A/N: If you squint you might catch glimpses of Grimmcest

A/N: If you squint you might catch glimpses of Grimmcest. If you don't like that kind of thing, incest that is, then don't read.

"Sam!" John yells out. What he was greeted with was silence. Oh… that couldn't be good. Not with what was roaming around out there.

Sarge watched his frantic second-in-command. "I think she's hiding, John. Someone told her that I wasn't myself. Now who would of done something like that?"

Reaper groaned. Well… fuck. "That's because you aren't yourself, Sarge. You've been infected."

"I'm more myself than I've ever been." He says with a grin. "However, the containment has been breached. We're going by the orders we were given." He tells him pulling out the BFG and pointing it at the other man.

This wasn't… shit! "Sarge, you're infected! You can't leave here." Movement was heard and he winces as Sam hits Sarge with some unknown heavy object and the older man throws her across the room. "SAM!" He scrambles to her side and winces more as he feels a bullet slam into his side.

"Don't move, Reaper." He growls.

"… John…" Sam whispers pulling her baby brother to her. "He's infected." It's almost inaudible.

"… I know."

Sam bit her inner jaw until she tasted blood. It had to be tried… Pulling out the injector, she watched her brother.

"No…" He rasps. "No, Sam."

"Can't lose you, John." She whispers. "Please don't argue."

"How sweet. She wants to turn you into one of those monsters." Sarge smirks.

"Shut up!" Reaper growls even as he feels the needle slide into his skin. Shit! Especially when the C-24 promptly makes him pass out. He just hopes in that time Sam can ward off Sarge. At least until he wakes.