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Ed looked into the watch. The time was off, but he could still hear a soft ticking noise.

"Brother? Brother? Where are you?" Al yelled down the road; seeing no site of his brother. A light fountain trickled in the background of a bustling city.

"Over here Al." Ed closed the watch as his brother walked over to him. "I thought you were at the Library?"

"I was, but I only came back last week. I want to be around you more." Ed placed his hand in his pocket, falling back into his thoughts. Several minutes of silence occurred before Al sat down next to him. "What'cha thinking about?"

Ed looked dumbfounded over at his brother. "How'd you know I was thinking about something?"

"I'm your brother, plus you made it fairly obvious." Al smiled warmly as Ed pouted at Al's observation. "So you thinking about Winry?"

"No not really. More about Roy's little final parting gift." Ed pulled back out the watch from his pocket. Looking at the detailed design carved in its front. "He didn't give me my watch."

Al grabbed at the dangling time device and looked at it, in his hands. "You think he gave you the wrong one?" Al asked questioningly.

"Knowing the bastard, it wasn't a mistake. He probably has mine in his desk."

"Wait, this is his watch?" Ed took the device back, opening it for Al. On the inside was carved 'Inevitable Mistake' "What's it supposed to mean?"Al asked confused by the carving.

"IM. It stands for Ishbal Massacre." Ed closed the watch back up, and put it into his right side pocket. "Probably gave it to me since like mine, it's there as a constant reminder of our mistakes and what we leave behind." Ed stood up against the wall, leaning for support. "Lets go home, it's getting late." Ed shoved his right hand into his pocket, moving around the watch.

That day the time stopped completely. Leaving it set for 3:10, never once getting changed.

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