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Sarah Williams frowned as she looked up at the sky, dark and covered with clouds. Mondays sucked. Sighing she kicked a rock out of her way and kept walking along the sidewalk. It should of been the perfect night, he should have proposed, why didn't he? Why did he break up with her? What did she do wrong? The cold whipped around her and she hugged her jacket closer. I wouldn't be cold if he hadn't broken up with me, i'd be warm in his house right now. She thought bitterly.

It was because of him, she just knew it was. Every man she had ever been with had suddenly broken up with her, for no apparent reason, and she had no reason to believe it wasn't him. He seemed to be a curse, following her no matter where she went, spreading his joy to every man she dated.

It wasn't as if she didn't appreciate what he did for her, in fact sometimes she was glad her boyfriends broke up with her, but she was starting to get annoyed with it. Especially when she thought the man she had would be the one she'd be with forever. She wanted a husband, children, a house, a dog for gods sake. She glanced her reflection in a dark office building and scowled at it. She was twenty-six years old dammit, she deserved a man.

A shuffling noise behind her made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, someone was behind her. No big deal right? It was a public street and it was only, with a quick glance at her watch, 12:32 am. Keeping her head down she looked around the block and grimaced as she saw no one else but her, and the person behind her. Not even any cars drove by. Alarm bells went off in her head but she tried to ignore them and keep walking. Why she chose that road was beyond her but she guessed her feet were walking without her consciously noticing.

Sarah heard the person shuffle around behind her then she heard two more pairs of feet, then two more. Oh crap it's a gang! Yes, Mondays definitely suck. She felt herself speeding up but when she looked up to see where she was going she ran into a man, actually a wall of men. Scurrying to her feet she counted six men, three in front of her and three behind.

"Looks like we found us a pretty." A large, bald, man with a skull tattoo on his cheek, sneered. They all held assortments of torture equipment, or at least that's what they looked like to her.

"Yeah like that one's never been used before." Sarah snapped back. She clutched her purse and her coat tightly and glared at all of them. Then she noticed that she was backed up against a wall, and one of the men had duct tape. Where did that come from? A stinging on her cheek alerted her to the fact that she had just gotten slapped.

"Best keep your mouth shut bitch." The man with the skull tattoo snapped his fingers and suddenly she was on her stomach, with her arms being taped up behind her back. Her purse, conveniently with pepper spray in it, had been flung off to the side and she suddenly felt helpless. She shrieked in shock when she felt a hand on her thigh, the man who had taped her arms had dared to touch her. Growling she flung her knee into his groin and felt satisfaction when he fell to the ground, whimpering.

She was dragged up and slapped again, then the man with the tattoo snapped his fingers again and everyone took a couple steps back, except the man on the ground. He sort of shuffled back. Sarah leered at the man with the tattoo, daring him to do something. He did. He lunged at her, grabbing her coat and ripping it from her body and that's when real alarm shot through Sarah's body. She was about to be raped and she couldn't do anything about it! Unless...

Sarah struggled against the man and forced herself to turn around, towards the office building. She saw her own reflection, the gang's reflections and then suddenly she saw Hoggle looking back at her.

"I need you!" She screamed, causing the men around her to jump in shock. Just then Hoggle, Sir Didymus, on Ambrosius of course, and Ludo appeared beside Sarah. Sarah was flung to the ground by the man with the tattoo in apparent shock. She just layed there, closed her eyes, and grimaced. She'd never heard Ludo roar, or Sir Didymus yell, or Hoggle swear like they were doing. It hurt her heart that she was making them release anger but it was either that or be raped.

"Sawah sad." She felt Ludo's hand on her shoulder and she sighed in relief. The fight was over, the gang men had been either forced back or, by looking to her left, snapped in half by Ludo. She suddenly felt sick. She turned to throw up and felt Hoggle hold her hair back.

Jareth was not a happy Fae. First he had felt a surge of magic come from within the Labyrinth, then, on deciding to figure out what the abnormal magic was, he found out it was Sarah's friends going to visit her. Upon conjuring a crystal he found out that Sarah had called her friends because she was being assaulted. Anger spread like wild fire in Jareth's veins, causing him to break his crystal and lose sight of Sarah.

"You imbeciles!" He shouted at the goblins around him. "I told you to keep an eye on her! She's getting assaulted and you're not there to do anything!" The goblins all shrunk back but no one said a word. No one dared mention that Jareth had given them the night off, for fear of being tossed out the window or hung over the bog.

With a snarl he transformed into an owl and flew out the window, leaving the goblin's in his throne room confused but relieved.

"Are you alright milady?" Sir Didymus piped up from beside Sarah. She had stopped throwing up and was now leaning against the wall behind her, eyes closed, trying to compose herself. She nodded in reply and felt Hoggle pet her hand in a comforting manner. She heard Ludo pick up a body, and disappear with it, and sighed. It was bad enough that she had to call on them to save her but now she had them cleaning up her mess.

"I'm-uh-sorry you guys had to come save me. I know you don't like hurting people, especially you Ludo." She spoke up when Ludo came back. They all looked at her like she was crazy, which in retrospect, she suspected she was.

