Hello again. Just updating this again. Hmm, for those of you who don't know about the Bleach Beat Collection, I intend for you to be informed.

The BBC is a collection of songs, grouped together by the character whose voice actor sings it. Each song was created specifically for that character or the group of characters featured on the disk. The largest number of songs on a disk is 6, so there's only a few songs for each, because half of the songs are instrumental versions of the first few. Except in the case of the Espada and the Aizen, Tousen, and Gin ones. Each of these has 2 songs sung by the chars voice actor, and one 'voice message' by the v.a. in which they tell about the char and what its like being them. Personally, of Ulquiorra's 2 songs, Our "WORLD" is far superior to Crush the "WORLD" DowN. Out of Grimmy's, BrEaK is my favorite. The other is okay, but I don't like it nearly as much. Oh, and if you can understand enough Japanese to tell what Suwabe Junichi is saying in the voice message for Grimmy, you'll crack up. Hell, you will even if you can't understand it.

To DL these, just kick over to Bleachportal dot net or BleachExile dot com and register. Then, go to the music downloads and DL until your PC dies.

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When Grimmjow awoke, it was with a kink in his neck and a terrible urge to pee. As he sat up and stretched, he became disoriented for a moment before remembering where he was and what was 'wrong' with his body. Grimacing at the odd pull of the physical flesh, Grimmjow got to his feet and headed towards the small hallway where he assumed the bathroom was. Seeing as to how the first door he tried opened to a tiled floor, he had been right. Disregarding lights or the door, the often brusque man fumbled with the unfamiliar zipper on his pants for a moment before finally freeing himself and pissing into the toilet. It was with a heaved sigh of relief that Grimmjow zipped back up and washed his hands in the small sink in the corner of the bathroom. Wiping his hands on his thighs, the Arrancar looked in the mirror and squinted to see his gigai's reflection in it. Unsuccessful, he turned back into the hallway and began to explore in earnest.

On the other side of the short hallway, a plain door opened to reveal a small closet with an old wool coat and a vacuum cleaner inside. The next door was at the end of the hall and slightly ajar, leading Grimmjow to believe that that was where Ulquiorra was. Quietly, the man walked to the door and stuck his bleached head through the opening. To his eminent surprise, Ulquiorra was sprawled out on the bed and fast asleep. Taking this opportunity for what it was, Grimmjow let his eyes linger on the other man. He knew that the fourth had to sleep at some point, but it had never crossed his mind that he might one day see the phenomenon.

Ulquiorra was divested of his trench coat and boots, and was wearing only his jeans and a black wife beater as he lay on top of the coverlet. Somehow, all that black against the pale skin, combined with the relaxed and innocent expression made Ulquiorra look almost fragile. Realizing that he couldn't take his eyes away from the unusual sight, Grimmjow continued to watch the other breathe shallowly. It could have been the openness in that slumbering face that never showed any trace of emotion that kept him there, or maybe it was the way strands of the sable mane were tossed up and over the face that was tilted into the pillow with green orbs shielded from view. Whatever it was, it turned Ulquiorra from the cuatro Espada and into just another unlikely soul.

All of them were souls, even hollows. It was only the lack of corruption that made a normal soul different from a hollow, those hungry creatures with a lack of true self. But Arrancar, the Arrancar were that strange exception to the rule. They had self; an awareness and an ability to think for their own. Instinct was still an Arrancar's strongest drive, but the power to reason could overrule that. But it was rare within the fierce competition for power that one Arrancar could see this side of another. And it was seeing that vulnerability in another and knowing that he possessed it as well that terrified Grimmjow to the depths of his empty hollow hole.

Grimmjow startled out of his brief and introspective train of thought and almost tripped into the room when Ulquiorra stirred in his sleep and cried out softly in annoyance. Catching himself on the door, Grimmjow gripped it tightly and held his breath in fear that the sudden noise might have awoken Ulquiorra. When the other only raised his curled hand to his face and made a piteous sound of disapproval. Grimmjow knew that he was safe. Taking a hold of the door handle, he backed out of the room and closed the door softly. Grimmjow had no idea as to how Ulquiorra would react if he caught Grimmjow watching him while he slept, but it was undoubtedly something the now-blond man didn't want to experience.

