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Summary: Bella, Alice and Rosalie, 3 bffs, are determined not to let their last summer vacation before college go to waste. So, they invite their cousins (Emmett, Jasper, and Edward), and go on a trip across the US. Will love grow along the way? Usual pairings ALL HUMAN

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

It was the last day of school. The seniors around me were literally bouncing in anticipation, me being no exception. The teacher had given up trying to teach us something a half hour ago, so now everyone was talking happily and anxiously glancing at the clock. My best friends Mary Alice Brandon (who goes by Alice) and Rosalie Hale (but likes to be called Rose) were in this class and were talking excitedly about a plan to drive all the way across the country and visit almost every state. Rosalie had convinced her parents to let her borrow their RV (which was totally awesome); on the condition that we each bring an extra person that could protect us if we needed it.

"How unfair is that? Who could we possibly bring along that we wouldn't want to kill within two weeks and could protect us?" Rose complained loudly. Her platinum blond hair was down and swished as she shook her head. Her blue eyes seemed furious at the idea.

"Well, I could always go if you wanted." I turned around and came face-to-face with Mike Newton. He had been trying to go out with me for weeks (though I had no idea why. I mean, come on, I was pretty average), and probably saw this as an opportunity for me to date him. The truth was I didn't like him like that. He was just a friend.

"Sorry, Mike," I apologized, "but, no."

"Why?" He whined. I almost started laughing at how funny he sounded. I could imagine him as a Labrador, whining to be taken along on the family vacation.

"Because, my dad wouldn't like that. You know how protective he is." I answered; thanking the heavens I had that excuse. My dad was the police chief of Forks, and I was pretty sure he wouldn't let any random guy go with us, especially not Mike. Rose had told him about how Mike kept trying to go out with me, and he told me that I could use him as an excuse any time I needed.

This was definitely one of those times.

"Oh, ok." Mike mumbled, and walked away to go sit with Jessica and Lauren. I turned back to Alice and Rose, who were snickering.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up." I muttered, sitting down in my desk.

Alice abruptly stopped laughing. "Hey," Alice started, her emerald eyes glimmering in excitement as an idea struck, "I could bring my cousin Edward!" She jumped up and down in her seat merrily at the idea, her spiky black hair bobbing along with her. "That would be so great! I've always wanted him to meet you guys! He lives in Chicago, so we'd have to fly him over first, but that would be so cool! He has the best taste in music, oh and…" I droned out as she continued on and on about her cousin in detail. He was a pianist, he loved classical music and books (insert a nudge and a wink from Rose and me rolling my eyes), and he had bronzish colored hair and eyes similar to her.

"So, Bella, who would you drag along with us psychos?" Rose asked me suddenly.

Instantly, a picture of my cousin Emmett flashed through my mind. He was a wrestler and a football player (not to mention he worked out every day), so he could keep us safe. Not to mention, he was absolutely hilarious. He loved to play video games and pull pranks. He had curly dark-brown hair and hazel eyes. He loved cars too, so Rose would have someone to talk to. He was the perfect choice. When I told them my idea, they squealed.

Rose smirked. "Just to keep up with the trends, I guess I could invite my cousin Jasper. He lives in Alabama. He is pretty quiet, and I'm not sure he could protect us very well, but I'm sure that Dad would approve."

"Yes!" Alice cheered from beside me. "So it's settled? We're going to invite my cousin Edward, Bella's cousin Emmett, and Rose's cousin Jasper?"

"Yep!" I chirped. Around us, everyone had started screaming a countdown to the bell ringing, making it feel like New Year's Eve.





"You know what this means, don't you?" Alice yelled over everyone else, a familiar evil glint in her eyes. Oh, no… "Shopping trip!"




"No way Alice!" I argued. "We'll probably go shopping along the way. Don't you think that we should just use what we have?"




"Come on Bella! It'll be fun!" Rose added, agreeing with Alice.

"No." I was stubborn and proud of it.

"Fine. You come shopping with us and we won't do your make-up for…a week." Alice compromised. I considered the options, and since this was probably the best deal I was gonna get, I agreed.

"I mean it guys! No make-overs for a whole week! That's seven days!" I yelled over the crowd of teenagers chanting the numbers louder.

"Of course Bella. One whole week, seven days." Alice agreed, but she was smirking. Oh no, she had a plan.




The bell signaling the end of school rang out and everyone screamed and ran out of the class. Everyone was congratulating one another and telling each other to call so they could hang out. I saw Tyler, another guy who liked me, start walking my way. I quickly walked towards my rusty red truck that I had gotten for my birthday to avoid him. Alice and Rose were there waiting for me. I climbed into the driver's seat and we drove off to my house to plan our vacation and call our cousins.

This was either going to be the best summer vacation, or the worst.

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