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When Drew asked May if she would throw a contest for him she disagreed…when he asked her to marry him….

"Absolutely!" She shrieked tackling him into a hug.


"I'm definitely better than you." He said flicking his hair. At that point May had a fist clutched and she was ready to swing.


"Drew, you are the most egotistical, arrogant, self obsessed jerk I ever met…and despite it all you're still considerate.


He smiled softly as he ran his hand down her cheek, hesitating thinking he would hurt he delicate skin as she slept.


"I usually wouldn't care for a girl this much, but luckily for you, I'll make an exception."


"Your hair is just so green…it's…its FREAKY!"


"What do you think?" May said twirling in her red halter dress.

"Gorgeous…" Drew muttered but quickly covered his mouth as May giggled at his response.


"I don't care what people say, I love you and you're the only one who actually makes me feel happy!" Drew exclaimed as May shrunk back by his tone of voice.


When May 'tripped' and her lips crashed into Drew's it was pretty obvious what her intentions were.


"Why does she hang around that spiky haired kid anyway?" Drew muttered as he glared at Ash who was a few seats away from him cheering May on.


"What's her name?" Max asked looking down at his teal eyed niece.

"Cris-Marie Demetra Hayden." May said as she smiled down at the small baby girl.


He didn't understand why he always felt so weird when she was around and after a while it finally occurred to him…he was in love.


"MAY!!" was all you heard as May and her Wartortle rushed out the center followed by a completely soaked Drew.


"May Victoria Hayden…it has a nice ring to it." May said as she held her hand out and examined her wedding ring. Misty and Dawn exchanged bored glances. What's in a name anyway?


They were the exact opposite of one another but they still managed to complement each other.

"Opposites attract…" May said in a sing song voice. Drew rolled his eyes.


"She is mine! Back off!"

At that moment May felt more like an object than a girlfriend.


She was more than just a girl; she was his world, his love, his queen.


"Do you even understand the meaning of the word romantic?" May asked after being insulted once again. Drew shrugged.

"I thought I was doing a good job."


After Drew had kissed her she had the audacity to ask why he did that.

"May, you are stupid."


"No you hang up first…." May giggled as Max glared at her. He has been saying that for about two hours


"I thought we were supposed to be pretend going out." May said tilting her head naively.

"It's too unrealistic…maybe if you kissed me people would be convinced." Drew said smiling innocently.


"There is no material value on this earth that can take your place in my heart."


"Why did I fall for him?"


"May, you didn't break anything your just pregnant!" Drew exclaimed

"I still want an x-ray." She retorted.


"My favorite flower is yellow roses!" Cris-Marie said as she picked a yellow rose from the garden. Drew gave May a knowing look.

"I remember another girl who liked roses." He said picking up his daughter.


"Ah what the heck did you put in my ramen!" May shrieked as she spat the soup out.

"Lemon zest…" Drew said with a shrug.

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