Author's Note: Yeah, so this is my second Twilight story. It is of course Edward/Bella (and Jasper/Alice and Emmett/Rosalie) and everyone is humanSo here we go.


"Alice, I swear, if you are not out here in the next five seconds, I will break down the door!"

I was usually a very patient person – really, I was – but there was something about my roommate's bathroom habits that made me completely insane. It was probably the fact that she could be in there for four hours straight.

"Alright, alright," she said, opening the door and walking past me, looking perfect as usual.

I was the black sheep of the group, there was no doubt about it. Alice, short and black-haired, looked like a pixie with glowing skin and sparkling eyes. My other roommate, Rosalie, was the Perfect Woman according to most guys. She had long blonde hair, far past her waist, and looked like she should be a model rather than a college student. While Alice took hours getting ready, Rose needed no work to look amazing.

"Alice, please," she said airily, stalking through the hall past me and into her room. "You know you're not allowed to lock the bathroom door when you're getting ready."

"Sorry, Bella," Alice said to me, then she added in a louder voice, "Sorry, Rosie!"

"Don't call me that," Rose snapped.

Yes, I was certainly the black sheep. I had long brown hair, nothing special about it, and I was so pale that my skin almost seemed translucent. That is, when I was not blushing, so not that often. Alice was suddenly looking me up and down, appraising my outfit. I nervously tugged at the bottom of my modest-cut blouse.

"This will not do, Bella," she said sadly. "If you keep hiding your body like this, I will have to take action."

I winced. Not a make-over. Anything but that. "Really, you don't have to do that."

Alice grinned. "Come on, then. Let's find you something that won't force me to call you Grandma Swan."

I rolled my eyes, but followed her none the less. I did not want to be called grandma by anyone. Glancing in Rose's room, I saw her spinning in front of her mirror, appraising her looks. I laughed as silently as I could, but she saw me in the mirror and glared at me. Suddenly, I could feel Alice pull me by the arm.

"I've found the perfect outfit!" she squealed, practically bouncing up and down.

I cringed inwardly. Alice and I did not have the same understanding of 'the perfect outfit'. I looked it over none the less, and was pleasantly surprised. On my bed was a pair of tight black jeans and a simple red tank top. A pair of black ballet shoes were lying neatly on the floor. I think I might have 

nodded, because before I knew it, Alice was stripping my clothes and helping me put the new ones on.

I looked in my full-body mirror and gasped. My body looked so good, I had curves! "Thank you, Alice," I said in amazement.

"Well," she said in a proud voice, "my work here is done."

And she left my room, yelling "Rosie!" as she closed the door behind her. I just stood there in front of the mirror, and felt a blush spread across my cheeks. Who was I kidding anyway? I hadn't had been in a relationship in over a year, and my last one had been… difficult, to say the least. I shouldn't delude myself into thinking that anyone would be interesting in little old me.

Sitting down on my bed, I picked up the book closest to me. It was Wuthering Heights, of course. I'd been reading it for what must've been the hundredth time. I was in my second year of college, with English Literature as my major. In the evenings and weekends I worked at a bookstore/coffee place named The Literati. I was really into books, as you may understand.

Alice and Rose were my best friends, or more like my sisters. I had known Rose since I was little, and in high school we stumbled upon Alice, who quickly decided that we were all meant to be the best of friends. We moved into this large but kind of worn apartment straight out of high school. It was really expensive, but Alice was… let's say she didn't need to think about money very much. Her parents were unbelievably wealthy, but they had never been around. I always imagined that's why Alice was so very defensive over me and Rose. We were all she had.

Rose was something else completely. She had always been a Barbie kind of girl, while I just wanted to read. We had compromised and managed to remain as close as always. She may have seemed shallow and just good looks, but there was a sassy and sarcastic person beneath all the beauty. I loved her calm and coolness, especially in light of Alice's excitement and bubbly personality.

Again, I was the black sheep. I had no particular personality traits – except that I seemed to fall down a lot – and I wasn't very exciting. But they still stayed friends with me, and I felt strangely thankful. Yes, I had pretty bad self-confidence.

Suddenly Alice's head was in my doorway, bopping up and down excitedly. "Come on, Bella, let's go!"

I laughed and followed her out into the hall where Rose stood, already finished putting on her jacket and high stiletto boots. Being the designated driver, as I was the only one not yet twenty-one, I drove us to the club Alice finally had convinced me to go to. I wasn't the dancing type, as I sometimes wondered if my feet had a life separate from my body.

We entered the place, and I groaned immediately. There were so many people and everyone looked drunk out of their minds. Alice looked ecstatic as she looked at the huge dance floor, and even Rose cracked a small smile when she spotted the cute bartenders. We grabbed a small high table and sat down. Alice was bobbing her head with the music and Rose quickly took our drink orders and hit the bar.

When she returned, I quickly grabbed my Coke and took a sip. This place was making me nervous.

"Relax, Bella," said Alice, patting my arm. She was having a Metropolitan, sipping merrily.

I tried to smile at her and actually felt a bit more at ease. Rose had finished her beer quickly and told Alice to hurry up with her drink, eager to go flirt some more with the bartender. Her eyes were a little unfocused, and something told me that chugging down a beer in under five minutes had been a bad idea. But soon enough she was back at the bar.

"Let's dance, Bella!" Alice shrieked, she too looking a little tipsy. I shook my head vigorously.

"Dancing will wait until I can drink like you and Rose," I laughed.

"Suit yourself then," she giggled and danced out to join the many bodies that were grinding against each other on the floor. I cringed, wishing I had any control at all over my body movements. I looked around, trying not to look at the dancing people, and my eyes fell on the back of a head.

He was sitting alone about five tables away, looking at the people on the dance floor. His hair was an amazing shade of reddish brown. It was thick and kind of insane, but still looked like he could be a hair model. As if sensing my eyes on him, he suddenly turned around and met mine.

I gasped at the intensity of his eyes, they looked very green, and I quickly looked down at the table. I could feel my cheeks growing warm and cursed my pale skin. When I dared look up again, the beautiful man had been joined by two others. Both were also beautiful, one was huge and laughing a booming laugh, while the other looked pretty shy and had blonde hair.

"Wow," I whispered. If Rose could have seen these three… They wouldn't have known what hit them.

The red-haired man looked over at me with a curious look in his eyes, and again I gasped and looked down. He must wonder why I was staring at him. I was so ashamed, why did I have to make a fool of myself over and over again? He was clearly out of my league, so much that it was laughable. I looked up quickly and saw that they were leaving, the blonde and the big one were laughing and punching each other in the arm playfully. The red-haired one looked over at me one last time and gave me a crooked smile. I gaped at him and turned around, looking for Rose and Alice.

I couldn't believe it. Rose was on the wrong side of the bar, taking orders and giving out drinks to the patrons. The bartender she had flirted with was glancing at her every two seconds. Shaking my head, I searched for Alice and found her on stage, right next to the DJ. She was dancing wildly, while the people on the dance floor cheered and clapped. I slapped my forehead.

Getting them home would probably take a while. As I fought my way to the bar to start with trying to reason with Rose, all I could think of was a head of wild bronze hair and a pair of piercing green eyes.

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