My name is Tanya. I don't exactly remeber my real last name, but the name I go by is Cullen.

We were starting high school again. When I say we I mean my three brothers and three sisters. Jasper, Emmett, Edward, Alice, Rosalie, and Bella, they were all together which was always fun to explain to the school. I had moved down from Denali. I decided that I wanted a change in scenery. The Cullens had recently moved from Forks. They decided it would be best after Bella's change. So I decided to take a break from Alaska and join the Cullens for a while. Plus I did want to get to know Bella a little better. I'd heard stories about her and met her at her wedding but I never had a chance to really talk to her.

So we were moving to a small city right outside of Vancouver it, like Forks, is very rainy and when it isn't it's still cloudy. And we start school tomorrow. I think I was the only one excited. I haven't been to school in 50 years, give or take a few years. I was going to be with Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper. We were pretending to be seniors. Bella, Edward, and Alice were going as juniors. Bella amazes me I admit it. She has only been a vampire for six months and has the control of Carlisle. She smells it but it doesn't make her go crazy like any other newborn. They decided it would be safe for her to go to school with us but she had to wear contacts. Amazing control or not she still had the newborn eyes.

Once we arrived at our new house, we all raced to get the rooms we wanted. I picked a room that was spacious and had its own bathroom. It was the prettiest shade of green I'd ever seen. Rosalie chose a dark maroon one, Alice a purple one, Esme a beautiful cream one, and Bella a dark blue. The reason I said the girls chose is becausee the guys really had no choice but to follow their wives. Regardless I think all the guys were happy.


I was having an Alice moment. I was bouncing up and down and no one could calm me down. Not even Jasper, he finally gave up after several failed attempts. What can I say? I was very happy to be going to school. I knew once I got there I would be bored to death (no pun intended).

We had to first go to the office and that was fun to watch. The guy at the front desk tried flirting with my sisters and myself. Although I didn't mind, I just thought it was annoying, my sisters' husbands didn't find it quite as amusing. Emmett and Edward growled, and Jasper just glared which was effective with the fear he was sending out. Once we got our schedules, we all compared classes with each other. I had calculus, english, and chemistry 2 with Jasper, history with Emmett, then we all had a lunch period. Lastly, french 4 with Rosalie, and then after that seniors were allowed to leave if they had a study hall.

At lunch, I sat by Bella.

"So how were your classes?"

"Good, I think I might like high school better the second time around." At this the whole table cracked up laughing.

"Talk to me when you're on your tenth time through." Emmett said while laughing.

She ignored Emmett and went on, "How about you? How does it feel to be back in high school?"

"I like it so far. The teachers seem ok,"

"That's because you haven't heard what they are thinking" Edward interupted.

"And I'm very glad about that." I said whith a smirk. "And besides their thoughts can't be that bad. Can they?" I asked, truly curious now.

"One of them could not stop staring at Bella the entire time. The one female teacher I have, her thoughts could rival Emmett's when he hasn't seen Rosalie in a week."

"HEY!" Emmett objected but everyone knew that the statement was true. We could only imagine what Edward heard in Emmett's head.

Just then the bell rang. We all got up and went to our next classes.

As I was walking towards my locker to pick up my books I saw the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. And I'm a vampire. I have seen a lot of good-looking men.