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Q is for Quaint

OK so 7 months have passed since the last chapter, I figured "hey let's make the baby more fun." so I did :) besides newborns only sleep, this way a 6 month old demon baby can kinda talk and be more fun! Yay?

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It was a fierce staring contest. The first opponent was sitting in a classic built wooden high chair, the other standing in front of it. The battlefield was the Castle's Kitchen, and it was Lunch Time.

Dark jade against cerulean blue, a chubby baby in a pink sun dress with tight black curls held back by a white ribbon gave the magenta haired woman in a matching colored dress a challenge. Each opponent held their fierce looks, never giving in, never relenting.

The woman with the cerulean eyes broke the silence. "Open wide Princess…" a frustrated Anissina tried to coax a 6 month old Ariella to eat. Unfortunately for the castle's inventor and scientist, the stubborn baby wouldn't open her mouth…at all. This was Anissina's 10th attempt to get the baby to eat, she tried funny faces, trying the baby food herself, pretending the spoon was a horse or a boat, but she still wouldn't open her mouth.

'Oh Heika please return soon!' The distressed inventor thought, she volunteered to watch Ariella thinking it would be a breeze, after all she was a woman and women were born with natural mother instincts!

Now as she sat there with a baby who had a Wolfram like smirk, the inventor felt like pulling out her hair. Finally reaching her boiling point Anissina slammed her hands down on the high chair table, looked the baby in the eye and growled out "If you do not eat then I will invent something that will make you eat!" She pounded her fist in her hand as to prove to Ariella that she was serious.

Ariella could only do what a baby does best. Her lips started to tremble, her dark jade eyes watered, and her little face scrunched up. Anissina felt panic rise up in her chest; Ariella opened her tiny mouth and let out a huge scream, and the inventor had no idea what to do, her mother-ish instincts fled from her.

The infant princess started to cry; body shaking screams tore from her tiny lips, and pounded her tiny fists against the top of the high chair. Anissina could only stare in shock, her limbs didn't work, and her genius mind couldn't come up with a solution to fix the problem. Ariella's face was turning an interesting shade of red and her tears wouldn't stop.

The door to the kitchen banged open revealing a disgruntled Uncle. Anissina turned and felt hope rise within her. "Here you make her eat! You are her uncle after all and I have something better to do, such as another invention must be built!" Anissina said as she rushed out the door.

The figure in the doorway raised one eyebrow at the hasty exit of the inventor and turned his attention towards the crying Princess. He calmly strode over to her, lifted Ariella out of her high chair, and cuddled her close to his chest. Years of dealing with a baby Wolfram taught the man how to deal with a temper tantrum.

A gruff voice hushed the baby, shook her slightly, and rocked her to calm down. "What's with the screaming? You look fine to me."

Ariella's crying slowly stopped, soon the baby only made hiccupping noises, she closed her eyes, and snuggled deeper into her Uncle's chest. "Wen" Ariella sighed out, her tiny fingers clutching the material of Gwendal's jacket.

Gwendal smiled a slight smile at his niece and cradled her closer to his chest. 'Cute' was his thought, before his face broke out into a nearly visible blush.

Ariella's stomach rumbled slightly and the girl opened her eyes, scrunched up her nose, and tried to find the source of the noise. Gwendal raised another eyebrow at his niece's quaint antics, reminding him of the Maou.

He decided to look around the kitchen for some new and possible edible baby food. Finding mashed up peas and carrots and a thing of applesauce, he collected his materials, made sure Ariella was comfortable in his arms, and slowly made his way from the kitchen to his office.

Meanwhile Ariella carried on a conversation in baby talk, some gibberish, and some words the stoic mazoku recognized. Words such words like "PaPa" for Yuuri, "Dada" was for Wolfram, "Ta" for Greta, "Wen" was for himself, "Yo" for Yozak, "Gam" for his mother, "Rad" was for Conrad, and that made everyone chuckle when the baby Princess said it.

