SV III part 9 Never turn your back on a villain!

15 minutes earlier, "So you want me to get your man who currently thinks he's a movie hero, away and past half the CHP?"

The man asked, and the female whitelighter replied, "Yes the spell on him has channelled his normal powers into other ones and as long as he thinks he is the Masked Marvel he can't orb and it would be embarrassing for him to be arrested!'

The man smiles and says "I do owe you one and I think we can handle it, right buddy?" (speaks to the dashboard of his car)

It answers, "Certainly Michael!"

Piper grabs Leo/MM and noticing the rapidly nearing sawmill, says "Um aren't you going to stop?!"

Taking her hand gently he replies, "No, we are wearing seat belts, it's an old wooden building and there isn't a second to lose, brace for impact!!"

Prue made one last attempt to reason with her captor as the saw blade neared, "I don't know any secrets and I 'm not Vonder, err Wonder Woman!" 'Blast he's got me doing it now!' Prue thought.

Staring down at his strictly secured and blindfolded captive Morpheus/Baron Blitzkrieg scoffed saying, "A liar to the end! Oh vell Vonder Voman nothing can save you now.." 'Ooops! Maybe I shouldn't have said that!' Morpheus/BB thought as ...

CRASH!! Piper, Phoebe & Leo/Masked Marvel made their own entrance! The thugs scrambled out of the way as the car came to a stop and the cavalry piled out. "Der Masked Marvel!" Morpheus/BB said as he saw Leo and as Phoebe dropped one of his thugs with a kick he continued, "Of course if Prue is Vonder Voman then Phoebe is Vonder girl! But who is" The mad warlocks thoughts were cut off as Piper froze the room! Sprinting across the sawmill Phoebe & Piper ran to Prue whose log had been stopped only inches from the saw!

They (with considerable difficulty)untied the ropes holding Prue to the log and got her down. Having saved their sister they relaxed for a moment in relief, too bad that was when the freeze wore off!

"Vhat, Vhere?" Morpheus/BB wondered as he turned to find 'Behind me? I never saw a thing! Of course der blacklight ray! Piper must be der Phantom Lady! I'll take care of them' The mad warlock thought as he blinked over and surprised Piper & Phoebe each with a faceful of gas!

As Leo/Masked Marvel fought against the remaining 9 thugs, M/Baron Blitzkrieg tied up Piper and Phoebe. Having tied all of the sisters at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles and gagged them with duct tape as well he took a moment to gloat as they woke up. He didn't notice a man enter the rear of the sawmill!

"Vell, I only have 2 men left but der accursed Masked Marvel is just about about finished and as for you three. Pointing to Prue, "You must die and now!" to Piper, "You vill have to learn to be a lot more submissive when I take you home to meet der Furher!" to Phoebe "You vill as vell, I have decided to keep you both!" That woke the sisters up!

However Morpheus/BB could go nofurther before he heard a man say "I really have to teach you how to treat a lady you psycho!" With that the man delivers a strong left which the warlock shrugs off and slaps him back with inhuman strength! "Ok, no more mr nice guy!" And delivers a right which shockingly enough, sends Morpheus/BB flying through the air and through the side wall of the sawmill!"

A black trans am passes our friend the deputy and it registers a speed which makes him say, "No more drinking for me!"

At the sawmill, the sisters have been freed and the last thugs are out, police sirens can be heard approaching rapidly. Prue speaks, "Thanks for the help Mr ?"

Actually it's Colonel Austin, Steve Austin. And I would appreciate it if we kept my part in this quiet." "Not a problem, we were kidnapped and really have no clue who saved us." Prue assured him.

As he left Leo/Masked Marvel kissed Piper and said, "How about occupy the CHP's I need to cut through the woods and get behind them!"

Piper turned to Phoebe as he left and complained "If you could just get the spell fixed he would remember his powers and orb away!"

Phoebe had no chance to respond as two officers entered and Phoebe rushed over crying , "Thank goodness you're here we were so scared!"

Prue whispers to Piper, "So which one will Phoebe be dating?"

Piper responds "How about both?"

As Leo/MM reaches the road he sees a black trans am which comes to a halt beside him, and the driver says, "Hop in buddy! I don't think you want to talk to the police."

"And you are?" Leo/MM replies.

"Fellow crimefighters." The car answers him!

A few minutes later back with our friend the deputy, half a dozen oncoming police and CHP vehicles see an oncoming trans am (in which a finger hits the turbo button)jump over them! The deputy passes out and in one of the cars Darryl Morris thinks, 'I smell Halliwells in this somewhere!'

Epilog 1: 'And it seemed like such a good plan!' Morpheus grumbled.

Epilog 2: A black trans am pulls up at Halliwell Manor and the sisters run out as Piper hugs Leo who assures her he's allright saying "I have made a couple of new friends."

Seeing only the driver the sisters look at Leo worriedly and Phoebe says, "Leo that is just a man('That I'd like to be friends with!' She thought) and his car! Are you feeling alright?"

"And why can't a car have friends?" The Knight Industries Two Thousand responded.

Piper and Phoebe were shocked silent but Prue responded "We don't believe in talking cars!"

"That's ok lady, KITT & I don't believe in witches!" Michael responded as he waved goodbye and drove off into the sunset.

The end

here are the characters from other TV shows who appeared in this story, none of which I own:

Frank & Joe the Hardy Boys Ponch & Jon from Chips Colonel Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man Michael Knight & KITT from Knight Rider