Dare to Truth or Dare 3

Melody squealed and hugged both Itachi and Neji saying "You two get to sit by me!" She got them seated using her willpower and the unspoken threat of more annoyance to come if they failed to comply.

"Um… Miss Melody… Why are you hugging them so much?" Hinata asked a little worried about her cousin's air supply.

"Huh? Just look at them, they practically scream 'hug me I'm huggable' don't they?" she answered matter of factly. The players took a good look at her prisoner's death glares and looks of utter disgust and burst out laughing. Except Sasuke who sneered at his brother's predicament and Gaara who was just too damn cool for that.

"My turn first!" Melody shouted cheerfully. She took a bottle out and spun it. However, she must have used a little too much force because it bounced and hit Kiba in the head. "Okay! Kiba! Truth or Dare?"

Kiba cursed under his breath and rubbed his head. There was no way he was going to pick truth. He looked at Akamaru who was wagging his tail and said "Yeah… a dare sounds about right now."

"Dum de dum de dum… What to dare, what to dare… ooh! I've got it!" She beckoned him over with her finger and pulled him uncomfortably close whispering "I dare you to kiss Neji as soon as anyone asks you why you showed up or who you like."

Kiba's face flushed and he was obviously controlling an outburst or frantic run as he said slowly "So does that mean if that does not happen, I don't have to do it?"

"Yeah, whatever, sure. Your turn."

He picked up the discarded bottle and spun it. He saw his target and grinned. "Hey Gaara, truth or dare?"

Gaara took one look at his evil smile and mumbled "truth" before he had to do something he would regret. Not that he was a coward; he was just too damn cool for that.

Kiba's chest fell a little, and then he smiled and said "Are you gay?"

At this Sakura stood up and shouted "What the hell is wrong with you, dog boy? You can't ask that!"

"Yeah, what's your problem? Its great that Gaara is even here!" Naruto added even louder defending his friend.

Gaara held up his hand gesturing for them to stop their protest. 'Its fine, I'll answer. Its just a game, right? Well, I'd have to say I'm not gay. I'm bi. Sort of. The gender of the person doesn't matter to me, just the person does." This make Melody swoon and left Kiba grumbling about trick answers and weasel fan girls. He picked up the bottle and spun it, landing on Ino.

She let out a loud groan, took a look at all the guys in the circle and said seductively "Dare."

Gaara saw her trying to impress and smirked. 'I dare you to 'convince' Neji to let you cut his hair."

Unfortunately for Neji, he did not hear the dare thanks to Melody and her fan girl suffocation techniques. Thus, he was clueless when Ino came up, freed him with a wink and pressed herself against him.

"Hey Neji, can I show you something fun in the bathroom? I promise it will feel good." His eyes widened as she pressed herself against him even tighter, her whole front now attached to his side. He nodded shocked and followed her silently. Shikamaru frowned as Ino led him on and Sakura giggled softly. Hinata bit her lip to keep from calling out to her cousin. Even Itachi let out a soft "heh" as they passed by. Naruto and Temari started mouthing a countdown in the silence. Then they heard it.

"Hey! What do you think your- oh… ooh… yeah… woah… this feels… don't… stop… Ino… you… are amazing… faster… wow… deeper now… oh…. Ino…" (Insert random moans and panting here) "I never knew you could do that! I-I think I love you."

At this point the bathroom door could not take the weight of the eavesdroppers and it fell open. The sight left the invaders in open mouthed shock and Neji frozen again with embarrassment. Ino smirked and dried off her hands.

"Perverts. Have you never seen someone give a head massage? And a 'slight' trim." She held up a long lock of silky hair. "See those bangs? I think that will frame your face quite nicely." She winked at a beet red Neji.

"My turn now, right?" She said leading them all back to the original circle. She spun the bottle and gave it a 'little' nudge so it would point at Sakura.

"Hey! Cheater!" She protested.

Ino smirked at her target and said "Chicken."

Sakura glared at her but save in to a sigh and said "Do your worst. Dare."

Ino grinned and stated "It's no biggie this time. Just play the rest of the game sitting on Gaara's lap without a bra." Sakura rolled her eyes at her friend and followed her friend out to change. This was "no biggie" coming from Ino, so what was she planning. Not that she wanted to do the dare, its just that she expected worse. Then Sakura realized what Ino knew. It was today she had worn one of her tightest tops with thin embroidered material thanks to Ino's urging. She blushed furiously and turned to her rival saying "Ino, you suck." After being met with a playful grin she sighed again and headed out with her hands crossed over her chest. Ino, the good friend she was, winked at Gaara and gave Sakura a little shove. Gaara looked away, perhaps to hide a thin blush, and Sasuke stared openly a little irritated and protective. Walking as calmly and quickly as she could manage, she ignored Naruto's cheering and sat down between Gaara's legs.

"Hey ug-Sakura" Sai started only to be cut off by an increasingly red glare.

"Shut. Up. My Turn." She took the bottle and spun, ignoring how tightly she was pressed into the more then slightly attractive redhead. Suddenly she had an idea for the perfect revenge. "Truth or Dare Deidara?"

"Hey Dai-kun, pick dare. I want to see how this works out." Melody said interfering and batting her eyelashes at Deidara again. Sakura flashed a quick smile and she winked back.

"How could I say no to that? Yeah." Deidara said flirtatiously.

"Oh goodie. Well Deidara, I want you to switch clothes with Ino and have her do your make up and everything."

He went pale and looked towards Melody. She winked and blew him a kiss. 'The things I do for love… yeah…" He sighed and followed a not too pleased Ino back to the bathroom.