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Dare to Truth or Dare

"So you are telling me if I play Truth or Dare with you, you will give me the power to kill Itachi?" Sasuke Uchiha said smirking characteristically and obviously doubting her.

"Hm… well… pretty much." The strange girl answered flipping her long red hair and giggling. She knew he did not believe her, but that did not matter. It was her scenario and he would play by her rules, or her name wasn't xruleroftheworldx29. Not that it was of course, but that's against the point.

Sasuke sighed and said "Get lost" while turning to leave. Suddenly he found an invisible wall in his path. He turned back at the sound of her giggling and saw another invisible wall. Not that he really saw these, he felt it, but it's all the same.

"I wasn't joking Sasuke-kun. It starts at 7 tonight. The place is on the invitation. You will come. Like, see ya there!" She blew him a kiss and disappeared, leaving him glaring and confused.

Xruleroftheworldx29 mentally went down her list of guests.

Ino-Check! Told of fun co-ed sleepover

Shikamaru- Check! Threatened to never ever go away

Naruto- Check! Its truth or dare, of course he'd come!

Hinata- Check! Told Naruto would be there

Temari- Check! Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back for a sleepover!

Gaara- Check! cough persuaded as kazekage for responsibility and friend of Naruto.

Itachi- Check! Promised to tell him why I wouldn't die when I glomped him .

Deidara- Check! Feminine charm for the win!

Sakura- Check! Ino got to her before I did!

Neji- Check! Happened to mention Naruto and Hinata would be there

Sasuke- Check! The whole brother killing power thingumy

'hm… better end it soon or this party will be out of control! Oh! That's it! Sai is sorta responsible!'

She giggled again and appeared in front of Sai while he was painting. "Hey Sai-san-"

He looked up, nodded and cut her off saying "Yes, I would love to come to your truth or dare party. It looks fascinating." At that he packed up his easel and walked away leaving xruleroftheworldx29 stunned.

Sai- Check! Reasons unknown but like, whatever

She smiled smugly to herself, preparations were complete! Now to wait for the guests to arrive in the insta-mansion. There was never a time she loved her power over that-which-is-written-in-her-fan fiction more then when it came time to build an insta-mansion. Need a last minute place for 12 characters plus self, adding in stowaways/party crashers taking into account that some of said charries may or may not hate/attack others? Never fear! Insta-mansion, complete with security and snack food, is here!

Now just to find that button… there it is! This been said, and controller been found, a mansion (complete with security and junk food) insta-ntly appeared in the middle of a forest. Why a forest? Why not a forest!