Summary: Kagome and her friends take a vacation to America, to Las Vegas. You know the saying what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas well it didn't work for Kagome of her friend. upon return to Japan Kagome is in for more the one surprise.

American vacation
By lady ky


" Attention Ladies and gentlemen flight 408 to America is now boarding at gate 8A" a voice on the PA system called out making many of the wait passengers jump in their seats. One of the groups around to stand at this call was four young beautiful women. "well it's time for the fun to began" one girl said happily beside her another girl was looking around sadly while another had her arm around her. "I'm sorry Kagome, but you know him, he was most likely held back at work" one girl said comfortably "I know it's just he said he'd see me off" the girl Kagome said sadly. The other girls took their hands and pulled them to the gate and onto the plane, the four of them got the four middle seats together and started their vacation.

In first class, sitting in a nice comfortable seat pulling out a laptop was a man that just screamed nothing but business, next to him was young male dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for a comfortable flight he was already looking for the stewardess to get a drink. The next aisle over was to other young males dress casual and drinking Alcohol, rolling his eyes the business man went back to his laptop to only have a stewardess come over to him. "sir please wait until to plane is in the air before turning on any electronics" sighing he shut off his laptop and put in back underneath his seat when he heard singing for coach.

" Viva Las Vegas with you neon flashin' And your one arm bandits crashin' All those hopes down the drain Viva Las Vegas turnin' day into nighttime Turnin' night into daytime If you see it once You'll never be the same again "

Rolling his eyes he laid back and waited until the plane took off. In coach the four girls were laughing together and having a good time even though one of the girls was sad that her long term boyfriend didn't come see her before she left. The stewardess showed the passengers how to buckle their seat belts and they were of to start their long flight to fun.

The plane landed and the sleepy passengers all got off the plane Kagome and her three friend had stopped drinking so they wouldn't be drunk when getting of the flight. In first class two of the guys weren't that smart while walking off the plane they bumped into four different people before their two friends took a hold of them and lead them safely out. Once in the airport not much happened everyone just got their bag or in the case of the two drunken morons their friends got their bags, the girls got on the bus to head off to their hotel rooms. They saw a limo waiting and couldn't help but make comments about why it was waiting. Once they got to the hotel that checked in and went to their rooms.

"So what do we do first?"A red headed girl asked
"I don't know, how about we go freshen up and head for the strip" Another girl said this one with long black hair.
"I'm for it let's go"said another girl with thigh length hair up in a pony tail.
"You go ahead guys I'm going to relax in a nice bubble bath I'll meet up with you guys later okay?"
"If that's what you want, but remember gome don't let him get you down"
"I'm fine Sango, he's not going to have any part of this vacation"

The other three girls freshened and said goodbye to their friend and left the hotel to have some fun, Kagome took her time in her bath and helped herself to some wine before she dressed in some normal jeans and a magenta colored button down shirt with a white tank top underneath. Kagome only button the middle button of her shirt and slipped some flats on and went down to the hotel bar. She may have told her friends she was fine with her boyfriend, but she really wasn't, they had a fight not to long before she was due to leave. Kagome's boyfriend didn't like Kagome going with only her friends to America where many males hit on her, no he wasn't jealous or possessive he was just worry some it was almost like he didn't think she could handle being hit on.

"What can I get for you little lady?" the bar tender asked as she sat at the bar.
"Scotch on the rocks and make it a double"
"Are you sure that's a little strong for a lady"
"Yeah I've never be able to drink a weak liquor" she answered with a laugh.

The three girl were having a great time Sango the one with her hair in the pony tail, and another girl Ayame the red head, where playing craps while Kikyo the girl with long black hair, was close by playing a slot machine cussing every time she lost. Sango and Ayame kept laughing at her because they had told her not to play those. "Cut the shit Ayame like your doing so good over there" Kikyo had yelled out the fourth time they laughed at her.

"Calm down Kikyo we're only having fun"
"Come on guys let's go fine a club or something"
"Alright let's go"

The girls left the cassino and walked down the strip, the lights were bright and all the people walking about were unbelievable to the girls they couldn't wait for a the real fun to being. Each girl had one thing on their mind for this vacation and that was shameless sex.

The four males left the airport and got into a waiting limo the business man reached over for some more paper work while the two drunken fools went for the liquor the only one that didn't reach for anything was the man that was sitting next to the business man on the plane. "oi Se S S Maru 'hy 're 'ou 'orkin'?"one of the drunken males asked. (Oi Sesshomaru why are you working?)

"Because unlike you Inuyasha I did not make this trip to waste money"
"When is your frist meeting Sesshomaru-Sama?"
"9am Miroku I'm believe I'll be there until noon"
"Oi 'et's 'o to 'he 'ar 'oga" Inuyasha spoke drunkenly
(Oi let's go to the bar Koga)

The business man known as Sesshomaru rolled his beautiful gold eyes and went back to his papers, the limo stopped at the hotel and the occupants got out their luggage was taken care of while they went to check in. Sesshomaru had gotten his own room he didn't wish to share with anyone which gave who ever else their own room as well, Sesshomaru just didn't care who as long as they stay out of his way. Sesshomaru was the first to get his room he didn't wait long enough to see the others fight about who got their own room.

Sesshomaru heard the others go into their room and leave once more saying something about looking for a piece of ass, sighing he went back to his papers. It was long into his paper work did he open some of the liquor in the room it was normal for him to have a few drinks while doing work from home it was his why of relaxing, but this time no matter how much liquor he had he couldn't relax. When he looked at his watch he decided to go down to the bar and have a few drinks there then retire for the night.

