Draco woke sometime in the night. He smiled with memory of the dream he had just had. He and Harry had finally had the proper wedding they both deserved and had spent the night as husbands. He turned to kiss his husband but found the bed empty. All that was there was a note and a flower.

'Draco. I'm sorry but I had to go and see him. Please understand. I love you. Harry'

Draco stood and slipped into his robes. He knew where Harry had gone and he thought he understood why. He apparated outside of the grounds of Hogwarts and walking through the gates of his old school he made his way towards the quiditch pitch. In the distance stood the great white monument which bore the names of the heroes of the war who had lost their lives.

He saw a figure standing there alone in the dark night air. "Harry" he called.

The figure turned towards him with tears streaming down his cheeks. "Draco."


Harry had woken up about an hour after they fell asleep. He looked at his husband lying next to him. He felt such a mix of emotions. He was happier then he had been in so many years. He was married to Draco; they were raising his daughter Lily and were expecting one of their own. They had renewed their vows after the wedding was rushed because of the custody battle with Ginny. So why was hid mind still on Severus? Had he not just pledged himself to Draco for all eternity?

He slipped from the bed and dressed in his robes. He had to go. He couldn't lie next to his husband and think of Severus. Draco had no idea. He had never found the words to tell Draco. Draco knew they had been in love and engaged but no more. Draco had been Malfoy back then, a new friend, no more.

He apparated to the grounds of Hogwarts and walked to the monument. Walked to the one last bit of his husband and son that he had left in the world.

Finding Severus' name upon the stone he traced it with his fingers and the symbol. "Severus, my husband and my son. How I miss you."

He stood there tears streaming down his cheeks, not noticing the footsteps behind him until he heard. "Harry."

He turned to see his husband standing behind him looking worried. "Draco."

His husband's arms slipped around him. "You know he'd be happy for you Harry."

Harry nodded. "He told me before he died he wanted me to be happy. He'd be happy for both of us."

Draco sighed. "I thought, I thought you were feeling guilty. I thought that you might be..."

Harry turned to look at him. "I might be regretting our marriage? Never. I do feel guilty but it's about not telling you the truth."

Draco didn't understand. "Harry, what truth? What haven't you told me?"

Harry was silent for a moment. "Draco, you're not my first. You're not my first husband."

Draco wasn't sure why Harry was telling him this. "I am aware of that Harry. I knew you were married to Ginny for nearly six years."

Harry shook his head. "I didn't say my first marriage. Do you remember that New Years eve before the final battle when I and Sev disappeared until late?"

Draco nodded. "You came back and we had a feast brought by Dobby."

Harry struggled to continue. "It was a wedding feast. Severus and I were married that night. We swore to keep it a secret until the war was over. We'd have a real wedding then."

Draco was shocked. "You never told anyone? You have been Severus' widow all of this time and you never told anyone?"

Harry nodded. "He wanted me to move on. I was so buried in my grief over the death of my husband and of our..."

Draco knew what he was about to say but he needed Harry to say it to make it real. "Your what?"

"Our son. I was pregnant. The poison from Nagini caused me to miscarry. I lost Sev and our baby in one fateful night." Harry admitted.

Draco's heart plummeted for his husband. He had known how much Harry had loved his godfather but he had never realized how much. He had known they were engaged but to find Harry had hidden his marriage and both the existence and death of his first born.

"How could you have kept this to yourself all of this time? I would have thought the loss would have driven you insane." Draco said.

"It nearly did." Harry said and for the first time he shared with Draco his pain.


It was three days after the final battle and Harry had been released from the hospital wing finally. He had grown tired of everyone fawning over him. He had not had a moment of peace to himself since he had woken up. He knew they all loved him but no one understood what he was going through. No one.

That night he walked down to the new monument. He searched through the names until he found his husband's name. The symbol he asked for was on the stone. His fingers trace it. His son's name should have been there but it never would.

He fell to his knees. Tears coursing down his cheeks. He should have died with Severus and their son. He never should have survived. He took from his pocket a knife which he had taken from dinner. He held it against his flesh, trying to convince himself to slice his wrist open. He wanted to be with them.

"Harry" a voice had cut through. Neville came to his side. "Harry you can't."

Harry shook. "Neville leave me, you don't understand, no one understands."

Neville came and sat next to him. "Then help me understand Harry. Please help me understand. We need you, you can't do this."

Harry was shaking. "He was my husband. Severus was my husband. We were married. He died protecting me like everyone that loves me has died for me."

Neville was shocked by the news but he could see there was more. "Harry, I am so sorry for his death. He loved you too much to allow you to die. Don't throw away his sacrifice, don't make it worthless."

Harry looked at the knife. "I thought I was going to die from the venom. I thought I would kill Voldemort and I would go to my husband and be with him."

Neville moved towards Harry and managed to slip the knife form his hands. "You need to go on Harry. He would have wanted you to. You'll find happiness again."

Harry wasn't sure why he was opening up to Neville. Hermione and Ron, Remus, everyone had tried to get him to talk. Some how though Neville got him to speak. He needed someone desperately to understand. He needed someone to know why he couldn't simply dry his tears and move on.

"I was pregnant." He whispered.

Neville barely heard the words. "Pregnant?"

Harry nodded. "My son, Severus James Snape, he saved me. He took Nagini's poison and spared my life. I miscarried soon after I was taken to Poppy."

Neville held Harry in his arms now. "Oh God Harry. Why haven't you told anyone? You know we'd try to help you."

Harry shook. "I didn't want anyone's pity. My pain was enough without it. I'm only telling you because I need someone, someone to understand this pain."

Neville stayed with Harry through the night there at the monument. They spoke no more words but when they left the next morning and went in for breakfast, Neville shared a bond never to be broken with Harry. Neville promised never to reveal to anyone what Harry had told him. As long as Harry came to him when he needed help.


Harry looked at his husband. "I'm sorry I never told you. By the time we met in Paris again I had spent so many years living this lie, I didn't know how to tell anyone."

Draco wasn't angry; he felt such sorrow for his husband. "I can't believe you have been dealing with this alone all these years. Your son, your husband."

Harry nodded and traced the symbol. "The only sign of my son ever existed. When Lily was born my heart began to mend finally. But my son will always have a piece of me."

Draco held his husband to him. "Thank you for telling me. Thank you for letting me know the pain you have suffered Harry."

Harry looked up into his eyes. "Please don't be angry. I meant our vows tonight. Sev is my past. A part of my heart will always be his, but you are my future."

Draco gently kissed his husband and dried his tears. "I know, and I'm not angry with you. And if I have to share a part of you with someone else, I'm glad it's my godfather, who I loved so much."

Draco went to help Harry to his feet but taking out his wand he did something that he knew Harry had needed for some time. When he was finished Harry stood looking in shock at the new engraving below his husband's name.

Severus James Snape- his fathers' little angel

Harry turned to Draco, the tears flowing again. "Thank you."

They walked away arm in arm and headed home to the manor. They headed home to their daughter Lily and the promise of the new baby to come. Years later when their first son was born Draco and Neville alone understood why Harry refused to give the child Severus' name.

Authors note: The epilogue is meant to fall after Chapter 17 of "What is family?" This story was meant as a prequel to "What is family?" So the story continues there for anyone who has not read it.