"Banish the thought milady!" Sir Didymus bowed slightly and smiled. "I am a knight, it is my duty and honor to serve and protect you, whenever you call."

"Sawah friend!" Ludo nodded in agreement. Sarah looked down at Hoggle and saw him smile a little. "You call, we help. It's what ya' pay us for." She had to giggle at his sarcasm, it was refreshing. Feeling slightly better she looked around the street, it looked as though nothing had even happened. She supposed that was a good thing, getting authorities involved would just be messy.

"Let's get ya' home." Hoggle said, grabbing her hand. They all stayed with her while she walked home, un-seen by any late night drivers or homeless people. They filled her in on the latest happenings in the Labyrinth and the Goblin city and she filled them in on how her life was. She was curious to the happenings of Jareth but she didn't ask about him, she figured if something major was up with him they'd tell her.

When they got to her apartment she let them in. Hoggle made himself at home in her large arm chair while Ludo and Sir Didymus ran into the kitchen to find some food. Sarah, however, excused herself to her bedroom to change into some night clothes. While changing she heard Sir Didymus tell her he'd make some popcorn, when he remembered how to use the heating box, and she had to chuckle. Once everyone was done with what they had to do, Sarah popped in a movie, Ice Age, and watched it with her friends. Occasionally she laughed when Hoggle would compare Scrat to Sir Didymus, or Manny to Ludo, in which Sarah would have to compare Hoggle to Sid, but soon the movie ended and her friends had to leave her. No one noticed the large, white owl sitting outside, watching the movie with them.

"Remember milady, it is never any trouble to protect you." Sir Didymus bowed once more and climbed through the mirror. Ludo hugged Sarah then followed with a grunt. Hoggle stayed behind until Sarah told him she was going to bed.

"A'right, but don't go blaming yerself for what happened earlier. Them men got what was comin' to them." He said, before he too climbed through the mirror. With all her friends gone Sarah felt a bit vulnerable but she pushed it away and started getting ready for bed. Glancing around her bed room saw a picture of herself and Toby while she was changing. It was a couple months after her big adventure.

The day after the Labyrinth she tried to convince herself that it was all a dream but it didn't work, she knew it happened and she knew she'd never convince herself otherwise. Instead she made an effort to start getting along with Karen, making more time to watch Toby and complaining less, and she finally plucking up the courage to call her real mother, after five years of no communication. It was a disappointment, Laura pretty much forgot she had a daughter. But Sarah held her head high knowing that at least Laura passed down her acting talent.

While in high school she acted in plays, getting almost every lead, but had no social life to speak of. People seemed to notice the Labyrinth's affect on her. She was reclusive most of the time, never attended any of the popular parties, never drank, smoke or did drugs with the other kids. A lot of her teachers noticed her glancing around corners or looking under tables when something went missing or when something broke by accident. She told them, jokingly, that she thought goblins were behind it.

When entering college she found herself thrown into a world that she had no idea how to fit into. The people around her seemed strange, almost alien, to her and apparently it was a mutual feeling. Maybe they all saw the same white owl that followed her, or heard the giggling of the goblins that seemed to hide in her locker. On one occasion Sarah opened her locker to find the worm and his missus having tea. She quickly shut the door in fear of anyone seeing them. Of course the next day she removed the mirror in her locker, to prevent any future complications.

It seemed that the goblins had kept an eye on Toby as well. One day Sarah got a call from Toby, who proceeded to tell her an exciting story about some bullies who were picking on him one day then the next they ran away from him whenever they spotted him. Sarah had no doubt that goblins were behind it, or he was watching over Toby but that seemed highly unlikely.

With a smile she put the picture back on the desk and turned the light out. At once she knew something was wrong. When she turned out the light, she suddenly got cold and shivered. She flipped the light switch back on but it remained dark, and unfortunately cold. Her heartbeat sped up to abnormal speed but on the outside she was calm, though her legs were shaking something terrible.

She grabbed the aluminum baseball bat from inside her closet and tip-toed through the house, raising the bat to strike whenever she passed a corner. It felt silly and she was sure she looked silly but she truly had a feeling that she was in danger. A voice from behind her scared her so bad she dropped her bat.

"Really Sarah, is that necessary?"

She recognized that voice. It was him. She took a deep breath, turned, and sure enough Jareth was standing about ten feet away from her, hands on hips, looking menacing. He looked exactly like she remembered. Silky white/blond hair that spiked and fell down his shoulders, an opened poets shirt that exposed most of his chest, the tight pants that often made her blush and leather boots. Of course topping it all off was his black cloak and, naturally, glitter everywhere. Momentarily she lost the ability to speak and just gurgled in reply.

A feral grin was exposed. "Surprised to see me I see."

Within a few seconds Sarah regained her composure, grabbed the bat at her feet and held it up in front of her. "What the hell are you doing here? If you've come to take Toby he's not-"

"Oh please do not go on about the babe, i'm not interested in him." Jareth cut her off. Sarah saw a flicker of anger in his mismatched eyes but then they were cold again. She looked him over again and realized he didn't answer her question. As if reading her mind Jareth flung himself in the arm chair that Hoggle had occupied and shrugged. "I came to see how you were, nothing more."

