Hey there! Here's an AU Buffy crossover story I decided to cook up one day. In this one, Buffy turns from a vampire back into a Slayer with a mystery cure. Spike still has his soul. Then a vampire James Bond comes into the picture.

Disclaimer: Genius Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I own the fanfics I cook up from time to time.

The Vampire James Bond

After being sure the ill-intentioned bleached blonde man had gone, the teen with dark brown eyes and long black hair watched the blond girl as she sat on the ground with her head buried in her knees. She was hugging her legs while simultaneously carrying on (or better yet, pretending to) and sobbing for the scare.

So, he got close enough in order to calm her down. He then knelt and patted her on the shoulder in what he hoped to be a comforting manner.

"Hey there, little girl. Don't be afraid anymore. It's over. I know it is," he said.

Suddenly, a devilish laughter was in place of her former sobs, and that bewildered him. The bewilderment transfigured into disconcertedness, which grew when he met her gaze. The light, the fire in those eyes of hers wasn't a good sign at all. He somehow sensed that something – although he didn't know what – was about to happen.

"Poor dumb mortal. It's not over. In fact, now that I look at it, I believe that it's only the beginning…"

She then got up with quite an amazing rapidity, while he was backing away, trying to escape.

But it was too late. She grabbed him roughly by one arm, and then threw him against the ground with a strength he thought was quite something for a girl her age.

Where did that innocent helpless girl I had a calling for protecting go? he wondered.

Then he heard another laugh. This one happened to be a male one, and it was more scary than the girl's. The laugh was then followed by a disquieting noise of steps that resounded in the alley. Laboriously he turned to the direction of the steps, to realize that the owner of that terrible laughter was nonetheless the very same peroxide-blond guy he had kicked away only a few minutes before. Even more incomprehensible was the fact that, right then, the girl abandoned herself lasciviously in his arms.

"It's kind of odd, kid. I mean, you think you've rescued her. But the truth is that no one will rescue you from us!"

Approaching the teen, he lifted him roughly and was soon holding him by his neck with one hand.

"By the way, this is for punching me before!"

Then, with the other hand, he gave him a very strong punch that sent him onto the ground, at Buffy's feet nearby.

"And this is for calling me ‛little girl'!" snapped Buffy before she then kicked him in the stomach. Then Buffy came back to Spike and gave him a short kiss.

Spike then said, "Pet, I think he has suffered enough."

He then approached with her to their scared victim, who, with the last effort he had in him, was able to make his last question.

"W…wh-who th-the h-h- hell are you two?"

Buffy and Spike looked at each other and laughed together, giving an understanding gaze.

"I'm Spike," said Spike.

"And I'm Buffy," replied Buffy.

"Now that we have introduced ourselves to you…" Spike began, pausing before he slipped in his game face, which made the teen even more scared especially when Buffy did the same before they finished their sentence in unison.

"…we can kill you!"

However, just as they were about to sink their fangs into their prey's neck, something happened - something that not even Spike and Buffy could have foreseen.

He began glowing with a bright golden light. Then he rose up into the air. The light was so bright that Spike and Buffy had to shield their eyes. At the same time they were slipping back into their human faces. The golden light then disappeared, and the teen from before casually stood there, now all calm, cool and collected. When Buffy and Spike got a good look at him, their eyes widened in both shock and recognition. He was good-looking with dark brown eyes and black hair, and he was also wearing a red shirt covered by a black coat and black pants. On his feet were black penny loafers.

"You! You're…you're… I've seen you before!" said Buffy. A look of confusion crossed her features, as did Spike's.

"But who are you, mate?" asked Spike.

"The name's Feldman – Corey Scott Feldman," said Corey. "I'm a vampire James Bond, if you will."

He stepped over to them. Then, much to their amazement, he slipped into a vampire face and hissed at them in a catlike way before slipping back into a human visage, smiling all the while.

"You have heard of me. I starred in the film The Lost Boys with my friend Corey Ian Haim in 1987. Plus, I believe that the term ‛vamp out' was created for that film.

"And, the vampires in that film look exactly like you when they show their vampire faces," he added. "Quite something, huh?"

Buffy and Spike couldn't believe what they were hearing. Not one bit of it. "No way," they said simultaneously.

"Way," Corey coolly replied.

A black fedora was blown along by the wind. Corey snatched it and put it on his head. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some bad guys to kill. See you later, Spike and Buffy," he said.

Buffy suddenly felt the sharp bite from the snake of guilt and winced while remembering what she had said to him before he had revealed his true identity, and then wishing she had chosen some different words instead.

So, simultaneously feeling remorseful and believing that an apology was in order, she called out to him, "Uh, Corey, I'm sorry about kicking you like that; I hope I didn't leave any bruises. And I don't really mind being called a little girl. I do feel like one sometimes."

"It's all right, Buffy. And as for the bruises, don't worry about that. I've had worse," replied Corey.

He smiled, waved goodbye and flew off, leaving Buffy and Spike behind. They were stunned, as well as a little intrigued.

"Wow. He's really cool," said Buffy.

"I cannot agree more there, pet. I think he and I both have that in spades," Spike said, nodding.

They walked to their mansion in silence, thinking over the events of what had just happened.