Sighing disgustedly at himself, Grimmjow journeyed back down the hall and took the other doorway he had seen. This led to a single room, which was a kitchen with a single battered table that might possibly seat three people if it had more than two chairs. The only other things in the room of note were a gas stove and a yellowed refrigerator with a few forlorn magnets stuck to its face. When he opened the door, Grimmjow discovered that the fridge was effectively empty, except for a small bin of baking soda to help alleviate unwelcome stench.

By that point, there Grimmjow was sure that his stomach was faxing him a message by the sounds it was making. Resorting to digging through cabinets, he finally found a few packages of ramen and a can of stir-fry mushrooms. Following the instructions on the packaging meticulously, Grimmjow managed to make his first meal in the human world successfully and without fault. Once he had poured himself a bowlful, the smugly grinning man sat himself in a rickety chair at the table and tipped it to his mouth. Grimmjow had slurped up fully half of the serving when he caught the quiet tread of bare feet on the floor tiles. Looking behind himself with the bowl still held to his lips, Grimmjow watched Ulquiorra walk over to the steaming pot and peer in. He guessed that the other was satisfied that it was indeed edible, for he grabbed the only other chipped bowl from the shelf and dumped the rest of the pot's contents into it. Ulquiorra, however, opened the small drawer under the counter and salvaged a mismatched pair of chopsticks to eat his meal with before taking the chair across from Grimmjow.

Looking at the other from over the brim of his bowl, Grimmjow couldn't help but remember what he had seen in the other just a few minutes before, and swore up and down inside his head that he could still see it there faintly, hidden deeply within Ulquiorra's every movement and breath.

Without warning, Grimmjow caught Ulquiorra staring at him, and he realized that he had been staring himself. Holding in for only a second more, Grimmjow averted his eyes and rose to place his bowl in the sink and exit to the living room. What he didn't know was that Ulquiorra's eyes followed him, quietly assessing and processing the strange look that Grimmjow had been giving him.


Staring out the dirty window at the small fenced in yard of the house behind their apartment, Grimmjow followed a restless dog with his eyes in a display of boredom. There were no forms of entertainment that he could engage in here, and therefore nothing he could do to assuage his boredom. Ulquiorra had long since retreated to his room, and Grimmjow didn't feel like bothering him anyways. He had even tried falling asleep on the couch again, but couldn't seem to get to sleep for the discomfort of it. He hadn't noticed before, but the sofa was lumpy and hard. Sighing again, Grimmjow came to a conclusion and decided to execute it.

Turning sharply on his heel, Grimmjow walked across the living room, kicking his boots out of his way as he came across them, and headed straight for the bedroom. Unsurprisingly, Ulquiorra turned to stare at him when he barged in without a word and began rummaging in the drawers. He could feel those calculating green eyes on his back as he closed and opened drawers until he had what he wanted. Grabbing an armful of old sheets and a blanket, Grimmjow turned to glare at the other before reaching over and yanking one of the three pillows piled on the bed. Neither of them said a word as he exited, no more said between them when he left than when he had come in.

He returned to the living room and threw his findings down on the couch and arranged them in a kind of nest before sitting down, stripping off his vest, and rolling into his pillow. Funny that, it smelled like Ulquiorra.


Turning another page in the report that he was reading, Ulquiorra considered Grimmjow's oddly quiet behavior. Somehow, the other had come to feel rather subdued. The amount of quiet present felt odd, for Ulquiorra had come to expect something less than peaceful when around the other Espada. It was, however, a respite. No one to bother him, Grimmjow not making a commotion, and Aizen-sama wasn't going to summon him for anything less than an emergency. As much as it was a mission, it was also a vacation of sorts.

Setting aside the wad of papers, Ulquiorra allowed himself an uncharacteristic stretch in the privacy of his bedroom and yawned. He hadn't been getting as much sleep as he would like to lately, due to Aizen-sama keeping him out on trivial tasks that any lesser Arrancar could do efficiently. Behind his deadpan expression, Ulquiorra had been feeling irritation in greater and greater amounts lately, a good portion of it directed at Aizen-sama. The stress was probably beginning to show. It was a possibility that this was a vacation for Ulquiorra. Why Aizen-sama had been adamant that he include Grimmjow, he didn't know, but it was surely for more reasons than the excuse he had been given.

Rubbing at his eyes, which were tired feeling, Ulquiorra stripped to his bare skin, just to get rid of the feel of the tight jeans on top of the 'tightness' of his gigai, and crawled under the covers. Pushing all thoughts and questions from his mind, he allowed himself to drift off to sleep.


Hmm. Every single chapter seems to end with Ulquiorra falling asleep...