It only took one look

It only took one look. All it took was one look at her to know that she was the one for me, the girl that I had been waiting for my entire life. She was beautiful, smart, fun, and had the sweetest smile that you could ever imagine. The minute I saw her, I knew that I needed her.

Her name is Isabella Swan or Bella as she likes to be called.

I knew that we were meant to be with each other. It was like we were soul mates; destined to love each other forever. I had a plan. I had the perfect plan on how to make her mine. It wouldn't be hard. I'd just ask her on some study dates and get to know her before we became serious.

I hadn't counted on Cullen.

Cullen. Just the sound of his name made me cringe. He had never dated any other girl in Forks so I didn't think that Bella would be any different. After the first day of Biology, I was certain that Cullen would not be getting in the way of mine and Bella's love.

I was wrong; so wrong.

It was like he was a new person after he came back. I couldn't believe it! I knew that I had to act fast or I would lose her and I couldn't let that happen.

I simply had to think of another plan. I had to get rid of Cullen. I had to charm Bella away from him and steer her right towards me. It shouldn't be that hard, I thought. I was smart, cool, athletic, tan, and everything else that girls like in a man. That's exactly what I was, a man when Cullen was just an insignificant little boy.


My plan was ready. It would start Monday. Cullen had no chance. He thought that he was so great and perfect. He was missing one thing though, the most important skill in getting with the ladies: charm. And lucky for me, I had loads of charm.

Monday morning, I was ready.

I was waiting by my car in the morning when I heard Bella's truck pull in. This was good. Everything so far was going according to plan. I had checked the weather and so I knew that it'd be sunny, and because it was sunny, Cullen wouldn't be in school. That meant that I had Bella all to myself. I raced to her truck and opened the door for her before she could even turn her car off.

She looked surprised.

"Thanks Mike," she said hesitantly. I smiled and offered her my left hand. She didn't see it, I assume because she didn't take it. I whipped out my right hand from behind my back, offering her the flowers that I had bought this morning on the way to school. They were gorgeous, if I do say so myself. They had cost me over thirty dollars. Her eyes got big and a blush came onto her cheeks. How I loved that blush.

"Here, I bought these for you. I thought you might like some flowers," I said.

"Thanks?" she answered back. She hesitantly took them and in that moment, I knew that I had her. She was mine! This wasn't just about taking flowers, this was deeper. This meant that she didn't love Cullen!

Or so I thought.

"Look, Mike. This is sweet and all, but I'm just not interested. I have a boyfriend, you know."

"I know, I just thought you might like these flowers."

"Well, I don't have anywhere to put them," She said.

"That's ok. You could leave them in your locker or in your car!" I had her, I so had her!

"Thanks again, Mike. But how about you give them to someone that would appreciate them more, like Jessica."

"But I don't want to give them to Jessica. I want you to have them."

"Mike, I can't accept these," she said, putting them back in my hands.

"Just take the flowers already!" this wasn't good. I was losing my temper along with losing Bella. I started to panic. My plan, my beautiful plan, was failing!

She looked at me one last time, shut her car door, and started walking into school. I threw the flowers into her trunk and raced after her, sliding my hand into hers and holding tight.

"MIKE! Get your hand OUT of mine!"

I quickly let go. I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of everyone.

"Sorry, Bella! I couldn't help myself. You're just so beautiful."

"Could you please try and control your feelings. I'm dating Edward!"

"I know. But I could do so much for you then Edward could! We have a connection! We have so much in common! We're perfect for each other!"

"No, Mike! EDWARD and I are perfect for each other! Please, stop humiliating yourself."

Her words cut deep. They were like a knife to my heart. Why couldn't she see that we were meant to be? I needed a stronger plan. A plan that was stronger then study dates or flowers. I didn't want to have to stoop this low but the circumstances are calling for it. I took a deep breath. Bella was going to love me. I just knew it.

After school, I headed to my car and watched Bella head to her truck. She noticed the flowers in the trunk, then noticed me watching, rolled her eyes, and started her truck. I felt like singing! She wanted me! She couldn't bear to hurt my feelings! She loved me! I pulled out of the parking lot, as happy as a person could be. My plan was working!