Gwendal only nodded his head along to look like he was listening intently to watch Ariella was saying. Finally making his way to his office, he some how managed to get the door open, and closed it. Ariella looked at her new surroundings and nodded with satisfaction. "Wen" she said and looked at Gwendal. Her stomach rumbled again and Ariella looked at him, she recognized the containers Gwendal held in his hand. He nodded to himself and settled the Princess down on top of his desk, of course moving his important paper work to the side.

Supporting her back were hand knitted pillows, placed behind them were thick books. Also surrounding her were hand knitted pillows, a few books to keep her from tipping over. Serving as a table Gwendal used a cushion underneath a serving tray from a tea cart.

Opening the containers, no emotion came across his face, if he showed his disgust, he was positive the smart Princess would figure the food gross. He lifted a spoonful of carrot goop and looked at his niece. Deep jade looked back quizzically. Her one eyebrow lifted in imitation from what she saw earlier. Gwendal lifted his eyebrow, never taking his eyes off of Ariella. She opened her mouth to laugh, when suddenly a spoonful of carrot goop was in her mouth.

Gwendal's mouth formed a smirk of pride. He had gotten his stubborn niece to eat, where as the equally stubborn inventor couldn't. Ariella swallowed after a few minuets of debating within herself to spit it back up at her Uncle.

When Gwendal scooped up another spoonful, Ariella whined out a "Wen" and her mouth was once again filled with carrot goop. This continued for 5 minuets and there was no more carrots left in the container. Of course not all the carrots ended up in the Princess's tummy, some ended up all over her chin and face, some on the serving table, and a little on the bib Gwendal managed to sneak on the Princess.

Gwendal went to open the apple sauce when a figure calmly strode into the room. The baby Princess's eyes lit up and she clapped her hands in excitement. "Rad! Rad!" she squealed out.

Kind brown eyes crinkled into a smiling look and a loving smiled came on the man's lips. "Ari, my dear Princess are you behaving yourself for Gwendal?" Conrad asked his orangey face niece, keeping his laughter internal at Gwendal's expense; he didn't want to laugh at the state of the older man's office.

Ariella could only clap her hands and squeal out "Wen!! Rad!!" and she broke out into baby gibberish that no one understood.

"Keeping her entertained?" the brunette asked.

"Hn. Anissina attempted to feed her; I am surprised you didn't hear her screaming all the way from the kitchen." The stoic man said. He felt no need to further explain his actions to his brother. Conrad chuckled and he let his gaze wander back to his niece, who was staring at something on Gwendal's shelf.

A nicely hand knitted cream colored bunny sat on the seasoned warrior's shelf proudly. It was a cute bunny, the one with the legs and arms and big floppy ears. Buttons in the color of sky blue were it's eyes, red stitches made up it's lips and led up to a triangular button of white for it's nose.

It was a gift from Mama Shibuya to Gwendal, and Gwendal cherished it. Ariella stared at it, and then looked at her Uncles who stared at her in fascination. She looked back at the bunny, pointed, and whispered out "Bun." She tore her eyes from the bunny and looked at Conrad and Gwendal. With more force behind her voice she said "Bun."

Both men blinked at her and the fierce little look on her face that reminded them oh so much of Wolfram as a baby.

"Do you want to play with the Bunny?" asked Conrad, confused as to what his niece wanted.

A tiny head full of curls shook her head "No" and said again "Bun." Hoping this time her Uncles understood what she wanted. A confused brunette turned and looked at his brother, hoping he had the answer.

"Ahh, I think she wants the Bunny." A voice said, making both men reach for their swords, stand protectively over their niece and they turned towards the voice.

Both men relaxed and let down their guard. It was Ariella's other Uncle, Shori, and he really didn't pose a threat to the men.

Ariella blinked and looked up at the new comer. "PaPa?" she asked her eyes squinted as to help figure out the stranger. He had black hair and black eyes just like her papa.

Her nose scrunched up and she said again, "PaPa." and shook her head no. Shori chuckled and walked over to the Bunny.

