Welcome to the life of Riley Lyza. A life of soccer, music, and Jonas. Just like half the 14 year old girls in the world, Riley is considered and OJD - Obsessed Jonas Devotee. As her 8th grade year came to an end, Jessica was all wrapped up in the summer training program for her high school soccer team. Jessica and her two sisters, Rebecca - 17 and Leah - 9, were about to take a soak in the pool when she noticed that there was a moving truck at her neighbor's house across the road. "Mom!" Jessica called, "Are Jeff and Jessica moving for something?"

"Remember how I told you they were getting a divorce?" her mom answered.

"Oh yeah,"

"Well they had to sell the house due to settlement rules."

"Oh, that makes sense..." Jessica answered. She was sad that her neighbors got a divorce, but she just couldn't help but think of who her new neighbors would be. She was hoping a girl her age, or a SINGLE, cute boy. But Jessica had no idea what was about to come her way. And with a week off of soccer, she had a whole week of nothing to find out!