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Sakura and Sasuke could be found at the Hokage's office, they were to be assigned a mission with Tenten and Neji. After a while Tenten and Neji arrived and they all waited for the mission.

"This is an A-ranked mission; you are to escort the daughter of the Feudal Lord of the Fire Country to a safer location. Her family has been a target for the past 2 weeks. We still don't know why these rain-ninjas are attacking her, do you accept this mission?" Tsunade asked.

They all nodded.

"Good, you are to head out this evening" said Tsunade. Neji and Tenten went their own way while Sasuke and Sakura went to Sakura's house to pack. On their way there they encountered Karin.

"Oh hey Sasuke-kun, Sakura-san" she said a little bit too happy. Sasuke and Sakura just raised their brows.

"What do you want?" asked Sakura.

"Oh nothing, I just wanted to see if you wanted to train with me….a week from now?" said Karin.

"Why a week from now?"

"Just because I'm gonna be busy this week" Karin replied.

"Hm, I can't." Sakura tried to get past her with Sasuke but Karin grabbed her by the arm and spun her around (rather rough).

"Why not?" asked an angry Karin. Sakura was trying to free herself but couldn't, Sasuke helped her.

"Because I'm going on a mission, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" yelled Sakura. Karin frowned and left.

'Great, this ruins my plan. Why did they freaking have to leave on this week' thought Karin as she made her way to talk with her 'friend'.

'So when should I attack them?'

'I don't know'

'Whatever, I'm not doing this anymore'

'Wait we had a deal'

'Well, deal off'

'I'll let you see him again'


'Yes him, he misses you'

'Grrr, you bitch'

'Now now, that's no way to talk to the person who will let you see him again'


'I knew you would understand'

'Just make sure he's okay and I'll do whatever you want'


'Sticking with Sasuke so long has made you change your language'

'Just go, I'll tell you when to attack her'

Neji, Tenten, Sasuke and Sakura were at the gate ready to head out. They would be traveling all night, arrive at the destination by morning, rest until noon and head out with the daughter of the Feudal Lord by evening. If no ninja encountered them then they would be at the refuge in 2 days after heading out with the daughter of the Feudal Lord. (Would she be considered a princess?)

"OK, so everyone is clear right?" asked Tenten. She was the captain for this mission.




They headed out. There was barely any conversation because they had to travel quickly and silently so they wouldn't attract to much attention.

He remembered that day, him and his brother were playing outside when suddenly there was a big explosion coming from their house, they ran to see what had happened. When they got there the first thing they could see were their parents, or really what was left of their parents. There was blood everywhere and body parts, his brother started to gag and cry while he just stood there and tried to understand what was happening.

That's when it happened, this pale looking ninja came and took his brother, his brother was screaming and crying and kicking, anything to get away while he just stood there not doing anything, but then again what could he do? He was a 7 year old boy who still didn't know anything about genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, nothing. Before he spaced out the last thing he could see was his brother being told to shut up or he would die, and that was the last time he saw him.

But thanks to years of gathering information he finally found his brother, he was in Konoha.

He really just wanted to go in there and hug his brother, tell him how much he missed him, how much he suffered without him but he couldn't, not until he killed 'her'.

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