"Is it ok to give this to her? My mother can always make another one." Shori said his voice held the tone of teasing someone. Gwendal's brow furrowed more and a grunt was heard in confirmation.

Ariella's eyes traveled back and forth between the men in the room. She focused once more on Shori and remembered him. "Sh." She said and pointed at him as to prove his point.

Gwendal felt some sort of revenge for the ridiculous name his niece named Shori. Shori blanched at his name. He wasn't even going to attempted to fix Ariella or teach her his name probably. He handed the Bunny to her and shook his head. She reminded him too much of a baby Yuuri and to be truthful it kinda freaked him out. 'She is too cute, just like Yuu-chan was!' The mazoku with the 'brother-complex' thought.

"So Shori, what brings you to Shin Makoku today?" Conrad asked breaking the weird silence in the room. He walked over to his niece and picked her up from the table, cradling her close to his chest. Ariella meanwhile was trying to figure the bunny out, she held it different ways, held it up to the light, and then brought it close to her face. She looked at it suspiciously and looked at Gwendal to make sure it was safe.

"Gwen. Bun." She said hoping her Uncle would understand. The indigo eyed man nodded his approval.

"Ehh I wanted to visit Yuu-chan and get a chance to see my niece again." The young mazoku said. He really just wanted to make sure his Yuu-chan was alright; after all he was his big brother!

"As you can see, Ariella is fine, and Yuuri is spending time with Wolfram." Gwendal growled out, wishing the annoying man would go away.

And before Shori could even speak his reply to the grumpy mazoku, two figures busted into the room. Ariella laughed and kicked against Conrad.

"PaPa! Dadada!" The baby yelled out, excitement in seeing her parents. Wolfram rushed over to his daughter and took her from Conrad's arms.

"Oh my Ariella how I missed you!" Wolfram gushed out, cradled his daughter close to his chest, and began tickling and kissing her while being over dramatic as if he spent weeks away from her, when it was only a couple of hours. Yuuri chuckled at his husband's antics and then stopped when he saw Shori.

"Shori what are you doing here?" The annoyed Maou asked. He could just feel a headache coming on, 'Geez. I just had a GREAT morning with Wolfram, and he shows up to ruin my day.' The Maou thought.

"It's big brother Yuu-chan! And I came to see my niece." Shori growled out.

Not liking the spot light being stolen from her and for being tired, Ariella began to cry in Wolfram's arms. Wolfram tried to hush her, but couldn't get her to stop. He sent a glare to the arguing brothers and left the room.

"She is probably tired from her interesting lunch today" Conrad said, "Shori why don't you stay for dinner? We always have extra and it would give you time to spend with both Yuuri and Ariella."

Yuuri shot a heated glare towards his god father. 'Please, please don't accept!' Yuuri prayed.

Shori shook his head "No" and said "No thanks for the offer, but when Yuuri and Wolfram bring Ariella and Greta to see Mama again, I can spend time with them then." While saying this Shori's glasses did the weird glint thing that Murata's glasses do.

Yuuri almost felt like fainting but managed to squawk out "Are you leaving now?"

Shori nodded, "I can show myself out Yuu-chan, I hope to see you soon." And with that Shori left and made his way to the nearest water source.

Yuuri felt some sort of relief and turned towards his brother in-laws. "Thank you for watching her today, although I thought Anissina was watching her…"the Maou said as his thoughts trailed off, and with a final look at the two men, he left to go join his husband and his daughter in the nursery.

Leaving Conrad and Gwendal to stare at each other, with the clearing of his throat Conrad announced "Alright, I think I will go find Yozak." And with that the brunette left.

Gwendal sighed and sat down in his seat. He took out his knitting needles and yarn, and he began to knit another stuff bunny for his niece. He decided later he would make Anissina clean up his office; after all she lost the bet the two of them had! He managed to feed the picky Princess with no mother-like instincts, where as Anissina couldn't! Oh yes victory was sweet for the gray haired man with a messy office.

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