Later that night, after ten o'clock, I changed into my black jeans and black sweatshirt. I grabbed my flashlight from under my Spiderman pillow and opened up my window. I heaved my rope ladder out of my window and started climbing down it. I had butterflies in my stomach but they weren't from nerves. This was going to be the best night of Bella's life. I jumped off the ladder; made sure my backpack was still closed tightly, and ran across town towards Bella's house. This was going to be perfect!

Bella's POV.

Mike was being so unbelievable. Normally, he was just like an annoying little fly but now he was getting out of control. I told Edward all the things that he tried today and he laughed! That's right, folks, he laughed! I glared at him.

"It's not funny!"

"Yes, it is." He got a look on his face that looked like he was concentrating. Suddenly, he was silently shaking the bed with his laughter.

I couldn't take it anymore.

"What? What's happening? Tell me!"

"I don't have to tell you. You'll find out soon enough!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just listen. And close your window."

"Just do it."

"Humph. Not until you tell me why."

He rolled his eyes at me. Why was he being so stubborn?

"Trust me, you'll know in a couple of minutes. About five minutes actually. I better move. I can't be seen."

"Okay fine! I trust you!" I closed my window. "Now why-?"

"You'll find out soon enough!"

I glared at him again.

"I won't ask questions if you do one thing."
"What?" he asked.

"Kiss me!"

"Really? That's all? Ok."

He closed the distance between us and brought his lips to mine. The kiss deepened. I felt myself getting light headed. He pulled away slightly, his hands still on my face.

Edward whispered, "Breathe, Bella."

I took a breath, my eyes still closed and my heart racing from the kiss.

Suddenly, I hurt rocks hitting my window.
My eyes opened wide. "What the heck?"

Edward's eyes were laughing and a smile played on his lips. Before I could say anything, he whispered to me, "Open the window" and then he was gone.

I walked over to my window and opened it as wide as it would go. Standing under my window, dressed in all black, stood Mike Newton, holding a boom box above his head. My eyes widened. All of a sudden, music starts playing. I'm frozen by my window, not believing that this is happening. Mike starts swaying as the song gets louder. He opens his mouth and starts singing.

These words are my own
From my heart flow
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
There's no other way
To better say
I love you, I love you...

I recognize the song by Natasha Bedingfield but the lyrics don't register in my head. All that's running through my head is how Mike Newton is standing outside my window at ten thirty at night, with a boom box over his head; and he's singing.

Suddenly, the lyrics click in my head.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. There's no other way to better say I love you, I love you…

I quickly shut the window and close my curtains. The music is still playing and Mike is still singing. I see lights coming on in the hallway leading to my room.

Charlie bursts into my room looking like a crazed man.

"Why the heck is Mike Newton outside of you room?"

"Trust me on this, dad. I have no idea."

He leaves and I hear him mumbling something about disrupting the peace and such. Suddenly, I hear Charlie outside. Even though my window is closed, he is being quite loud.


Now, Mike looked shocked, grabbed his bag, and started running home.

"Edward you get out here this minute!" I quietly say. He appears.

"You knew about this!"

"I did. Mike's thoughts were practically screaming. I didn't want to ruin his plans. He apparently thought this through a lot."

"Edward Cullen, I am going to kill you!"

"Humans can't kill vampires!" He said, smiling.

"Well then when I'm a vampire I'm going to kill you! Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was? MIKE NEWTON was standing OUTISIDE my bedroom window playing music for me!"

He stopped smiling.

"I'm sorry Bella. I should have warned you."

"Ya think?" I sat down on my bed.

"Can I do anything to make it up to you?"



"Kiss me." And so we kissed.


My plan has failed. This was impossible!! Every movie that I had seen about romance had a scene kind of like the one I just did and it always worked for them! Bella was still with Cullen and I am back to where I started. The look of shock on her face when she saw me was just that: shock, but no love. There was no hidden love in her glance, though there was possibly disgust. Bella will never be mine.

Unless… another plan just formed in my head. After this new plan, she definitely won't be able to resist me! Bella will be mine!