Away from home: Chapter 1


A forceful punch landed on Amu's face. "You will do what I say, when I say it!" Demanded the attacker.

Who was the attacker? Her father. As shocking as it was, it was true. Her dad always acted perky and happy before it happened. Before his wife died. When this happened, her started abusing Amu everyday.

Ami, Amu's baby sister-4 years old, I think- Well, Amu prevented him from touching her. She promised her life to him, as long as he didn't touch her sweet and innocent baby sister.

He had laughed at this. "I love her still, just not you. I will take her places, but not you. You and her had a fight, so she went on a walk, and got ran-over. It was your fault!" He had told her, the night he began the abuse.

"You will always do what I say!" Papa had said. ((I don't know his name, so I will say 'Papa' as it does in the series.))

"Y-yes s-sir" Amu said shakily, coughing up a bit of blood.

Papa examined the beat up girl. Her face was bruised, her arms were cuts from the knives he had pierced her, and she was just bleeding, barley standing. Also, on her legs, though you couldn't see because of the pants, were he had cut her repeatedly. Every night when she was asleep he would come into her room and scratch four marks on each leg. She would wake up bleeding and crying, to his satisfaction.

"Hn. Go for a walk, and, you don't have to come back. Actually…don't ever come back." He commanded. She stared at him, as if saying, where am I supposed to go?

She bent her head. "Hai, sir" And with that she tearfully went to get her things.

"Don't take Ami's future clothing, just get out." He said, smirking at her. How had he become like this? It was so strange!

Amu, with all her strength, excited the house, and headed to the closest bench she could find. It was 2:30am, so no-one was out. She was cold, bleeding, and alone. Or…so she thought.

Ikuto was taking his usual early-morning stroll. Yoru had stayed home, for he didn't really care for the normal cat-like early morning awakeners. Yoru did his wondering at mid-day.

Ikuto strolled around for a while. He passed several trees, and buildings, but everything was peaceful and silent.

A drop hit the back of his neck. It was raining. He loved rain, and yet hated it at the same time. He still was walking straight forward. He was about to turn, when he saw a figure lying on a bench. He approached it curiously.

"Amu?" He said, recognizing the face. He came over to the girl. He noticed her face was scratched and she was bruised all over. But, the thing she noticed mostly was that she was bleeding in various places.

"Amu?" He said, eyes widening. He slightly shook her shoulder. No response. He did it again, and again, no response. He lightly slapped her face. He received a low groan, but no shifting. Amu was beaten up pretty bad, but by whom?

Ikuto gazed at the girls' helpless face, sighed, and picked his unconscious enemy up. He began carrying her to the apartment he lived alone in.

Once at the apartment he carefully set the rather light Amu on his bed. He got out a first aid kit and brought it back to the room.

"What you doing Ikuto nyaa?" Yoru asked. He then shifted his gaze to Amu. "Oh, no, Ikuto! Not her! She is the enemy!"

"Yoru, she is wounded! Would you have left your precious Ran out in the rain if she was wounded and barley breathing?" He demanded, in a voice of… caring?

"No…." Was the chara's response. Yoru said he was going out, and left the house. He was most likely going to retrieve Amu's shugo chara's who were at home.

Ikuto examined Amu's arms first. There were a few cuts that were bleeding. He sighed and slowly put Band-Aids and disinfectant on the scratches.

He then moved to her face. There was nothing he could do here. There were just many bruises and scratches. She had obliviously been abused…badly.

Ikuto looked at her legs. She was wearing pants, which were soaked, as was her shirt. She was going to catch cold. Ikuto rolled up her pants legs and gasped. On each of her legs were four fresh wounds, and several old ones. The abuse must have been going on forever, yet she had always kept on smiling.

He treated all of her wounds. Finally he was done. But…now he had to get her into something dry!

Ikuto's face turned a light pink as he pulled off Amu's pants. Luckily her panties were not wet! He then slowly slipped off her shirt. His face turned beet red. She had not been wearing a bra! He stared at her a bit to long for his liking.

He grabbed a big t-shirt and quickly put it on her. It was long enough to cover her panties at least. He covered her with the blanket on his bed to keep her warm. He then went into the small kitchen and started making breakfast. Yes, he did know how to cook, because he lives alone and he wouldn't have such a nice body if he ate out for every meal!

-:-:-:-Meanwhile with Yoru-:-:-:-

Yoru entered the open window in Amu's bedroom. He spotted three lone eggs on the bed. He flew over, and tapped each.

Ran was the first one to pop up. "Y-Yoru?" She mumbled sleepily. Immediately the other two popped put of their eggs.

"YORU?!" They all coursed.

"Hai?" He asked mischievously. Then he remembered he was there for serious purposes. "You're…um…Amu is injured? And…uh…she is with Ikuto and-" He was cut off by a loud chorus of "WHAT?!"

Yoru sighed and rolled his eyes. "Just follow me." He said and led the three to Ikuto's apartment.

-:-:-:-At Ikuto's-:-:-:-

After eating breakfast, Ikuto went in his bedroom to check on Amu. Once he walked in he heard a small groan, and saw Amu shuffling.

"Amu?" He asked the still moving figure. Amu's eyes shot open, and as quickly they shut. The light was very dim in the room, but still, a bit too bright for a sleepy person.

Amu slowly opened her eyes again, as she scanned the room. "I should be on the bench…" She said in a hoarse voice, and then her eyes landed on Ikuto.

"What? Ami-chan?" She asked.

"What?" Ikuto asked her slowly, looking at her as she looked at him. Suddenly she shot up straight, only to be forced down by Ikuto.

"I-Ikuto?" Amu confusedly asked the person in front of her.

"Amu?" He replied, or asked.

"W-where am I-I?" Amu questioned, looking around the room curiously.

"You're in my apartment. You were passed out on a bench, so I brought you here." Ikuto explained calmly.

Amu's eyes widened. "Where is A-Ami?!" She asked.

"I don't know who 'Ami' is, or where she/he is." Ikuto replied, just as calmly as before.

"She is with...him?" Amu said in a quite voice. Her eyes began to looke a bit teary.

"Amu?" Ikuto asked, and though how he hated to admit it, he was worried about his...well...enemy.

"Who is he?" Ikuto questioned, to the now almost in tears Amu.

"Nobody." Amu said, sniffling a bit. Ikuto looked at her, but didn't press the subject. It might turn out bad if he did.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Ikuto finally spoke. " you want" He asked.

"S-sure." She replied quietly, flipping the blanket over her off. She looked down at herself, and her eye started twitching.

"Ikuto?" She asked, in a sweet ((decieving)) voice.

"Hm?" He asked.

"You...changed my...clothes? YOU PERVERT!" She yelled and hit him with a pillow that was behind her.


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