"What can I get for you sir?" the bra tender asked after setting down a double shot class before a young lady.
"A double shot Scotch and Bourbon two ice cubes"
"Coming up sir, and you missy I think you've had enough"
"I'm good Jeff I don't have that far to walk" the young woman spoke catching Sesshomaru's attention.

Sesshomaru has met many different women from around the world he's currently dating the next super model here in America as well as an actress in Japan, but out of all the women he's known none have never been able to make him or any male hard with just speaking a innocent little thing. He wanted to meet this girl and find out all he could about her, so standing up he made his way over to her.

"Is this seat taken?"
"Well if that isn't the most used line every where, if you wish to sit do so"
"Very well, My name is Sesshomaru you are?"
"Kagome, you here on business Sesshomaru?"
"Yes one of my partners enjoys making business deal in this city"
"You don't care for it do you?"
"No I prefer doing that in my office like a business should, however; it would seem that everyone likes it"

They continued to chat and drink while a crossed the Las Vegas strip their friends weren't getting along very well. Sango, Ayame and Kikyo had found a great club and they were dancing their night away not once did they think about there friend and how she was to meet them, they were pulling different guys to the dance floor and danced with them and grind their small tight little asses on their groins. It wasn't until Kikyo went for drinks did that have trouble.

"Three waters and three Raspberry Apple Juice"
"Hey I'm Miroku will you bare my children?"
"Eeww you perv get away from me"
"You wound me, meet my friends this is Koga, and Inuyasha"
"Hello who are you?"
"Kikyo, your Inuyasha right"
"Yeah, oi you wanna dance?"

They left Miroku, Koga and went to the dance floor, Inuyasha pulled Kikyo close and she began to grind into him making him moan. Sango and Ayame were sitting close by drinking and watching them when a guy walked up to Sango. "hey I'm Koga wanna dance?" Sango nodded and went to the dance floor. Ayame didn't have to wait long before she was asked to dance, soon all six were dancing the night away.

Sunlight bleed into the room and shone over the figures in the bed waking one from a deep sleep, slowly opening one eye this figure was hit not by the brightness of the sun but by the large hang over groaning the figure rose from the bed to only gasp in shock at her nude body. Turning back to the bed she saw the most gorgeous guy sleeping there then in the middle of the bed the most shocking thing of all the small dark red stain telling her that she indeed have sex with this stranger.

'Oh god Kagome what have you done?'

Kagome had silently dress and left the room and after put a do not disturb sign on the door she went back to her room to find that Sango didn't come home alone last night, getting some new clothes Kagome jumped into the shower. When she got out of the shower she dressed and went out to see the guy Sango come back with gone and Sango still asleep, to find out what happen last night Kagome went over to wake Sango up. Once she was wake she showered and they went to wake up their other friends to find that one didn't come back at all and another didn't come alone.

'What happened last night?'

Sesshomaru stretched as he woke for a wonderful sleep he rolled over because he had thought he woke up earlier and saw a woman a beautiful woman in his bed, but when he rolled over he saw nothing figuring that he was still dreaming he rose for the bed and went to take a shower. When he was done showering he walked out of the bath room in a towel to see a small dark red stain in the middle of the bed telling him that he wasn't alone last night and the woman was a virgin note the was.

He left the hotel and got in his limo and headed off to his business meeting, back in the hotel his friends were waking up to greet their day and the girls the too slept with the night before.

"Your Kikyo right?" one friend asked the now awake woman
"Yes your Inuyasha right"

He nodded and looked around the room searching for his clothes and to figure out who's room they were in. Not to far away from them the almost same thing happened to their friends.

"I don't remember your name, I'm Koga"
"Ayame, so where are we?"
"My hotel room"
"I better go"

The door to the room Inuyasha and Kikyo was in opened and in walked in Miroku with a big smile on his face.

"You have fun last night too I see, well my lovely perhaps you and your friends should come meet me and my friends for breakfast"
"Sounds good see you then Inuyasha"

Kikyo had dressed in the bathroom and left to meet her friends to see who else had fun the night before. She went to her room to find a man leaving the room with Sango and Kagome waiting out side the door with big questions mainly for one friend.

"What happened to you gom?"
"I don't remember all I remember is waking up in some guys bed"
"Holy shit our Kagome isn't a virgin anymore" Sango said while Kagome blushed
"But what about him, weren't you waiting for marriage?" Kikyo asked
"I don't know I have to tell him, he'll know something is wrong if we get married"
"It's your choice gome, but we're here for you" Ayame said
"Yeah Kagome I'm sure my brother would be alright maybe a little mad but ok"

One week passed and Kikyo, Ayame and Sango went to breakfast every morning with their night time companies some times Kagome was left alone while Sango went with Miroku and as she put it got busy, but not once has Kagome seen the beautiful man she slept with she couldn't even remember his name only what he looked like sleeping. Now she and her friends were boarding another plane to go back home not one of the girls said anything about seeing their guys in Japan since they all lived there.

"I'm sorry you never found that guy gom"
"It's alright I'm sure nothing would come of it anyway"
"Alright ladies it's time to go back to our boring little lives say goodbye to fun"
"Goodbye Las Vegas!" all the girl shouted and giggles about.

edited 4/30/08