A is for Anger

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Also doesn't really follow the 2nd season of the anime.

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He was angry that was a tell-tale sign. The air around him crackled angrily, heating up slightly. The servants and soldiers that were in his way were fleeing. They wanted to be no where near him or close to him when he exploded.

Wolfram marched angrily to the Maou's office, hoping to run into Yuuri. The consort of the Maou, yes Yuuri finally admitted his feelings to Wolfram, and a few days after Yuuri's sixteenth birthday, the two were wed. And the two of them couldn't be happier. Wolfram had his Maou, and Yuuri his golden Prince.

The reason Wolfram was marching so angrily was the news he had just discovered from Gisela. Wolfram knew it was possible but didn't think the wimpy Maou would remember.

Finally he reached his destination, and pushed the doors open with a forceful bang.

Yuuri startled, looked up from the paperwork he was signing and noticed his blonde husband's death stare.

"W...Wolfram you scared me! As excited as I am to see you, may I uh ask what the death glare is for?" Yuuri asked slightly afraid.

"You…you…oh you!!" Wolfram screeched out. "I should be happy, in fact we both should be happy, but right now I can only feel anger towards you, wimpy husband…and ….w…wimp…" Wolfram said his lip trembling. Yuuri didn't know if it was from anger or something else.

Yuuri left his seat, walked over to his husband gave him a soothing hug and a loving kiss to his cheek. "Will you tell me what is bothering you?" Yuuri asked softly ignoring the wimp comments for another time.

"I'm….well…I'm pregnant." Wolfram rushed out. The comforting smile Yuuri had on his face slowly started to disappear and led to a confused one. "Haha…I'm sorry what was that?" Yuuri asked hoping he heard his husband wrong.

Wolfram's anger returned full force 'must be the hormones or something' he thought to himself. But clearly his mind and mouth weren't working together because what Wolfram yelled was "I'm P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T wimp!!" A deafening silence fell between the Maou and Consort.

Wolfram finally opened his eyes his angry and yelling left him feeling exhausted. When he looked over at Yuuri he was crying and had a goofy grin on his face.

Yuuri felt the excitement, the pride, and happiness bubble up inside of him. He was going to be a father! His excitement turned to over protectiveness. He barked out "Why are you on your feet? Shouldn't you be in bed?" And he rushed over to the shocked Wolfram and gently pushed him into a comfy chair.

"Yuuri…Yuuri are you ok with this?" Wolfram asked quietly.

"Wolfram…I couldn't be happier." Yuuri replied.

Yuuri scratched at the back of his head and on his face was an awkward smile. He looked over to his husband, and Wolfram looked back confused almost.

"Umm…so when do we uh tell your family about this?" Yuuri asked nervously. He was still reeling from the memories of his wedding. He gulped nervously thinking about Cheri-sama's "bear hug of death and mass amounts of cleavage" and the talks about breaking their baby brother's heart from both Gwendal and Conrad.

Wolfram's left eyebrow started to twitch…'is that ALL he can think about??' the blonde thought. Suddenly Wolframs anger returned full force.

"WIMP!!" was screamed loudly and everyone in the castle could hear.

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