I was supposed to be doing a report on the sources and fluxes of the MS River delta but I wrote this instead. My reports still not finished and now I'm all out of crack.

I used to be…

It is a thought most Arrancar rarely have and a thought that is never finished. After all, nobody cares but, more so than that, it doesn't matter who they were.

But there are times when he has the urge to draw his knees up to his chest, as if he feels like he pays attention more that way. Or he will find himself unconsciously wanting to stick his thumb in his mouth when he is in deep thought about something. Or some days his shoes will feel too snug and uncomfortable and he has the urge to throw them off and walk around barefoot.

Or other days when he feels the irresistible urge for something sweet, like candy or chocolate. Which is odd, because Arrancar shouldn't and couldn't know what candy tastes like.

He stands taller and straighter than most of his brethren but that is simply because he is fighting the uncanny desire to slouch over, and the only small satisfaction of his desires he will allow himself is to have his hands stuffed in his pockets.

He rarely sleeps - it feels unnatural for him to - but when he does, he dreams about skyscrapers and computers and a big black letter. He dreams about a man who looks sort of like Gin but better looking, and who has a personality like Aizen.

When he wakes, the name is sitting there on the tip of his tongue, "Ki…" But that's as far as he can remember.

Then there is a question of his own markings, those two lines that so strongly resembles tears, and it's as though he hadn't cried or even felt enough when he was alive and is now going to spend an eternity making up for it.

And there are days when he is walking down the white halls of Hueco Muendo and he will suddenly hear the unexplainable ringing of bells and the rattling of a chain.

Then one day he turns over and it comes to him.

"Kira," he says at last but doesn't understand what it means.

After all, nobody cares and it doesn't matter anymore anyway so what's the point?

Still, regardless of what he thinks to convince himself otherwise, Ulquoirra can't help but regard Aizen in a totally new light after that and unconsciously stick his thumb in his mouth.

Yes I'm saying Ulquoirra is L. Is it possible? Hell to the no! It is amusing? I certaintly hope so!