A/N: Hey I'm back

A/N: Hey I'm back. No this is not a sequel to Cousin in town this is a whole new Bella and Edward story

Bella is a Mafia princess but when her Dad goes missing a whole lot of trouble starts up. The Italian Mafia has a huge problem with the other Italian Mafia so Bella must be protected at all times. The FBI put her under surveillance giving her a new 'Father' and moves her to the small town of Forks. Where she meets Edward and the rest of the Cullen's. (werewolves, and vamps are here)

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Bella's POV8:25amEST 8/15/08

I sat up in bed and scratched my head. My door opened and one of my guards stuck his head in. "Good your up. Boss wants to see you." I smile and nod swinging my legs on the side of the bed. I step on the stool for my bed then off the platform my bed is on. I yawn and stretch walking towards my huge closet. Typing in my pin number my closet opens and I walk in. I walk to the next finger scanner and press my thumb down waiting for it to register. "Good morning Mrs. Swan." My computer says. I shake my head and look around. This is way to much just to get clothes. And this is way to many clothes. Half these things I haven't even been dressed in before. I press the blue button and a closet of blue shirts come up. Which one should I wear? I pick up a short sleeve baby blue shirt with a hood and navy blue trim. I walk out and go to my bottoms section and press my jeans button. I grab the first pair of jeans I see and turn to walk out.

"Good morning Isabella." I look up to see my favorite guard Tony. I smile up to him and nod. Other then my best friend Angela he was the only person I could talk to about any thing weather it be a book, music, or my art work he'd listen. I don't know if it was because of his job or because he was actually interested but as long as I had some one to talk to.

I walk into the dining room and smile at the maids (Laverne, Gaby, and Michelle). Gaby pulls out my chair and I slide into it. Butler Ryan places my breakfast in front of me bows and walks away. I sigh and pick up one of the many forks in front of me. I love my life but…its just empty.

I'm a daughter of the leader of the Swan Mafia. AKA I'm the Mafia Princess and I hate it. My Dad is Charlie Frankatelo Swan. Heard of him? Not surprised…he's on the news constantly but the FBI can never get enough proof to take him down. I love my dad but…he's just, he expect me to be something I'm just not. He gets me every thing (that I don't want) thinking it will change me to be a model "Mafian princess." I'm just not like that. He wants me to be a spoiled brat that calls him Daddy. Then marry someone and have him take over the "family business' "Morning Princess," speak of the Devil.

"Morning Dad."

"I wanted to talk to you this morning."

"I know Tony told me. What's wrong?"

"You remember Michael Angelo right?" I thought back to last week at the party for some ones birthday. I was standing with Angela and we were talking about the new book Catharine Hoity was coming out with when a boy with straight blond hair and bright blue eyes came over to us. Michael Angelo. Mike he told me to call him. If I remember correctly he was an ass.

"Yeah I remember him why?" I take another bite of my eggs. They were so much better then—

"You're going to marry him!" I'M GOING TO WHAT!! My egg gets stuck in my throat and I try to cough. I put my hands on the base of my neck for the universal sign for choking. Charlie jumped out of his chair and pulls me out of mine. A piece of egg goes flying across the table and I start to cough and slide back into my chair. "God Bella don't scare me like that."

"Scare you?! Scare you!? Dad you just told your seventeen year old daughter the she's getting married to a complete jack ass and I scared you?!"

"Isabella," he yells back sticking a finger in my face, "you will not speak to me in that sort of manor! Do you understand?!"

"Dad how can you expect me not to flip out about this?!"

"I expected you to be appreciative and thank me!"

"I'm not going to thank you for making me marry some one I did not choose!"

"Bella we need some one to take over the family business and Michael Angelo is the perfect one!"

"What family business?! Killing people, stealing from people, coning people!!"

"Isabella…" He said in a don't test me kind of voice

"That's why mom left in the first place! Because of the stupid 'Family business' and she dead because of it too! Do you want me to wind up like her Dad?!"

