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Author's note: I was listening to this song the other day and this story came to mind, hopefully i've done it justice. Please tell me :)

Are you a ghost?

It's 2 in the morning

It was dark I had once again found refuge in my room. I tried to relax, close my mind from all thoughts. I turned to look at the clock. 2am. But what did it matter time was endless for me.

I'll tell you why I'm awake

But I couldn't relax, whenever I shut my eyes I could see her face. A smile was lit across her face and it seemed as if she was calling to me. My angel was calling me back. But I couldn't go to her. It had been my decision to leave and I couldn't go back. But that wasn't the only thing.

There it goes that creepy feeling again

It felt like someone was watching me. It was like someone was here in this room with me. But I knew it was empty. I was alone, like always.

Round in my head

But even so it felt as if someone was here in my head, listening to me, watching my every movement. There was something here.

Ooh again here in my head

I wanted to open my eyes, but I felt to afraid. I knew something was here now, but I didn't dare to find out what. I was a vampire, indestructible, but I was afraid.

Here in the darkness

I forced them open. I could see nothing in the surrounding darkness. But there was something lurking in the dark. I could feel it.

Oh there's so many shades

But there it was. In the corner. It was like a darker shade of black. A dark shadow.

Shadows burn like faded flames

The shadow didn't move. It was the deepest black. Invisible, but the still the brightest thing I could see. I couldn't move my eyes.

And die into the night, ooh and fly up so high ooh

But it disappeared. Like a flame snubbed out by a breath. It fled as if fearing the dawn. But the feeling that I was being watched didn't go. Something was coming. Then light filled my vision. She was standing before me.

Are you a ghost?

Just as I remembered. My angel was standing in front of me. She smelt as good as the first day I met her. She smiled at me sadly. How could she be here? Was she a ghost?

Or are you alive?

Or was she alive? A tear ran down her cheek, but she made no move to wipe it away. I stood and her smile widened. I needed her. I realized the mistake I'd made in leaving her.

Would you be here for me, be here for me now

I took a step towards her and she didn't move. Every inch of her glowed. Was she here to save me? Could I be saved?


Could this be my imagination? Was my mind telling me how much I needed her? I need to touch her. I needed to see…

Or are you for real?

… needed to see if she was real. I needed to know if this was a figment of my imagination. I wanted her. Needed her.

Just give me a sign and I'll know

She placed a finger on my lips. She felt cool against my skin, but I took no notice. She was here and that was all that mattered.

Cool wind is blowing

A calming breeze blew through the air. Coming from nowhere, going to nowhere. Bella's hair blew slightly behind her increasing her scent.

Fingers through hair

I ran my fingers through her hair. It felt like always. Soft to touch and so silky.

Standing in an empty room, alone

Even so, it felt like I was standing in my dark room with no one, despite the fact my angel was here in front of me.

It feels like your there

I didn't care if this wasn't real. It felt like she was here and that's all I wanted… her.

Ooh alone I know that you're there

My angel was here and that was all I cared about.

Are you a ghost?

Or are you alive?

But there was something in the back of my mind telling me it was t good to be true.

Would you be here for me, be here for me now

I moved close to her and our lips brushed. Her lips were soft, but cold. I didn't pull back. I'd missed Bella.


Or are you for real?

But I did pull back. Bella didn't sigh, she smiled. Another tear rolled down her cheek. I picked it up on the tip of my finger. It was ice cold.

Just give me a sign and I'll know

She blinked at me and then caught a sob in her throat. Why did she cry? Why was my angel crying?

I'll tell you what I know

"Bella." I said my voice sounded strangely echoed.

I'll tell you how I feel

"I love you. I should have never have left." Her face lit up at my words. Then I heard her voice. It seemed distant like she was speaking from miles away.

"I love you, Edward. Never forget that." Then she was gone.

Are you a ghost?

Or are you alive?

I sat there stunned for a second. Where had she gone? There was a knock on the door. Alice came in.

Would you be here for me, be here for me now

"Edward." A soon as she started to speak I knew the truth. She was gone, my angel was gone.


Or are you for real?

"There was a car crash in Forks. Bella's dead." I nodded. I'd taken to long and now my angel was dead.

Just give me a sign and I'll know