Summary: Kagome and her friends take a vacation to America, to Las Vegas. You know the saying what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas well it didn't work for Kagome or her friend. upon return to Japan Kagome is in for more then one surprise.

American vacation

By lady ky

Chapter Twelve

Sesshomaru was the most excited about the baby, it had shocked both Kagome and Papa Inu they never thought that he would be like he was. The day after Kagome told him the news he went out and began searching for a new house telling both Papa Inu and Kagome that this next child will be born living with its father. Kagome was a little worried that they might have been going a little to fast, but as soon as Rin heard about them moving in with her father she was telling Kagome that it was time to start packing and that she was going to paint her new room with bright pinks and clouds.

Kagome was even more worried about this move with Rin so excited about living with her father. She didn't want to clean up his mess if he decides having a family won't work for him and his reputation. Sesshomaru had taken Kagome to another doctor telling her that this new doctor was better for her and the baby, Kagome actually found she liked this new doctor, a woman whom always had fresh cookies and a class of milk waiting for her.

Sesshomaru found a new place three weeks after Kagome told about the baby, the house was larger then Kagome thought they needed. Sesshomaru had come over with a moving crew to make sure that Kagome didn't lift anything, Kagome who felt that Sesshomaru was overacting about everything stayed on the couch along with Sango.

"I'm going to miss you so much Kagome"

"I know Sango but you'll be married and maybe you and Miroku could start your own family"

"So this is Miroku's fiancé…mm I didn't think my wife knew her let alone lived with her" Sesshomaru said placing his hands on Kagome's shoulders.

"Yes I knew her; didn't you talk to Miroku before Inuyasha said he was your friend?"

"Miroku is an acquaintance of mine; however, we don't have a relationship that requires us to tell each other everything"

"In other words Miroku knew who I was and never said anything to Sesshomaru, I figured as much"

Sango looked to Kagome then Sesshomaru shocked that Kagome could figure out what Sesshomaru meant. She was more then confused by what he said to even understand any hidden message. Shaking her head Sango thought about how quite things are going to be around her house now that Kagome and Rin were going to be gone, Kagome said that she and Miroku could start their own family, but Sango wasn't sure she wanted children.

"Come wife it's time to see your new home" Sesshomaru said taking Kagome's hand to help her rise from the couch where she sat herself to be out of the movers way and to keep Sesshomaru from scolding her when she would try to lift something. Kagome wasn't sure if she was more worried about Rin's reaction or just living with Sesshomaru.

"Call me Okay Kagome; tell me about this house of yours"

"Yeah, good luck with your wedding plans"

"Your going to be fine Kagome, just give this a chance"

"That's easy for you to say you're not the one that has to live with the guy" Kagome whispered

"Kagome shouldn't you relax a little bit I mean look at what he's done he might have learn his lesson"

"It's only because he got me pregnant again that's all"

"Kagome you don't know that, you can't just place a wall there and say a reason why he's doing this"

"Sango I've been fighting with him for months before the night at the club, then he finds out I'm pregnant and he acts like the perfect father and husband I don't think so something is going on and I'm not sure I can deal with it while raising two kids"

Sango could only shake her head at her friend she knew that Kagome wanted to believe Sesshomaru with everything she had, but she also knew that Kagome went through with Rin as a baby. Sango didn't know what her friend was going the do she just knew that Kagome was going to need everyone's help to make it through the next few months.

Sesshomaru took his little growing family to the new house he bought; he was looking forward to watching Kagome grow with their new baby he thought about all the things he could help with. All the things he missed out on with Rin, it was amazing to him that he had something to do with Rin and the little baby growing within Kagome, he couldn't wait to see the baby be born.

When Sesshomaru pulled up to the house the movers were already moving Kagome's and Rin's things into the house. Sesshomaru had his stuff moved in a couple of days ago, but he knew with Kagome there they were going to buy more stuff to decorate the house. Sesshomaru opened Kagome's door for her before getting Rin out of her booster seat, letting Rin down Sesshomaru took Kagome's hand and began to lead them to the house. Rin was running about her parents looking at all the new things hoping that there was a park somewhere closes by that she could go play at or other kids she could play with.

"Welcome home, Rin go ahead and look around" Sesshomaru said opening the front door.

"Sesshomaru don't you think this is a little much I mean there are only three of us"

"Soon to be four and hopefully one day we'll have more"

"Sesshomaru I've already given birth to two babies, this one would make it three my limit of children"

"And if you're having twins again?"

"Fine then but I won't have anymore losing Kisho was hard enough Sesshomaru I can't take the risk of losing more"

"We'll talk about it more when Rin is in bed" Sesshomaru said gently.

Sesshomaru began to lead Kagome through the overly large house, it had more rooms then Kagome could ever think about using. Heck her whole family could live with them and they wouldn't see each other for weeks. Two family rooms, one large fancy dinning room, two master suites, and five bathrooms not counting the two for the master rooms, four rooms off the kitchen that Sesshomaru explained would be for their servant. 'Servants who does he think we are the Empires family?' Kagome thought rolling her eyes.

"What do you think my dear think we can make it home?"

"Sesshomaru this is too much even if I was going to have more children, Rin plus this one and maybe two others and us this house is too big"

"I'm sure we can think of something for this house" Sesshomaru said shrugging at Kagome's comments.

"You're not listening to me again; I'm telling you this is too big we need to go smaller"

"Honey this house is fine you're just not used to having something so fancy"

"Arg call me when you're willing to listen. Rin come on dear!" Kagome yelled walking away from Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru didn't understand what her problem was; he thought she would be happy with the home he found. It's not like he had 7,272,142,500 yen to throw away on her whims. 'Let her leave she'll be back once she realize that I won't bow down to her' Sesshomaru thought as Kagome walked out with Rin.

Kagome couldn't believe him all she said was that the house was too big not that she didn't like it, she just didn't see the reason why they needed that big of a house. Sighing Kagome drove off she needed to clam down Sesshomaru didn't know how moody she got while pregnant and having a fight about something like this wasn't a way to find out. Kagome wondered where she and Rin could go Sango had a date tonight with Miroku, she was cooking dinner. So going there wouldn't be smart, Kikyo was still recovering from giving birth so they were most likely napping. The only other place she could think of was papa Inu's, knowing that he wouldn't mind and that she and Rin couldn't drive around all night she headed for the manor.

Papa Inu was reading the newspaper when the front door opened; normally this wasn't much of a surprising event, but this night it was with both of his son's at their homes with their small families. Papa Inu stood and walked to the door to see Kagome with Rin removing their shoes.

"Kagome what are you doing here?"

"Hi papa sorry to bother you, but I'm not fully ready to have Sesshomaru yell at me when the moodiness really begins"

"What does that mean Kagome?" Inu questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Mommy didn't like the new house daddy bought" Rin told him.

"What is wrong with the house?"

"It's too big, there's no reason to have a house so big"

"How big?"

"Papa it's not just me being moody the place has fourteen bedrooms. Even if I agree to more children we don't need fourteen rooms, and I don't need servants"

"Kagome I can understand how your feeling, but Sesshomaru is only trying his best to provide for you and your children, you should talk to him not me"

"Papa I've tired but he either gives what I have to say the brush off or ignores it"

"mmm, what did you tell him when you left?"

"I told him to call me when he willing to listen"

"Good girl, not come in and get some dinner"

"Go on Rin mama's got to use the potty"

Kagome watched Rin walk off with her grandfather before rushing off to the bathroom. This was something she hated about being pregnant the always needing to pee, it got annoying fast. After washing her hands Kagome went down to the kitchen to see papa making a small meal for the three of them.