He lift me up by my shoulders and shook them with a strong grip. "No I don't! That's why you need to marry him! So that it doesn't happen to you! I wasn't able to keep your mother safe Bella! I want some one that will keep you safe! Michael Angelo will do that for you!" I stopped struggling and looked into his eyes.

"Have you ever thought that just maybe I don't want this life?" I asked him. His grip loosened and he eventually released me.


"I'm late for my lessons." I turn around and walk out my footsteps the only sound in the room.

My Dad decided that it was to dangerous for me to go to school a couple years after my mom died. My Mom never liked the idea of my Dad being in this 'business' but she put up with it because she loved him. But after the first time someone drew their gun at some one else in front of me she was fed up. She put all my stuff in to a bag and all of her stuff into another. My Dad tried to convince her it was an accident and they didn't realize I was in the room but she didn't care. She left that night to look for a hotel to stay at and said she was going to come back for me in the morning. She never did…The man they drew their gun on was the brother of the head of the Pusiteri Mafia. One of them saw my mom and shot her, not knowing my parents were splitting up. I blamed myself for the longest time…I still do. If I would have listened to my parents and stayed in my room like I was suppose to I wouldn't have seen them pull the gun out, my mom wouldn't have left my dad and they would never have been able to shoot her.

I sigh and move all my hair to one side of my head, tripping over the carpet in the process. "Ugh," I get up clumsily and walk to the double doors. I attempt to open them swiftly and gracefully but fail horribly as they slam into the walls. I cringe and walk into the room to see my tutor sitting in her chair at her desk. She looks up at me and stands up.

"Avoir un siège Isabella vous êtes en retard" Madame Delphine said to me. I go to my seat and sit down putting my head down in 'shame'.

"Désolé Madame Delphine, moi et mon père avait un problème" She nodded and walked over to the chalk board.

"We'll start with your Biology lesson." She says sitting my Bio book in front of me with her heavy French accent. "Page one hundred twenty seven." I nod and open the book.

Math 10:46amEST…

"Do not slouch Isabella its bad for your posture."

"Yes" I say sitting up straight sighing

"And do not sigh in the presence of others." I nod and pick up my pencil to start the new problem on the bored.

World Cultures 11:53amEST…

"Confucius once said: Forget injuries, never forget kindness by this he meant—Isabella! Are you paying attention?!"

I look up from my note book where I was sketching a landscape. "Huh? Oh yes I was just…" She crossed her arms and tapped her foot. "No sorry." She snatched up my note book and ripped out my landscape.

"I will let your father know about this." She says slamming my paper on her desk. "You are expected to pay attention at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes Madame Delphine." I whispered sitting up straighter. Not wanting to get in more trouble.

End of lessons 1:27pmEST…

"That will be it for to day Isabella. Tomorrow I will expect you to be more focused on your studies and less focused on your art work."

"I'll try." I say standing up curtsying to her even though I don't have on a skirt or dress. She always expects me to curtsy when I leave so I do. The way she talked about my art was like it was a piece of crap.

That's how most people talked about it though. No one ever expected much from me accept for me to be a spoiled brat, including my Dad. When I was in school they tried to convince him to let me skip a grade in fourth but he kept telling them it was impossible I'm not that smart. But my mom believed in me and she let me do it. But the next month was when everything happened and that was when I found art. My dad got me an art teacher and he taught me all he knew then told my dad he could teach me no more and left. Then the school once more tried to convince my dad into something but this time it was to let me go to an arts school. My dad really didn't believe it then even though my art teacher told him I was the best student he ever had he still refused to let me go. The next year he pulled me out of the school.

I wasn't very social but him pulling me out of school made it worse. Because he pulled me out he left me with only two friends Tony and Angela.

"How were classes?" Tony asked falling in step next to me. I sighed and slouched two things of which Madame Delphine would kill me if she saw me doing. "That bad?"

"You have no idea." I say opening the door to the living room to see my dad and none other then Michael Angelo. "And it just got worse…"

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