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"Kyoko-san, can I see you in here for a minute?"

With a sigh, Kyoko Mogami placed her latest script back in her bag to follow her newest director into his office. Since her spot as Mio during Dark Moon, Kyoko had been getting a lot of offers. Granted, most of these offers were for dark, more "Mio-like" roles, but she had taken them all in stride. Soon, she found ways to tweak her role just in the slightest bit so each one stood out from the rest yet no one could complain. The directors called her a prodigy and eventually she had started getting completely different roles.

Like that one she had bagged just last week for instance.

In the her newest role she played Nakamura Nadeshiko, a first year student at an all-female boarding school. Nadeshiko -or Shi-chan as she was more commonly known as- was an adventurous, playful girl of 16. With long auburn hair and a never-ending smile, she was a very popular girl in her school.

This part had made Kyoko wince at first. She had never experienced this type of thing in real life, so she had nothing to base it off of. During her childhood, no other girls would speak to her, thanks to Shotaro. The girls at her acting school had not been much better, still holding a grudge since Kyoko was already in show business. Now in her 2nd year of high school herself, she was still looked down upon and had no friends there. So, basically, being popular was a very foreign thing to her.

Kyoko's face darkened. Pretty, smart, fun. My character is the complete opposite of me. Why would the director even think of hiring me for such a spot? The first shooting she was to appear in would take place tomorrow. I've never even been on set yet, and all my coworkers are still mysteries to me -the movie was still in the developing stages so the director hadn't released any names yet- so how can I know if this role is right for me? What if I mess up?

Still, Kyoko was very excited for this job. She would be able to broaden her horizons this way. In this story, the heroine -Kyoko- was to fall in love with her 26-year-old teacher, Kimichi Touya. He is the newest, younger, and only male teacher. She is the class rep, volleyball captain, and most popular girl in class. No wonder it causes such a scandal when they elope. The teachers petition to fire Touya while the students completely shun Nadeshiko. Still, in the end, the couple overcomes all odds and marry.

Kyoko drifted into her dreamy phase. Her eyes widened as she saw the scene before her. The beautiful Princess Nadeshiko lives happily ever after with her prince! The evil spells her classmates put on her all fade as she becomes even more beautiful then before.

Even now, Kyoko had not outgrown fairy tales. And who would want to? In fairy tales, the good guy wins, the bad guy is vanquished, and there will be a happily ever after. Isn't that what everyone wants? Well, I'm not different.

Coming back to reality, Kyoko smiled brightly at the director, taking the seat opposite him.


Who in there right mind would have the first rehearsal for their film on Christmas day, Kyoko wondered as she plowed through the snow the following morning. Few people were brave enough to wonder the streets in such weather. The ones who did, however, were mostly couples. Well, this was a very romantic holiday, after all.

Ten minutes later, Kyoko found herself at the set of the movie, Daiboken. Crew members were scurrying about, many grumbling Kyoko's early sentiment, resenting the giving up of their holiday. Not sure where to go, she walked over to a female who seemed to be shouting orders.

"Um… Excuse me," she started, ducking her head. "I'm not sure where I should be right now. On, my name is Mogami Kyoko, by the way."

The woman's eyes lit up. "Oh! Mogami-san! We've been waiting for you! Allow me to thank you on behalf of Director Takashi. We were so pleased when you accepted the job. He knew no one other then you would fit the role." This made Kyoko blush. "And you don't know where to go? How silly of me! Let me take you to the dressing room. "

We want to start shooting right away since this is the perfect weather for the scene we are starting with," she explained as she led Kyoko along. They passed many of the crew, taking a turn into a well-lit hallway. Here, many doors were marked with names. These had to be the dressing rooms. But the woman was pulling Kyoko along too fast for her to read any names.

They must all be newcomers, like me, she realized. Otherwise they wouldn't have placed me in such an important role. I mean, the lead, really!

"The name's Matti Aya, by the way. Aya-chan, please," she added as she stopped in front of a door with Kyoko's name on it. "Now, we're going to try to do just three scenes today, what with it being Christmas and all. These scenes will be when Nadeshiko first meets Touya, when Nadeshiko catches a fever and Touya takes care of her, and when Nadeshiko tells her mother of her engagement. We'll break for lunch after the first scene, so don't stress too much. Oh, and you can meet your costars after you get changed." Now she shoved Kyoko into the room. Kyoko's head was still spinning from Aya-chan's fast speak and clearly Osakan accent.

Without missing a beat, Aya-chan led Kyoko to a curtain, instructing her to change behind it. "In the first scene, you'll be at school, obviously, so you'll wear the school uniform. We have you wig right here. Once that's on, your make up artist shall pop in." The loud woman took a deep breath then. "Well, that's all covered. I'll see you once you're done. And, once again, thank you for taking this job. Everyone is excited to see you in this! Good luck!"

Kyoko couldn't help but to chuckle a bit. Such a chipper woman.

She quickly undressed and donned the uniform. It was a cute outfit meant to play up the eyes. The cut was a sailor one but more subtle; one not often used but in public schools anymore. The skirt was a brilliant sapphire blue pleated style and very nice. However, it was short enough to make Kyoko nervous. Her own high school uniform went to just above her knees but this one ended mid thigh. She tried to pull it down more, but to no avail.

I suppose this is supposed to emphasize the fact that my character is young and very cute, Kyoko realized. With that in mind, she buttoned up the white dress shirt and shrugged the burgundy blazer on. She finished by tying the bow the same color as her skirt under her collar, yanking up her knee length socks and shoes, and fixing her cuffs.

Smiling as she twirled about, she was startled when someone knocked on the door. "H-hello?" She called, "who is it?"

A girl no older then herself peeked in. "Hello, Mogami-san. I'm here to help you with you wig and make up."

Kyoko thanked her and took the seat in front of the mirror. Half an hour later, Kyoko was completely done. Her wig consisted of lovely, brown locks that twisted and curled, falling to just bellow her elbows. Just a pinch of make up had been applied -"We are going for an innocent, school girl look," the girl had told her as she applied the lip-gloss- so she was still able recognize herself by the time she was finished.

"My," the girl cooed, clasping her hands together. "You look just amazing! So cute!"

Kyoko blushed, but thanked her all the same for the compliment. The two girls walked together out of the room, finding the main stage. There, many of the stage hands complimented Kyoko as well. She returned the praise by thanking them for working with her, shyly ducking her head.

"Ah! You must be Mogami Kyoko!"

She raised her head as the voice called her name. The voice belonged to a large man introduced himself as Director Takashi. He also thanked her for joining up with his production and promised her that this film would be fun to do. After a quick run over of the scene, he went off to round up minor characters that should appear in this act.

"Mogami-san!" Smiling shyly, Kyoko spotted Aya, who was waving her over from center stage. "So glad you're here. I want to introduce you to your lead male, the one who will be Touya. He's very excited to see you. You should have seen his face when he found out you'd be staring opposite him!"

Confused, Kyoko tilted her head to a side. Who would be excited to star in a movie wither her? She didn't know many other newcomers, and newcomers could hardly be excited to work with another newcomer. Maybe this guy was just excited to work with her after seeing her in Dark Moon. Lots of people would want to word with someone who worked on such a hit drama, even if it was a small part.

Aya chuckled at her confused expression. Then she turned her head, calling over her shoulder for someone.

Words could not express Kyoko's surprise when she recognized the face. Her eyes brows completely shot up. Then she started to blink rapidly, sure he was a mirage. Next she let out a wild gasp when she realized he wasn't disappearing.

Ren Tsuruga chucked. "Aren't you even going to greet me, Kyoko-san?"