"Why? You haven't visited me in over ten years, what made you come back to see me today?" Sarah sunk onto the couch to watch him, but kept the bat in her hands. Again Jareth shrugged and conjured up a crystal. "You were in trouble earlier."

A deep blush spread across her face as Sarah caught on to what he was saying. She felt already felt humiliated that she couldn't take care of herself but now Jareth knew as well. He probably thought she was weak now. Jareth glanced at her and was shocked to see her eyes filling up with tears. Quickly he stood and went over to her, to offer her a napkin that he picked up from the table next to her.

When she didn't stop crying he frowned for a minute then sat next to her and hesitantly put his arm around her waist. She leaned against his chest and sobbed. Jareth was extremely confused by this point. Why was she crying? Because you idiot, she nearly got her innocence taken away and now you arrive and confront her about it, now she must feel humiliated and defeated! His inner voice yelled.

With a sigh Jareth stroked Sarah's hair and started to sing softly.

There's such a sad love,
deep in your eyes,
a kind of pale jewel,
open and closed within your eyes,
i'll place the skies, within your eyes.

Sarah stiffened in his arms slightly but he continued singing, trying to calm her down by stroking her neck and arm. It seemed to work as her sobs slowed down and her breathing returned to normal, albeit a bit short.

There's such a fooled heart,
beating so fast,
in search of new dreams,
a love that will last within your heart,
i'll place the moon within your heart.

The tears were down to mere sniffles. Sarah was concentrating on Jareth's singing, and trying not to concentrate on his touch. Over the years she had experienced a number of dreams, of that ballroom dream she had in the Labyrinth, that stopped, for the most part, being innocent. A blush returned on her face when she remembered all the dreams with him singing this song to her.

As the pain sweeps through.
makes no sense for you,
every thrill has gone,
wasn't too much fun at all,
but Ill be there for you-oo-oo,
as the world falls down

Jareth seemed to notice her blushing. He tightened his grip on her and she could practically hear the smirk in his voice. The tears had long since stopped flowing but she couldn't bring herself to let him go. His smirk grew at that, he wasn't about to relinquish his grip on her anyway. His voice faded away but Sarah could still hear it inside her head.

"Thank you." She whispered after a few minutes.

"Not at all my dear. It seemed you needed that." Jareth replied, stroking her back. Sarah shifted in his arms then it hit her, she was in Jareth's arms! She sprang away suddenly and backed up to the other side of the couch. He looked at her and she registered surprise and hurt in his eyes until the cold mask was back. "Now my love, what is wrong? You seemed rather content a moment ago."

"I was upset a minute ago. Now i'm fine, so you can leave." Sarah bit out. Jareth was once again surprised. He looked at her, this time not bothering to hide his confusion, until she stood up and walked back to her room.

Sarah heard him following and slammed the door in his face, then locked it. It seemed to work until she turned around and he was standing at the foot of her bed, now angry along with confused. "Dare I ask what the problem is now?" He snapped.

"Nothing you'd be concerned with."

"Now why do you say that?"

"Because you were only doing all that to take advantage of me later!"

A stunned silence fell over the pair while Jareth was recovering his bearings. It was partly true, he was hoping in her weakened state that he'd be able to convince her to come back to the Underground with him but he wouldn't go so far as to take advantage of her. Sarah meanwhile was watching him with a guarded expression. She regretted yelling at him but she felt what she said was true, he'd never be so nice otherwise.

"My love, if I wanted to do what you are suggesting i'd do, it would be done by now and I would be long gone." Jareth growled, his mismatched eyes flashing. Sarah backed up slowly while he advanced on her. "Furthermore I merely felt you needed comforting because of what happened earlier. Believe it or not, I am a gentleman. It may not show very often but I would never take advantage of a woman like that." Unless they were willing, or I was drunk. He added mentally. By then he had her pressed up againt the door of her room, arms on either side of her, head tilted down to look at her.

Sarah looked away from him for a second then looked right into his eyes. He could see shame in them. Before she could say anything he swooped down and pressed a kiss on her lips. Without waiting for her to respond he dropped his arms to her waist and pressed her closer against him. He waited until she wrapped her arms around his neck before releasing her. He bent down until his mouth was near her ear and chuckled. "Would you like to be taken advantage of?"

The way he said it made her blush deeply. "Not right now...i'm sorry I accused you earlier. I was still upset by what happened earlier."

"Think nothing of it." He grinned, exposing his pointed teeth, and bent down to kiss her again. This time she responded instantly and smiled against his lips. Maybe Mondays were better then she thought.

Yeah...kinda plotless and a little fluffy. Plus it took me a week to write it. Review anyway? :D I gotta tell ya though, Hoggle is extremely hard to write xD cause I didn't pay much attention to the way he talks in the movie. Good thing I have that movie on my iPod ;D

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