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Elphaba stared silently at the stars from her spot on the grass. Fiyero lay beside her, resting silently. He could not sleep as a scarecrow. She shifted into a sitting position, her soft brown eyes moving to his still form. They were now close to the edge of Oz.

The couple had only just left a day ago, traveling mostly by broom. So much had happened to them just that short time ago, however. Both Elphaba and Fiyero had faked their deaths and now they could never return to Oz.

Elphaba felt a strong pang of guilt when she thought about Glinda. She never told her that she was alive and even though Elphaba knew she couldn't tell her, she still felt guilt. The more she thought, the more she realized that she felt even worse about Fiyero. Elphaba kept reminding herself that she had turned him into a scarecrow to save his life; however, she had deprived him of his former good looks.

Of course, she didn't care about what he looked like, but she knew how hard it was to look different. He now had to face that hardship. She lay down on the grass again and Fiyero's arms immediately wrapped around her. Elphaba smiled at the feeling of warmth now enveloping her as she relaxed in his straw and cloth arms, which were as strong as ever. Finally, after pushing her thoughts to the back of her mind, she drifted to sleep.

The bright morning sun shone down on them, causing Fiyero to wonder when he should wake his lover. He saw Elphaba, sleeping soundly with her arms wrapped around him and her long black hair fanned out on the grass. Her green skin looked beautiful in the light, at least to him. Fiyero felt Elphaba shift very slightly and her chocolate brown eyes opened, looking in his eyes.

"Good morning, strawman." She mumbled with a smile.

"Morning." He smirked at her words; that was definitely his Elphaba. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Elphaba then sat up and began to stare at a nearby tree. She was clearly deep in thought.

"Fae?" He asked, some concern in his voice.

Without responding, she pulled out an old piece of parchment and unfolded it.

"Is that from the Grimmerie?" Fiyero asked, surprised.

"Yes," She answered absently. She began to read the page over carefully, examining each word. Elphaba lifted her hands and moved them so her palms faced Fiyero. She then began to chant in the ancient language of magic that only few could understand.

"Eleka namu ami michu ami atume" She repeated it at least four times, until Fiyero let out a cry of pain. Elphaba stopped immediately, looking up at Fiyero with wide eyes.

"Yero?" She used his nickname, but with much concern.

When the pain didn't seem to cease, Elphaba surged forward toward him. Elphaba rarely cried, even as a child. She would always fend back the tears until the feeling had passed. This time, however, tears were more than threatening to fall. She embraced him, hoping that the pain would stop soon and that no real harm would come to him.

"Fiyero…I'm sorry!" Her green face seemed to turn several shades lighter as he let out another scream. "I'm sorry, just stay strong! Fight it!" Elphaba felt wet drops drip down her face. Fiyero's pain seemed to relieve itself suddenly. Hope glimmered in Elphaba's eyes, but it soon disappeared when he winced and grabbed his left arm. A loud ripping noise cracked through the air, and both of them looked down to see that Fiyero's straw arm had split open, straw dropping all over the grass. Before Elphaba could let out any kind of reaction, something caught her eye.

There was something underneath the straw. She reached forward and brushed pieces of straw on Fiyero's arm aside and revealed human flesh. A grin broke across her emerald-skinned face and she took Fiyero's cloth-hand and pulled. The entire thing ripped off and a human arm was underneath. She gently caressed his pale arm taking away any last pieces of straw.

"Let's get this off you." Elphaba said quickly as she began to tear at his legs. Fiyero joined in, and worked on his other arm. It was a rather long process, but Elphaba was twistedly reminded of unwrapping a Lurlinemas present.

Finally, after much tearing and ripping, Fiyero, in his original human form, was in front of her. Quite literally, actually, because Fiyero was completely naked. The spell, of course, wouldn't have put clothing on Fiyero. It was only meant to return him to his original state. Elphaba felt a smirk creep up her lips and Fiyero just playfully hit her arm.

"So," Elphaba began, flicking a remaining piece of straw out of his hair, "should I get you some clothes?"

"That would be great." Fiyero replied, shivering slightly from the cool breeze.

Elphaba's smirk grew even larger. "Before we get you clothes…" She reached forward and lightly ran her finger across his chest. Fiyero got the hint, and leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on her lips. Elphaba quickly deepened the kiss by extending her tongue into his mouth. Fiyero moved onto his back and Elphaba followed him down, kissing him more passionately then she had ever done before.

Elphaba and Fiyero reached the edge of the forest at sunrise the next day. Elphaba had given Fiyero her cloak so he could stay warm. Elphaba was wearing the same black dress she wore when leaving Oz, but she didn't care. From where they were now, they could see one of the four deserts that completely isolated Oz.

"Almost no one has crossed this desert, right?" Fiyero asked.

"No one that went into the desert came back." Elphaba corrected.

"And we're going to try to cross it?" He asked skeptically.

"No, we're not going to try. We're going to cross it." She responded.

"May I ask how?" Fiyero replied, still sounding slightly nervous.

Elphaba took out the same piece of parchment from the Grimmerie that she had used earlier. She gently unfolded it, and held it carefully in her emerald-green fingers.

"This page also has a teleportation spell that should take us across the desert." Elphaba explained while reading the parchment. She reached down and grabbed her broom from the ground. She held it in her left hand, as well the Grimmerie page. Elphaba took Fiyero's hand with her empty hand and began to chant. "Condicio fluxi confugium desero." After she repeated this twice, they felt a strong pull of energy, and once she said the spell again, they felt a strong surge and light completely enveloped them.

Glinda the Good sat on the puffy bed in her bedroom in the Upper Uplands. She had been declared the temporary leader of Oz until an election could be held and followed through with. Glinda's magic had improved a bit, but she was still not even close to Elphaba's level. The blonde was currently flipping through the pages of the Grimmerie, and was getting extremely frustrated. Finally, she had enough and slammed the ancient book shut.

"How in Oz could Elphie understand this?" She muttered angrily to herself.

The cause of her anger was not just that she couldn't read the spells, it was also the reason that the book was in her possession to begin with. Glinda felt a tear slide down her face and she wiped it away almost immediately. Elphaba's death had taken a huge toll on her, and she had spent hours on end in her room, trying to interpret the writing in the Grimmerie.

Of course, Glinda knew that the chances of understanding it so soon were very small, but she was too desperate not to try. Elphaba had asked her to learn how to read it, and Glinda wanted nothing more than to follow through with Elphaba's last request. She then collapsed on the bed, letting her tears flow freely as she sobbed into her pillow. She wanted… no, she needed her best friend back.