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Timeline: Reflections on seven most important war-memorials.


The first anniversary is tough. Though the battle was a year ago, you're still suffering wounds, seen and unseen. You wake up sometimes with nightmare thinking of the battle and reliving it. You clutch Harry's hand as you walk down the aisle. He gives you a soothing smile as you sit down in the first row where your family takes up the whole row. Hermione is sitting with Ron. She is, of course, family already. During the whole memorial service you don't let go of Harry's hand. You see Mum crying silently into her handkerchief while Dad consoles her. You see George trying to put on a brave face for everyone. But you also see Bill who is usually the strongest in the family breaking down while Fleur tries to console him. You don't know if you can move on after what all that happened to your family and the other families that lost family members too.


You line up at the Burrow for inspection. You see Fleur's huge belly and smile. A baby is exactly what the family needs. You see Mum trying to smooth Harry's hair down while he shrugs. You go to the ceremony and are trying not to cry when you hear Fred's name, but you hear a soft whimper and these words, "Bill, it ees time." You see the whole family looking shocked and not moving a muscle. You have to take control of the situation, and fast! "What are you waiting for! Let's go!" you shout. And suddenly there's a huge commotion as the family starts to move.

"You can't apparate out of Hogwarts!"

"Ze bag, Bill!"

"Let's go through Hogsmeade!"

"I'll get Fleur's parents!"

"Take the Floo!"

"It's not supposed to come for two weeks!"

You can hear Mum shouting behind your back apologies to Kingsley who is looking on with an amused expression. You see everyone else looking perplexed, but they should know better. You're the Weasley family after all.


You had to add two new seats this year, making it two rows in total for the family. You see the birthday girl sitting with her parents looking serious, very unlike her. You think Fleur must have had a talk with her about today. You see George and Angelina behind you. You approve of your brother's girlfriend. He needs some happiness in his life. You are invited to a Ministry banquet after the ceremony, but the whole family politely declines. You have a special celebration of your own to go to.


You aren't a Weasley anymore. You're a Potter now. You can't help but glance at your hand where you ring glitters in the sun every so often. You're still not used to your it. Teddy Lupin got the hiccups during the service and you offer to go take a walk with him so Andromeda could stay in her seat. You take Teddy's hand and walk with him around the grounds. You see the memorial structure at the entrance of Hogwarts and show Teddy his parents' names there and can tell he likes to see them there. You look for Fred's name and you start to choke up. Suddenly you feel a soft breeze around you. You look at the sky and smile. Thanks Fred.


Three years later you note something odd at the service. There are many new children, your family included. You see Fleur holding 3-month old Dominique in her arms, and Angelina holding 6-month old Fred. You can't help but touch your own stomach self-consciously. Harry notes that with a smile. You also see Hannah Longbottom holding 2 month-old Alice. You can't help but feel jealous. You want your baby to be here now. But you still have two more months to endure of endless cravings and swollen ankles.


Its four years later and you're trying not to fall down as you balance Lily on your hip, who's fast asleep, and James who's holding your hand. Harry's coming behind you with Albus who's holding his hand. You quietly sit down and listen to the service, but Lily starts crying. You sigh and stand up and walk around the grounds to calm her down. It's like déjà vu, walking around the grounds and seeing the memorial. You then see Hannah joining you with newborn Frank who was wailing as well. You exchange a smile as you try to calm your kids down. Times have changed, but this time for the better.


It's now three full rows of family now. So many things have changed, yet some are still the same. George still loves to prank, and has encouraged Freddie to do the same, but now his pranks are more reserved and less harmful now that he realized the danger with some pranks now that he has children. Mum still scolds, but not her children as much anymore, but her grandchildren. You sit down in the same seats that you have sat in for the past twenty-four years. There are now three rows of family now. You smile as you see all the Weasley/Potter clan that are still in Hogwarts coming to their seats escorted by Neville. You see Teddy and Victoire walking to their seats next to Andromeda a row behind you. You have learned so many things during these past twenty-five years. You've learned to move on. You've learned that you can be happy even though sad things are happening to you. But most importantly, love is, in fact, the most powerful weapon there is.

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