(A/N)- This is just random. I thought about this while watching broke back mountain yesterday.

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Broke back vamp wolf cowboy's

" Edward, you have GOT to be the worst cowboy EVER" Jacob said with a smirk, as he started to dance around the room with his play pony. You know the one's with a pony head attached to a stick.

" Nuh-uh, you are. Your not even a cowboy, your just a oversized mutt jumping around on a stick saying " Yee hall" you stupid hillbilly dog." Edward said as he adjusted his cowboy hat and proceeded to jump around on his own play pony stick yelling YEE HALL!

In fact Edward was the best cowboy ever cause his pony was black, and it's name was Black Bella. Jacob thought it hilarious that he jumps around on a stick named BELLA.

" hey, I don't think riding around on ponies all day is everything they do in that movie." Jacob spoke up.

" Yeah, one guy gets his thing pulled off for being gay." Edward said glancing over at Jacob to see him brushing his ponies mane.

" um, that was so not what I was talking about." Jacob said suppressing a giggle.

" oh, then you mean the part where the guy gets punched in the nose? Sure we can act that out. You play the guy who gets punched and I'll play the guy who punches you. Ready?" Edward said with a smirk as he galloped over to where Jacob was standing with a wide eyed look on his face.

" NO! that is not what I meant! Edward if you even so DARE to lay a hand on me I will KILL you!" Jacob said backing away.

" oh, I think I know what part your talking about now. The part where the two guy's start to make out and the one guy's wife catch's them. Yeah I know." Edward said getting REALLY close to Jacob.

"Funny seeing as how you're the one who's married to Bella, and I don't fancy her caching us let's just edit that part so the wife doesn't catch us." Jacob said as his back hit the wall from him backing up so much.

"Yes, we shall" Edward spoke so softly that one could only guess as to what he was thinking about.

Both Jacob and Edward leaned in for the kiss at the same time, and just at the exact moment their lip's touched the door swung open to reveal………………………………...


" Hey, you guy's wouldn't mind if I joined you this time would you?" he stated more than asked as he strolled over to them.

Two married vampire's and a single werewolf, this was going to be fun.

(A/N)- this MAY be a two-shot. I don't know. There could be more part's added on later maybe more than one.