Ed and Roy were walking down the halls of Headquarters, both in military uniform. Once Ed had advanced past the rank of Major he was required to wear the uniform. Wouldn't want to teach the ones under his command to act differently.

Since Roy's becoming of Fuhre, the military had grown in numbers. They had to build additions onto the beuildings to host the new amount of people. Apparently people liked Roy a lot more then the old Fuhrer.

Ed had already made it to the rank of General, at the age of 26.(1) Even younger then when Roy had become a Brigadear General. And they said sleeping with your leader was a bad thing. Though that wasn't the only reason for Ed's quick rise in the ranks.

Ed, shortly after becoming a General, had decided to create an alchemic school. For those that could not aford to teach it, or allowance to leave to become apprentices, were able to learn the basics to certain alchemy. Ed must say he had a few favorite students. Eylsia had enrolled shortly after it's creation, wanting to be able to one day challange Ed in alchemy.

Al and Winry, after the birth of their child, had decided to move to Cental. Al worked as one of the higher grade teachers, while Winry helped in a small dacare center of the building. A fitting job for the pair, that lets them work together, and have seperate lives.

Havoc had proposed to Riza a few months afterwords, and less then half a year after that they had wed. Currently, Riza was expecting her first in another month, and Havoc couldn't be anything less then Hughes-ish. Though luckily Riza is much more stern then Gracia about her husband.

Breda, had gone and become a General beside Edward. He had taken Hakuro's place, and Roy couldn't be happier about that. He'd never trusted Hakuro once he had become General.

Falman, had found his certain somone only a few months ago. Ed didn't know much about it, but he did know that apparently it was going rather well. Roy had smirked when Breda had told him of Falman's girlfriend.

Fuery had stayed at the rank of Colonel, helping people out at the school. Somehow, his nervousness had gone away almost a year ago, and Fuery had asked Sheska to have a date with him. Apparantly, Fuery was ready to propose, just had a little nervous streak running for him as always.

Melissa, who as Roy promised, worked under him, spent most of her time on useless missions, that her Colonel sent her on. When in reality, it was Ed who controlled who went on each mission. But he didn't wnat her finding out about that. Better to let the pot broil unaware.

Ed smiled, remembering everything that had gone on in the past few years. When Roy had sad 'It's only the beginning' he'd been perfectly right.

At the end of hte rather long hallway, they both came to a stop when they noticed a familiar presence.

"Hey brother." Al said with a wave, as he continued walking forward with Winry.

"Hello Al. How's the kid doing?" Ed asked, looking down at the little girl. She was quite adorble, looked a lot like Alphonse. Which in turn, reminded Ed of his mother.

"She's doing great, why don't you and Winry, go play with her outside? I have to talk to Mustang." Al stated and Winry looked at him confused. Though he did as his brother suggested, following Winry and Rosalie.

Al waited until they were a good distnace away before dragging Roy in the opposite direction. "What did you wanted to talk to me about?" Roy asked, slightly confused that Al had just gotten rid of his bodyguard, and was now dragging the Fuhrer.

"How come you haven't asked Edward to marry you?"

Roy's eyes opened fairly wide. "Uh..."

"I mean, you guys have been together for four years. It's obvious you love each other."

"What if Ed wanted to be the one to propose. We are an equal reltationship."

"If he wanted to be the one to propose, he would have done so years ago." Al responded, looking Roy dead in the eye.

Roy closed his eyes for a minute, trying to think. "Fine, I see your point. But let me propse on my own time."

"You're just nervous." Al responded teasingly.

"No, I just want it to be perfect. And not in the romantic cliche way." Roy bit back, also teasingly.


Several months later, it was the anniversary of Edward returning back from the gate. Ed got up off the bed, getting dressed to go to work. As usual Roy had left already, his job requiring earlier hours then Edward's.

Ed was just on his way out, while he grabbed his watch. As usual he checked the time before he stuffed it in his pocket. Except when he opened his watch, a small object lay on the glass. Ed picked it up, just as two arms wrapped around his body.

"Let this, be a constant reminder of us." Roy replied, and Ed leaned back into the embrace, eying the ring. "Marry me?"

"About damn time."


(1) Ed is 18 when he comes to Amestirs, and then goes back with Alphonse. Four years afterwards, he and Al come back for good. Making him 22 for the base of my fanfiction. This is a time skip of four years.

And there you go. The end. If anyone has questions about certain characters you think I left out, ask away. I know I didn't put in everyone, so don't be afraid to ask about them.

I am also proud of this fic having over 70 reviews, and over 9000 views. (Current stats) Thank you all very much, and I hope everyone enjoyed.