Revenge of Jorgen Von Strangle

Chapter 1: Jorgen's Plot

It was quite a day for poor Jorgen Von Strangle who was demoted from being the top fairy at the Fairy Academy to being the janitor at the Fairy Academy. As he went back into his home, he was quite unaware that he was having some unexpected guests. While he used his wand to change out of his humiliating janitor's uniform and back into his normal military uniform, he then turned on the lights only to find Mama Cosma and also his once ally Skulker waiting for him.

"What's the meaning of this?" asked Jorgen, "I should have the right to rip at least this ghostly bounty hunter over here for not doing his job right!"

"Well excuse me" said Skulker, "I tried my best to get your precious Poof back to the Fairy Academy, but someone failed to tell me about Poof's powers!"

"Enough with the both of you!" cried Mama Cosma.

"Why on Earth would you include me here?" asked Skulker to Mama Cosma.

"Because it would be impossible not to include someone as your unique qualities into my plot" replied Mama Cosma.

"And that would be?" asked Jorgen.

"You, Jorgen, are you not humiliated to why the Fairy Academy tribunal demoted you to janitor of the academy?" asked Mama Cosma.

"I suppose so" replied Jorgen.

"Then don't you want revenge on a certain ten-year-old godchild of my hated daughter-in-law?" added Mama Cosma.

"Say, you're getting somewhere with this" replied Jorgen to which Skulker slapped his had on his face shaking to the sort of clueless attitude.

"And it makes one wonder why your son managed to get rid of all of those stars of this once five star general" added Skulker as he shook his head in disbelief to Mama Cosma.

"So what's the big plan anyway?" asked Jorgen to Mama Cosma.

"Well, we all know the one sure thing to get rid of my daughter-in-law from her job as a fairy as if the godchild has a magical duel with another godchild" replied Mama Cosma.

"But doesn't that godchild have to be, well miserable first before a fairy like me could have one be assigned to?" asked Jorgen.

"Why yes it does" replied Mama Cosma, "that's where our friend Skulker here comes into play. You have fellow ghosts from the Ghost Zone which you come from, right?"

"Your point being?" asked Skulker.

"Why not ask some of your friends from the Ghost Zone to overshadow the parents of a child of our choice so that Jorgen here can be assigned as their Fairy Godparent?" asked Mama Cosma.

"But I need to know the target first before I can give the orders out" replied Skulker.

"Hmm, let Jorgen think for a second to see which child to which Timmy Turner, knows that we can use as our pawn" replied Jorgen to which he then used his wand to create a list of associates of Timmy Turner.

"I think our plans would be exposed too quickly if we chose one of Turner's friends in Dimmsdale" said Mama Cosma as she began to look through the list of associates that could be eligible.

"What about this name right here?" asked Jorgen as he pointed to the name of Johnny Test of Porkbelly.

"Hmm, it seems to me that the last time this Test kid say Turner was when his mother moved there a month ago to Porkbelly to be in the local real estate industry but later turned down because of so-called bad influence" said Mama Cosma as she began to gave an evil smile upon the target that would be a pawn for her evil scheme.

"The Test kid?" asked Skulker as he then examined it, "I'm not familiar with this kid, but with a hairdo like that I guess I can't hardly miss him!"

"Then it's agreed" replied Mama Cosma, "we'll make Johnny Test's life miserable to the degree he has to have Jorgen here as his fairy godparent who will then drum up old rivalry between Turner and Test to have a magical duel where Jorgen can't possible loose and soon my daughter-in-law shall no longer be a daughter-in-law!"

"And I can finally get my job back at the Fairy Academy" added Jorgen.

"That too" laughed Mama Cosma to which Skulker and Jorgen then began to join in the laughter together.

Meanwhile, back in Porkbelly, it was just an average day in the life for Johnny Test. He was quite unaware that he had been marked as a pawn by Mama Cosma in her latest scheme to get Wanda away from Timmy and her plans to fall right together. As he arrived at school, he ran right into Bumper who was prepared to give him his daily beating. But something was not quite right with the picture to which Bumper began to have glowing red eyes for some sort of reason.

"Er, is it just me or do you need some sleep?" asked Johnny to Bumper.

"I'm going to make you wish that you had never gotten up to head toward school today wimpy flaming-head kid" replied Bumper who seemed to be in some sort of a trance.

Bumper grabbed poor Johnny by the underwear to which he was about to pull off a weggie. But it was no ordinary weggie whatsoever, to which the description of the weggie given to poor Johnny would be too gruesome and humiliating to tell. After the weggie, Johnny then found himself to be the center of humiliation to which the other kids didn't need to be overshadowed to pick on him.

"Say Test, you look shorter, what are you shrinking to the size of a baby?" asked Sissy who laughed at Johnny's predicament to which the other kids began to join in the laughter at Johnny's expense.

Outside the school, Skulker who was invisible was watching everything with quite glee to which he had one of his ghostly captives he had once hunted to do the bidding of overshadowing Bumper.

"Just look at the face of that flaming-headed kid's humiliation" laughed Skulker as poor Johnny had to remain in that particular predicament throughout the school day, "perhaps I should note myself to use the same tactic against a certain ghost boy I usually fight."

"Mama Cosma, to Skulker, are you finished with the first phase?" asked Mama Cosma who was on the other line of his communicator.

"Yes, phase one of our plan is complete so far" replied Skulker, "I have assigned some of my other associates to make this flaming-headed kid's life even more miserable than it already is."

"Good, keep it up then" said Mama Cosma, "we need this kid to be miserable enough so that our friend Jorgen can become his godparent and soon Magical Duel with the Turner boy and his fairies."

"An excellent evil plan indeed" laughed Skulker as he turned off the communicator to prepare for the next phase.