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Chapter 15

Emmett's Point of View


Last night, after we got back, Jasper and Alice stayed in the big bedroom, Rose and Bella shared the hallway, and Edward stayed out in the main area with me. To be honest, I think I was the only one who got any sleep. Bella apparently kept Rose up with her sleep-talking, Jasper slept in a chair, I kept Edward awake with my snoring, and Alice had a very good reason to be so exhausted. But what I didn't understand was the way she kept glancing at my cousin with nervousness in her eyes, finding excuses to be near her at almost all times. I'm going to have to ask her about that.

Anyway, right now we were just docking on Alcatraz. There were buildings scattered around, with patches of wildflowers growing everywhere. The buildings looked so old if I punched them they'd probably tumble to the ground. After gazing at the place in pure awe, a man came up to the large group of tourists with a microphone in hand.

"Hello," the snotty man sneered, "and welcome to Alcatraz prison, which is known as Alcatraz or The Rock. Please follow me." Without waiting for a response, he turned and walked quickly into the next building. I sighed. This was going to be great.

We followed him around as he pointed out cannons from the civil war, some flat land from when they tried to flatten the island, and a brick jailhouse built in 1867 to hold prisoners. I tuned out what he said for the most part due to the fact that it was summer. Like I wanted to learn on my summer break. Geez, who do you think I am? Bella?

Finally, we made it to the main cell building. For the most part, I just looked in the cells, until the tour guide mentioned escapees.

"On June 11, 1962 one of the most intricate escapes ever devised took place. Behind the prisoners' cells in Cell Block B was an unguarded 3-foot wide utility corridor. The prisoners chiseled away the moisture-damaged concrete from around an air vent leading to this corridor, using tools like metal spoons created from dimes and an electric drill improvised from a stolen vacuum cleaner motor. The noise was disguised by accordions played during music hour, and their progress was concealed by false walls which fooled the guards because of the darkness of the cells. From the corridor, the escape route led up through a fan vent; the fan and motor had been removed earlier. They stole raincoats to use as a raft for the trip to the mainland. Leaving papier-mâché dummies in their cells with paint brush bristles as hair, they escaped. Their raft was found on Angel island, and it seems that they drowned while swimming. This was the closest attempt at escape made here," he droned in an uninterested voice.

I, however, was very interested. This could be my chance to shine! I would be the first person to break out of Alcatraz, and cheer all of my grumpy friends up.

When the tour guide motioned for us to leave the room, I grabbed the back of Edward and Alice's shirts, who grabbed the back of Bella and Jasper's shirts, who grabbed Rose's shirt. We all fell to the floor in a very domino-like fashion. I instantly burst out laughing, while the rest of them glared at me.

"What the hell, Emmett?!" Rose growled cutely. I smiled and got up, walking towards one of the cells.

"I'm going to escape from prison!" I yelled happily, proud of my idea. The others continued to glower at me, and if looks could kill I would be six feet under. I frowned when none of them laughed.

"It could be fun…!" I whined, knowing I sounded like a child right now.

"Emmett, you will most likely be in and out of jail cells for the rest of your life. Why do you want to go in one for fun?" Bella commented. The others laughed (for the first time today) while I shrugged.

"Practice!" I responded before opening one of the rusty cells. It was so small I could barely walk in a full circle. "Hmmmm…now how exactly am I going to escape…?" While I was pondering my options, I could feel the other's scathing glares on my back. I was so caught up in my planning that I didn't notice the person slowly closing the bars until they shut with a clang. "Hey!" I yelled, running up to open them. The others laughed as I tried to open the bars, but couldn't. "Seriously guys," I yelled, "let met out!"

"It's not locked, Emmett," Rose commented. "Jasper hardly even slammed it!"

I turned my focus to her southern cousin, who was laughing so hard I don't think he was breathing. When he noticed my glare he just kept laughing.

"Think of it as revenge," he commented, "for what happened at the airport."

"Yeah yeah," I growled, "now open it!"

Jasper slowly sauntered over, taunting me. He flashed me a grin before yanking on the bars. They didn't budge. I almost smirked as the grin on his face was replaced with a frown. "Hey, Edward, help me out here," he called, and Edward joined in. Soon everyone was trying to open them, myself included, but they just wouldn't budge. "Crap." Jasper muttered. "Sorry. I really didn't mean for it to lock."

I sighed. I guess I deserved it for that prank I played on him. "It's alright. Edward and Alice can stay here and keep me company and the rest of you can go find the snotty guy to help get me out." Alice sent me a worried glance at this, while Edward sent me a grateful one. I should've known that he would notice the glances Alice was sending Bella.

The other three left to find Mr. Snot-in-a-box. As soon as they were out the door, Edward turned to face Alice.

"Why do you keep staring at Bella like that?" We both asked at the same time. She winced, but shrugged.

"Don't give me that," Edward spat, "what's with the worried glances?" She just shook her head. You'd think with the two of us ganging up on her, she'd give up considering she's only 4'9" or something. Apparently, Pixie's gotta backbone.

"I'll tell you guys later. They're coming back." Alice whispered as Jasper, Bells, Rose and Mr. Snotty came back.

"Fine," Edward responded in the same tone. I glared at him, and he looked at me. "Be patient, Emmett."

He makes that sound so easy.


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