"Hey Jasper." I murmured, a deep crimson blush rising in my cheeks. Why was I suddenly blushing? Was it the intellectual way he was staring at me? What was going on?

"Oh, hi Bella." He looked away from the book in his hands and let out a beautiful smile.

"Um," I bit my lip, suddenly nervous. "What are you reading?" I couldn't help but be curious, I loved books, especially the classics.

"A Midsummer night's dream." Jasper responded with a knowing smile.

"Really?" I squealed, sounding like Alice.

"Yeah," He patted the open seat next to me. "You can read with me if you want."

"Ummm," I bit my lip, really wanting to. But suddenly something dawned on me. "I can't," His face fell slightly, but he quickly recovered. "I'll slow you down," I said quickly, getting the feeling that upsetting Jasper would be the worst feeling in the world.