first day?" He asked her like he asked all new teachers.

"Yes I am very excited for class to begin. Thank you." Haley said smiling.

"Good now if you need anything just let me know," Mr. Turner told her walking away.

"Ok you can do this Haley," Haley said out loud.

"You do know talking to yourself is a sign of insanity," A curly blonde said walking into the room.

"Well why do you think I'm friends with you" Haley replied with a grin before getting up and hugging the blonde.

"Nice Hales, I feel loved," Peyton joked putting her hand over her heart.

Haley laughed. "Well I try. So are you nervous?" She asked curiously.

"Eh I just hope there are some good artists. What about you?" Peyton asked sitting down in a chair next to the teacher's desk.

"Petrified," Haley said laughing before turning serious. "I had another dream about Josh last night Peyt."

"Uh oh. What happened?" Peyton asked concerned.

"Same as always. He told me he loved me and then just disappeared. Peyton I haven't had this dream in a year! Why's it coming back?" Haley asked on the brink of tears.

"Haley you're stressed and its almost that time of the year, but we'll get through it together, like always," Peyton said wiping away a tear that escaped on Haley's cheek.

"Great I'm falling apart and my students are going to be coming soon," Haley said shaking her head with a sad smile and grabbing a Kleenex.

"How about we have ice cream and a movie night tonight?" Peyton asked knowing that they both needed a night away from everything.

"Sounds good. Isn't it your turn to pick out the movie?" Haley asked glad of the subject change.

"Yep so I'll see you at 7 at my house" Peyton said getting up.

"K bye good luck" Haley told her.

"You too" Peyton shouted walking out the door and to her art classroom.

A few minutes after Peyton left the bell rang signaling for students to get to their seats. Haley was anxious to begin. As the final bell rang and the students sat in their seats it was time to get class started.

"Hello class my name is Miss. James and I will be your teacher. This semester we are going to be studying poetry, Shakespeare and the American Dream to name a few. Does anyone have any questions?" Haley asked walking in front of the class with her head held high in a business tone.

"Yea teach do you have a boyfriend?" A cocky African American teenager asked with a smirk.

"I don't think that's any of your business Mr.?" Haley said looking at the young man and waiting for him to tell her his name.

"Fields. Quentin Fields and I guess that means no," the teenager replied raising his eyebrow as the class laughed at how flustered Haley was getting.

"Okay well if there aren't any questions about the class than lets get started shall we?" Haley inquired walking behind her desk and grabbing a stack of papers before handing them out. "This is a questionnaire so I can get to know you guys a little better." She told them before looking at the time and sitting down to fill out some left over paperwork.

"Maybe you can get to know me better tonight," Quentin said smugly looking Haley directly in her eyes.

"Mr. Fields would you like to go to the principals office on your first day of class?" Haley asked in a stern voice while trying to show no fear. Last year she had a student like this so she learned how to deal with them then.

"I want you to spank me Miss. James" Quentin said with a smirk and sticking out his butt.

"That's it" Haley said having enough of his attitude. She quickly reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a pad of paper before scribbling on it and handing it to Quentin. "To the principles office" she told him in a no nonsense voice.

"Don't worry Miss. James we'll be together before the end of the year" Quentin replied with a wink before strutting out of the classroom as the class just laughed.

"Now please finish your assignment" Haley told the class as she sat down again. That kid is going to push my buttons all year Haley thought putting her head in her hand.

The class ended soon and a new batch of kids walked in and got the same assignment. This time there was no trying students, which Haley was grateful for. Pretty soon it was time for lunch and Haley made her way to Peyton's classroom with a stack of papers in her arms. Looking down at the top paper Haley laughed as she saw some kid wrote their favorite color was lemon yellow and not watching where she was going bumped into a stranger.

"Oh I'm sorry" Haley said looking up before gasping in surprise.