Far and Away

Far and Away

By Light Catastrophe

Chapter One: Outsider

Rating: M

Warnings: yaoi, slash, mpreg, non-con-ish situations, OC, AU, angst

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Kira's Point of View


"It's the world, dear. Did you expect it to be small?"

-Mrs. Beaver The Chronicles of Narnia

I've never been like the rest of my family. At times, I resent being so entirely different. I don't fit it. Everyone knows it, but they're all too nice to say it and I don't see a point in stating the obvious. Everyone in my family is either small and delicate or musically talented, or both in Destin's case. I am neither. I'm not saying that I hate my family, because I don't, I never could, but I hate being the outsider. And sometimes I despise Destin, because he has such a goddamn perfect life. In four years, Destin has already begun composing full-time for the most well-known symphonies in the country. He has a wonderful husband who loves him more than anything – well, except their perfect four-year-old son who already knows how to play the violin and the piano. Not that I don't love Tal, my nephew, because I do, but it's just so frustrating having someone so little already be good at things I've wanted to be good at for seventeen years. Hell, even Aurora and Rainey can play any instrument better than I can. They both inherited my parent's perfect genes. They are both small with perfect eyes and perfect skin and perfect hair. Everything in this fucking family is perfect – except me. Sometimes, I swear I was switched at birth or something.

That's another thing. Out of all my parent's four children, I'm the only one who caused everyone so much pain at my birth. I made Daddy fall into a coma for three years. Okay, so I know it wasn't really my fault, but I can't help but blame myself. Those were three years when Dad and Destin needed Daddy. Maybe if I hadn't been born, Destin wouldn't have been raped. Then again, though, if that hadn't happened, he may not have met Kei in the way he did and they may not be living their lives together, totally and completely in love. But it all goes around in circles. And I hate playing the "what if" game. When someone invents the time machine, maybe I'll enjoy it a bit more.

I stopped growing when I was fourteen. I have no idea what happened. By then I was tall enough so I wouldn't be considered short for the rest of my life (I'm taller than both Destin and Daddy), but it's still horribly frustrating because my best friend, Wataru, is still growing and growing and growing while I stay at the same height, looking at the world in the same way. So I was stuck at this kind of awkward height, not quite tall and not quite short, with average blonde hair and average dark eyes and average clothes and average talent and… the list goes on. I'm just average. And if you know my family at all, you know that none of them are average.

Okay, well that's not entirely true. I'm hella talented at basketball. I play point guard, and in spite of all the other guys towering over me, I make more points than anyone on the team. I'm not sure if that's saying much, because I come from such a small town and all, but Wataru says I'm good enough to make it big someday. I can only hope that someday comes sooner rather than later because I'm not sure how much longer I can take this. My family knows I play basketball, but they rarely some to the games – except Katherine; she has never missed a game. I know they're busy and all, but it still hurts in a way that it shouldn't. I guess musical people just don't much care about sports.

"Man, are you okay?" Wataru punched my arm in a rather playful manner, while handing me the controller to his playstation. "You seem kinda out of it."

Sighing, I paused the game. He took this to be a bad sign, I knew, because I never pause any game unless it's vitally important. "Have you ever wanted to leave this place, this town, I mean?"

His eyebrows rose so they disappeared under his frock of bangs. "You're not thinking of running away, are you?"

"No," I replied, too quickly, lying back on his bed and shutting my eyes to the world. "Well, maybe. I dunno. I just can't take this anymore, Taru. I need to get out. There's so much more to this world than this tiny little town I've only been out of a handful of times. There's nothing for me here."

"Your family is here," he shot back, just as quickly. "I'm here and I'm your best friend."

"You're my only friend."

Wataru let a sly grin cross his face. "Nah, dude, everyone on the team is your friend. And I know a couple of good-looking girls who have got their eyes on you."

A blush crossed my cheeks and I buried my face in his pillows. I was seventeen years old and I'd never been kissed, let alone done anything else. Wataru on the other hand… well, he got around. I think the reason I've never done anything like that is because, one, I have self-esteem issues (it comes from having perfect parents and perfect siblings) and, two, I'm not quite sure "which way I swing" if you get my gist. I'm kind of being pulled every way. Everyone in my family "bats for their own team" and Wataru was just the opposite, so to say I was confused about my feelings was the understatement of the year – or maybe of the millennium. But I think I'd know when I met the right person and it wouldn't matter if they were a boy or a girl. Somehow, though, I knew I wouldn't be as lucky as my parents or Destin. For them, their first partner was their only one. It was going to be harder for me.

"No, Taru, I'm leaving."

He looked at me, completely baffled. "You have nowhere to go."

"Come with me," I persisted. "We'll go to the city. We'll be okay. I know you hate this place as much as I do."

"Kir, I can't leave my mom. I'm all she's got."

"Well, you're all I got." An awkward silence enveloped us after I said this. In many ways what I said wasn't true, but it many other ways it was very, very true. Wataru was the only person I told absolutely everything. I knew that even if he didn't come with me, he wouldn't tell anyone where I'd gone, even if he thought it was for my own good. And that's why he was by best buddy.

After several long moments, he sighed and pulled me into a friendly hug. "Fine," he relented. "But just because I don't want you hurting yourself without me there to protect you."


"Kira, you're fidgety." Sure, leave it to Katherine to point it out to the rest of my oblivious family.

I shook my head in a casual manner, trying to stop the shaking in my legs. "Wataru and I are just going out with some friends after dinner. I guess I'm just excited."

The answer didn't satisfy her, but it satisfied everyone else, and I found myself thankful that Destin wasn't here. That was our cover story: that we were going out with friends. It would give us probably the whole night until someone figured out that we were missing and by that time, we'd already be long gone. My backpack already sat up in my room with a large sum of money I'd withdrawn from my back account earlier that day. Dad had set it aside years ago – for college or something. I don't really know.

I made sure to do the dishes before I left as sort of a last hurrah. The entire time I tried not to feel guilty about what I was doing, but I couldn't stop the pang in my heart. I told myself that I'd come back some day – and I totally planned to – but it didn't make me feel any better.

As I went to go out the door, Daddy stopped me, hugging me around the waist. "Have a good time, Kira. I love you."

It was everything I could do at the moment to keep from crying; to keep from running back inside to everything that I knew. But I had to do this. The world outside was calling to me and I couldn't resist it. So I gave him one last tight hug and then ran back into the house giving Dad and Katherine and Aurora and Rainey all hugs before I ran out the door, not knowing when, if ever, I would step back into that comfortable house I called home.


Babblings: So, well, yeah. As I said, this story is a bit different than the others. Oh, and just as a warning, Kira will have multiple partners before he find the "right one". I also apologize if Kira sounded a bit bitter in this chapter. I wanted him to sound that way. I mean, he IS a teenager.

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