Hi you guys. I know I'm sorry its not a chapter and I know I haven't wrote a chap in a while. It's just because I cant really think about anything! I'm getting very frustrated because I love this story but I have huge writers block! That said I will be stopping this story until some one gives me a good idea or I wake up and have one myself. I feel so bad so I'll be writing another story that I have completely planed out and I know is safe. Its not like this one but I'll let you have the summary just in case you want to read it—

Summary: All Human: Being a college student for Bella Swan is not easy at all. Plus people keep calling her at two o'clock in the flipping morning does not help. To add to her troubles she meets a very sweet very handsome very taken Edward Cullen who turns out to be her best friends cousin. Now between juggling school, annoying phone calls, and a guy that she's falling hard for Bella must bring it all into balance so she can finally breathe again. BxE

I love you all and I'm so sorry,