It has told Darth Malak about itself. He does not have to struggle, like the officers and grunts alike, to decide which gender to refer to it as. He knows what is inside the metallic armor, but he can still barely contain revulsion when a mandible escapes from behind the mask, slipping into view, waving, scenting the air.


Carth Onasi glances at the near-naked being on the bed as he sits on the floor of the Taris apartment, inventorying their meager supplies. There is no clothing which will stretch over the limbs and jagged skin of the one soldier who escaped the Endar Spire. Carth has never seen the like of this creature before, and imagines as its home the trackless reaches of galactic northwest. He knows that there are many things in the universe that he has never seen, but this one is somehow unsettling, as if he had learned that myrmins had the consciousness of men.

To facilitate entrance into the Lower City and to keep the fights from breaking out which rumble between the solider and the xenophobic Tarisian activists, he accepts an invitation to a Sith employee's party. When he brings the armor back, the soldier climbs into the silver plates as if they were its natural shell.


As they stand outside the Rakatan temple, the warriors cheer while dying Sith spacecraft become fiery meteors in the cloudless sky. Bastila Shan looks at the person she once knew as Darth Revan, and notes how differently it appears to her now. No longer is it, the being who brought her from the dark, monstrous and distant. Mission does not fear it. Canderous is not nervous in the Force. Jolee has relaxed enough to occasionally mock it. They do not see the expressionless any more, , nor the chitinous face, nor the skin which cannot be described as scales or hair or feathers, nor the almost-invisible eyes. The crew of the Ebon Hawk is a team now, a family, and Revan, no matter its shape, binds them together.