Ok so this is my first fic, im not good in writing-coughgota60inenglish-cough so anyways...i hope u like it.

Sasuke: this isn't one of those fics where sakura is over me, is it?cuz thats just lame

Me: so what if it is BITCH!! whacha gonna do about it, hmm??

Sasuke:-activates sharingan-

Me:-screams and starts running around like the phsyco she is-

Anyways on with the story:

Sakura lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. As much as she tried she couldn't sleep, that night kept haunting her, the night sasuke left her.

She decided to go on a walk; unconsciously she walked toward 'the' bench.

She sat down and let a wave of memories splash in her mind. She recalled that night, ever since, she couldn't help but wonder if she had dreamt it or had she really heard Sasuke say 'thank you' .'I love him so much I'm imagining things that didn't happen' she thought as she brought her knees up to her chest to keep her warm, and closed her eyes.

She couldn't understand why Sasuke had left the village, sure she understood the fact that he had to kill his brother but that was no reason to leave the village, he could've gotten stronger training under one of the elite ninja in Konoha.

She started thinking and thinking, trying to understand Sasuke, trying to understand why she still loved him after so many years' its been 3 years and I can't get him out of my mind' she thought as a tear slid down her face. She cried because she was mad at herself, not being able to get over Sasuke.

Many guys had asked her out including Kiba, but she always rejected them because deep down in her heart she still had hope that Sasuke would return to her someday but now it all seemed so stupid, she could've moved on and have a happy life, she was the only one who was still single out of her friends, even Lee had a girlfriend (a/n -gasp-I know shocking).

The more she thought about it the more angrier she got but all this was interrupted when she heard footsteps, she looked around but saw no one so she headed in the direction where she thought the footsteps came from.

She arrived at the gate' stubborn hokage, just because there's peace in the country it doesn't mean she can leave the gates unguarded' she thought.

She quickly shook the thought of her mind when she saw 4 figures in the distance it was a clear night so she quickly made out who the people were, as soon as she did she ran as fast as she could towards the hokage office.

'I can't believe his back, he's finally back' she thought as she ran to the hokage. She burst in and yelled: "He's Back!!".

So there's the first chapter, oh and about the title...yah it was 3 in the morning and i hadn't slept in 2 days so the title has to do nothing with the story, lol.