Chapter 1: A Boring Birthday

Chapter 1: A Boring Birthday

Harry Potter sat on his bed, his chin resting on his knees. It was the thirty first of July, his seventeenth birthday, yet Harry wasn't happy. Why? Well, because of one person- his brother.

Because his brother was the boy-who-lived, he got everything. Today was no different. Every since he, Harry, had been sorted into Slytherin, his family kept their distance; he couldn't even invite his friends over because they could be a "danger" to his brother. Absentmindedly, he rubbed the scar on his forehead.

"Hey Harry, you want to come down and enjoy for a bit?" Sirius, Harry's godfather asked him.

"No it's alright, none of my friends are even here" Harry said putting on a smile to appease Sirius. Unfortunately, the man didn't buy it.

"I know you feel a bit left out because you couldn't invite any of your friends to your own birthday, but understand that your parents are protective of your brother because of the prophecy. I know it seems like they hate you, but I promise you that they don't" Sirius told him softly.

"If they cared enough, they would have come up themselves" Harry answered bitterly.

"Harry, now you know that they couldn't even if they wanted to. They have to host the party downstairs and can't leave" Sirius explained. "Besides, Jen's getting lonely downstairs by herself with all those Gryffindors" Jennifer Anne Black was Sirius' daughter and like a little sister to Harry. Both had formed a great kinship after being sorted into Slytherin. Jen was four years younger than Harry and going into her third year at Hogwarts. Sirius had married Elizabeth Greene two years after James and Lily married and had two kids since- Jen and Andy. Andy was two years younger than Jen and an avid follower of the boy-who lived.

"Thanks for the offer Sirius, but I'm fine up here" Harry told him and hugged his godfather.

"Alright, but I'll bring you up some cake in a few minutes" Sirius said as he got up to leave.

"Yeah" Harry said absentmindedly. An owl flew in through the window and landed on his bed. It was followed by two tawny owls and an eagle; all three birds had gifts from his friends. Harry picked up the eagle's package first and began to read:

Dear Harry,

How's the party going? You're probably in your room sulking anyway, so I thought I'd send you your gift now. Happy Birthday

Your friend


PS. When we get back to school, we can really celebrate if you want

Harry smiled and opened the elegantly wrapped gift. As the gift wrap fell to the floor, a navigator ring was revealed. Harry wasn't sure exactly what these did, but he knew they were dead expensive. Harry mentally noted to thank Draco later.

Neatly setting the gift aside (hidden from the prying eyes of others), he pulled out the next letter/gift which he promptly read:

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! Wow, too bad we can't be there in person, but hope it's not too bad at your place with all those Gryffindors. Anyway, I saw this as I was going shopping and thought it would be wonderful for you!



Harry smiled and opened the gift that accompanied the letter. He could feel the dark magic pulsating from the object and knew it was purchased in Knockturn alley. When he opened it, he found a pair of sunglasses. He shrugged and put them away and noted to ask Daphne how they worked later.

Just as he put the gift away, his door opened and Jen Black came in slowly as if trying not to wake someone up. Harry watched amusedly as she stepped inside carefully. "You can come in y'know?" Harry told her and she blushed before walking in and sitting down. "So, what brings you to my retreat?" Harry asked.

"Well, I was getting pretty bored down there and decided it would be better up here" Jen told him. "Oh, and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday" she added as Harry eyed her suspiciously.

"You know you can't lie to me; what do you want?" He asked her, his anger reaching its limit.

"Well, dad wants you to come down because he's concerned about you and sent me up to do the dirty work" Jen got out after being stared down.

"Well, that was pretty easy. But now that you're here and I refuse, what exactly can you do?" Harry asked her returning to his work.

"Well, actually I would rather stay with you. It was getting pretty boring with all those damned aristocrats and important people down there. Hardly can stand it after a while" Jen answered cheekily. The boy-who-lived parties were never a small affair. Many times half the ministry was invited to attend as well as all of the bwl's friends. Harry and Jen however were the only slytherin's allowed to come.

"Yeah, I hear you. But by next year I'll finally be able to leave this thrice damned house and my thrice damned family"

"Hey, that's not fair. Your brother treats you fine really" Jen pointed out. Harry looked away in favor of not answering. "Fine, don't respond. So, your presents came?" She asked looking at the two unopened parcels. "Why don't you open your gifts?" and before Harry could respond, she grabbed a parcel and ripped the paper open. "Hmm, not bad" she commented keeping the gift hidden from Harry's view.

Harry made a grab for it and saw that it wasn't bad at all. It was a watch with all sorts of hands that told anything but the time. It told the weather and when he forgot something (like a remembrall) and about ten other things Harry couldn't understand.

"Why do you get all the cool gizmos from all your friends?" Jen pouted.

"They're not cool gizmos as much as they are dark" Harry pointed out. "if you were given anything like that, you wouldn't be able to keep it out of Gryffindor sight" Harry pointed out.

"Fine, I get it; I'm not exactly good at hiding things. Anyway, I heard you were going to be captain of the Slytherin Team this year"

"I don't know, the letter didn't come yet" Harry pointed out.

"Come on Harry, you're a shoo in for captain. You're the best seeker we've had since well… ever." Jen pointed out. "You've been on the team for almost seven years and besides, everyone is deathly afraid of you"

Harry's head jolted up. "No they're not, just the other houses"

"Yes they are Harry. All the slytherin's think of you as their leader or something along those lines. If you ran into the common room and yelled and order, all except the firsties would obey"

"So everyone hates me?" Harry asked unsure of himself.

"No, everyone respects you. People from my year idolize you to some extent and now as a seventh year you can claim your throne as the king of snakes" Jen joked, but missed Harry's feral grin. This may just be a good year after all.